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I Need You to Love Me

A penny for your thoughts… A picture so it lasts… Let's knock down the walls of immortality Your fingers on my skin… only you can hear my fear… only you can help me heal… i see forever with you here. It's never enough, no matter how many times I try to tell you this is love. If tomorrow never comes, I want you to know right now that I'm gonna love you until the day. I'm gonna love you like it's the last night on Earth. And though I'm undeserving, I need you to love me.

All of this belongs to the great stephenie meyer. I am just playing with her fun toys.

5. Chapter 5

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Chapter Five-

“Shit!” Alec swore. “What do we do?”

Heidi slammed on the breaks and swerved around corner into an alley. The sun had thankfully gone behind the clouds again. Thank Providence. “She’s a sly one. With poor timing. You go grab her. I’ll wait right here,” Heidi instructed.

Alec nodded his head once, flying out the open window. He zigzagged between the lackadaisical humans. The barest minimum noticed him, but those rare few contributed him to the same thing: the wind. Idiots. He crossed the block in less than a second. He rounded the corner just in time to see Gia flee into a clothing store.

Smart girl. One of the last places they would look since they had just returned from several. Still, she wasn’t smart enough. Naturally, she knew they would pursue her. Since the sun chose an inopportune moment to hide behind the thick cover of clouds, it was obvious that they would try to catch her immediately. What she did not know about was their speed. They entered the store at the exact same moment.

He carefully grabbed her wrist. Gia whirled around. She looked at him in complete shock. Her brain could not register the fact that he had suddenly appeared behind her. It was almost like magic. She knew that there was no such thing… but then again… vampires weren’t supposed to exist either.

“Come along, Gia,” Alec said. He was not angry. Truly, he had expected some type of foolhardy escape plan. But, he had not thought that she would have succeeded in the least bit, nor that she would have gotten as far away from him as she had for as long as they were apart.

She opened her mouth to scream when a nasal voice that chilled her to the bone cut her off.

“Well look at what we have here,” it said.

Alec instantly noticed the increase in her heart beat and the lack of blood in her face. “What’s wrong?” he whispered. Gia couldn’t answer. She was too scared. Alec stopped looking at her to see who was causing her such distress. Behind her stood three handsome looking women. One was very tall and thin- willowy to be exact, with raven hair and cold, calculating emerald eyes. Her skin was too smooth to be natural for someone her age and it was rather noticeable that her chest was not real. She wore designer clothes, but they were created for a younger woman. They made her look trashy.

Beside her was a more rounded woman. This woman, however, had aged naturally and was quite beautiful because of it. Her clothes were covering- unlike her friend’s to say the very least, and age appropriate. However, she wore a nasty expression on her face. It made her look like something rested on her upper lip that smelled particularly nasty.

Flanking the trashy woman on the right was a short girl. She looked about Gia’s age, maybe a bit younger. She had the same eyes and hair as the woman, leaving little doubt of her lineage. Like her mother, she was scampily dressed. It was a sad sight to see. The little girl was nearly being degraded publicly because of her short shorts that showed her underwear and her belly shirt cinched beneath her budding breasts.

“Well…well…well… what do we have here?” the woman in the middle sneered, “It’s the little whore. Oh!” Her eyes widened when she saw Alec, “And she has a new friend,”

Alec bristled. He already disliked the women.

“Careful of her, little boy,” the cubby woman warned him, wagging her sausage-like finger in his face. Alec gagged at how terrible she smelled. “Least-wise the little slut will get you into undeserved trouble. You’ll regret it,”

“What’s going on?” Alec asked Gia, not the women. Gia was beat red. Her beautiful eyes were filled with salty tears. They were going to spill out onto her cheeks any second. She did not answer him.

Unfortunately, the tramp did. “You mean the little tramp hasn’t told you? The disgusting thing that she is- whoring herself everywhere-”

“Stop it,” Gia whimpered, “Just stop,”

“Why?” the child of the group sneered, “You deserve to be punished. Momma always taught me that lying was wrong. And that’s what you do. All the time. You’re nothing but a liar. And a cheap chit,”

“I didn’t do anything wrong,” Gia began to cry, “Just stop it. Stop harassing me. Please!” Her voice was so soft, so tender, and fragile. Alec wrapped his arms around her. His fury was quickly growing.

“Filthy, bedraggled slut! That’s not what my son said happened!” the ebony haired woman roared.

“And Scipio! never lies!” the child screamed.

They were drawing attention. Fast. From the high-pitched screams of the three distasteful women and Gia’s soft sobs, they were making quite the scene. The fat woman opened her mouth to throw in another insult, but Alec could not take any more of it.

“Shut up!” he roared, “Just shut the hell up! All of you! Shut the fuckin’ hell up!” He pulled Gia close to him. She held onto him tightly. “I don’t know what you are talking about and I don’t give a shit. But if you are vile enough to talk in public like that- to talk like that in front of your impressionable daughter- then you have no class and are nothing but trash. I do not know what occurred between Gia and your son, but I know one thing. Gia is a good and honest girl. Whatever shit-ass move your son tried to pull, I can promise you, he did it. Gia would not ever like about something like that.

“And you-” he turned on Gia. Her eyes flew open in alarm. Holding her at arms length, he continued his rampage, “You don’t ever just stand here and take this shit! I know you’ve got a temper! I know you can defend yourself! Stand up and do it! No one deserves to be treated like that! Don’t take their shit!”

“Do not speak to me or to my daughter in such a way!” the vile woman screamed at Alec at the top of her lungs. Her hands were clenched as she leaned forward a lot. He wondered if she was purposely showing him her fake cleavage. “Your impertinence is inexcusable! You are completely ignorant of the situation yet you butt in! NO! NO! NO! I won’t have it! You have no idea what a little whore she is!”

Alec replied, his voice icy and deadly, so low that it was barely audible. He let loose some of his more feral features, barring his teeth slightly. He took on the position of predatory dominance, moving Gia behind him to safety. The humans did not recognize the vampiric pose but that did not matter. The fact that it was foreign made it even more terrifying.

“You’re right, I don’t know. And I don’t know because Gia has done nothing crude or vulgar. Ever. She is honest and caring and sweet and kind and has scruples.” All three women looked lost when he said scruples. Gia gave him a look. “I swear, if I ever hear you say another thing like that about Gia, I will personally tear all of you limb from limb. Do. I. Make. Myself. Clear?”

“Just who do you think you are?” the fat woman caustically interrupted.

“The person who is determined to make the rest of your lives a living hell,” Alec coldly responded.

“Go to hell,” the ebony haired woman snarled. She turned on her heel and strode quickly away. The other tried to glare daggers at them but failed miserably. The vampire always won over the pathetic humans.

Alec stood there, watching them retreat. He held Gia in his arms. The tenacious girls was quaking in fear. She sobbed into his chest. They needed to get back to Heidi. They did not have long until nightfall. Slowly, he picked Gia up bridal style. She leaned into him and held on tightly. Whatever event those women had alluded to, it still hurt her to think about it.

He supposed it was a date gone bad. Or rejection. Most likely rejection.

Slowly, they walked back to Heidi. Alec was sure that she was waiting impatiently. She had a tour to do before nine p.m. It was almost six. Still, Alec walked slow. He did not want to jostle Gia or hurt her any more.

“Thank you, Alec. For standing up for me,” Gia sobbed silently into his chest.

He gripped her tighter. But not too tight. He did not want to hurt her. “You are welcome. I apologize for yelling at you. I could not believe that you would stand there and not raise a finger to defend yourself. No one deserves to take that kind of abuse,” Alec said formally.

“You’re so stiff,” Gia said. There was the hint of a smile in her voice.

“Hey!” somebody that Alec wasn’t paying the least bit of attention yelled at him as he walked by. Alec kept going, not realizing that it was he who was being addressed. Then, two boys and a girl appeared in front of him. All three were glaring and trying to look imposing. What now? he sighed.

“Can I help you?” he drawled.

“What did you do to her?” the boy on the left shouted. He pointed at Gia. Alec looked at his shaking fist; the boy was that angry.

“Nothing,” Alec replied, brushing past them.

“I’m serious! If you hurt her, I’ll kill you!” the same teen snarled. He grabbed Alec’s shoulder and tried to force him to spin around. Alec did not even move a centimeter.

“Stop it, Adrian.” Gia whispered. She did not move an inch from her perch in Alec’s arms.

“Gia?” the girl asked. Alec supposed that they were close friends. The fear in her voice rang out true.

“Hey, Rosalind,” Gia replied. She still did not move.

“Gia, what’s wrong? Who is the creep?” the boy- Adrian glared daggers at Alec who was completely unaffected. Though obvious that his attempts at intimidation were failing, Adrian still kept them up.

“He is not a creep, Adrian Mancini!” Gia snarled, “His name is Alec and he saved me.”

“From what?” Adrian cried out in alarm, “Was it that asshole Scipio?”

“Just his family,” Gia replied. “They were horrible… as usual,”

Alec froze. She made it sound like she encountered those hideous humans on a regular basis. Why would she not steer clear of them? Obviously, their company would not be a pleasant experience. Besides, they were foul-mouthed and rude. The logical side of his brain reminded him that he had used crude language as well. But the other part of his mind disregarded that fact all together. He had come to her defense, after all. What he could not understand was why Gia herself did not stand up. To any one else, she would not have taken that abuse. There was definitely something about that family…

“In that case, I apologize.” Adrian held out his hand formally. Alec looked at it for a moment. Maneuvering Gia around so it looked like he was straining to hold her with his one arm, he gingerly shook Adrian’s hand. He had to be careful. Like always, he was unsure how much pressure he could use with one. “That’s quite a grip you’ve got there,” Adrian remarked and Alec knew that he still had not held back enough. But then again… judging by the looks the human boy was giving Gia, having a firm grip might be enough of a warning to keep him away. “You were there to protect her when I was not. Thank you.” It looked like it hurt Adrian’s teeth to admit that, but he did. Alec grudgingly gave him a small amount of respect. Not enough to let him get near Gia, though.

“Come on, Gia,” Adrian called to Gia, “Let’s go home,”

Alec froze. Did this foolish human think that he was going to simply hand Gia over to him? Especially when the Masters wanted her to join their coven? Especially since she already had? He felt Gia stiffen in his arms. He gripped her a little tighter, telling her that she was not allowed to go with them. Her tightening grip told him that she understood.

“Actually, Adrian,” Alec gave him a cocky look but kept his voice grave and steady, “Gia asked me to take her home,”

Adrian returned the confident look and tried to sound just as serious. Alec had six hundred plus years to practice the entire confidently cocky attitude. The pathetic human’s attempt was nowhere even near. “I think that she would prefer to go home with us- her friends, rather than be escorted there by a completely stranger like a prisoner,”

Alec arched an eyebrow, “Who said that I am a complete stranger?”

“Oh?” Adrian folded his arms across his chest, “And are you?”

“As a matter of fact, no. I’ve been with Gia all day,” Alec boasted.

Adrian’s eyes narrowed. “Spending the day with someone does not mean that you know each other. That you have established bonds and friendships,”

“But it doesn’t mean that you don’t have them,” Alec countered. With a disdainful glare, he hammered the final nail in the coffin. “What is it to you, any way? It’s not like you’re her boyfriend,”

“How do you know I’m not?” Adrian snarled. Spit flew out of his mouth and his eyes were glaring so hard that they were almost completely shut.

“Because maybe he is, Adrian,” Gia whispered.

Alec tensed slightly. Quickly relaxing, he fixed Adrian and the others with a look a superiority. Well, Adrian specifically. And he was fairly sure that the two tag-alongs knew it as well. Adrian froze. It looked like Gia had just punched him in the face and ripped out his heart. Alec did not feel guilty about it all. As long as the pecking order was established.

“Okay, you so have got to call me tonight,” Rosalind stated firmly. There was a little smirk on her face and Alec wondered if she somehow had figured it out.

“Okay, sweetheart,” Gia said. Alec felt the blood pulsing to her face. She was blushing!

“I think it’s time to go,” Alec whispered onto her head. She nodded.

“See you all later,” she said.

Alec gave them all a grin, “It was very nice to meet all of you,”

Rosalind smiled. “You too, Alec. Don’t forget about the scary movie marathon, tomorrow Gia.”

“I won’t,” Gia promised.

With a final curt nod, Alec turned around. He purposefully strode down the street and to the Camaro where Heidi sat waiting. She was about to yell at them for taking so long when she noticed Gia’s red and tear streaked face. The vixen also noticed how Alec held the shaking girl close and whispered soothing words into her ear, trying to get her to calm down. When they reached the castle, Alec did not even speak to Heidi. Brushing past her, he quickly carried Gia up to her room. He set her down on her bed. She was already deep asleep.

She woke up, though, whenever he pulled the ivory sheets up around her. “Wha’ time izzit?” she yawned.

“Almost seven,” Alec answered.

“We’re in my room,” she stated rather than asked. She flushed bright red, “Sorry for falling asleep on you,”

“It is fine. Really,” he reassured her.

Gia looked intently down at her covers. “I su…suppose that you want to know what happened today,”

Alec stiffly sat down on the edge of her bed. “I admit that I am very curious.”

“Do you honestly think that I’ll tell you? You’re a stranger after all,” Gia shot out.

Alec was not surprised at her sudden angry defense. Realistically, she would be reluctant to explain why she earned such a crude reputation. “Not willingly,” he stated factually. Being very curious, he was almost willing to use force if needed for her to divulge the information. He was not there yet- just close.

Gia flinched. Her face turned beat red. In a shaky voice, she said, “I suppose that you deserve to know. You did stand up for me after all,”

Alec nodded. He needed to remain silent in order to get what he wanted.

“Fine. I will tell you. But you have to promise to not get mad.” She sounded so reluctant!

Alec nodded again. “I promise,”

“Okay.” Gia took a deep breath and began. “Two years ago, I started a new school. Well… I started high school. The school building was the same. All military personnel’s children went to it. It was fabulous. There I met Scipio Macintosh. His father was America while his mom was Italian, so he could some to the school.

“Scipio was the most beautiful boy I had ever seen. At sixteen, he was really tall with black hair and beautiful brown eyes. Every girl at school was head over heels for him, myself included. Scipio was infamous for his casual flings.

“Well, one day, he asked me out.” Alec nodded. That much was obvious. He supposed next that Gia would recount that she had originally agreed. Then, when her friend convinced Gia not to go because it was rather obvious that Adrian was in love with her, this Scipio character was jealous and spread the rumors. “And I immediately said yes.

“Rosalind was as ecstatic about it as I was. We jumped up and down, squealing my room for hours. Then, we picked out the perfect outfit. A baby blue shirt and a white miniskirt.

“He was incredibly punctual, arriving exactly at seven o’clock. We went out for pizza and a movie. It was the most fun I had ever had a date. When it was time for us to go home, we took a detour. At first, I was thrilled at the idea of spending more time with Scipio and was in love with the thought that he would want to stay with me. Just spending time with me was not his objective- wasn’t what he wanted at all.

“We got off the bike. I asked him what he was doing. He chuckled and said to not worry. It was just how all dates ended. He kissed me. It was not a pleasant kiss since it was harsh and demanding. He pushed me up against the wall. His hands were everywhere. I tried to fight him off, but he was much stronger than I was. There was nothing I could do. I tried screaming. No body came. ‘We’re in a secluded street. No one ever comes here,’ I remember him laughing in my face.”

She was sobbing now. Alec sat there, dumbfounded.

Steadying herself, she tried to continue. “After he- he finished, he took me home. He must have thought that I would have never told. But I did. I told everyone. I had to go to the hospital to prove that I wasn’t lying. Scipio was sent back to America to live with his aunt and uncle. And ever since, every one has blamed me for it.”

“What?” Alec exclaimed, “Why?”

She shrugged. “My parents told me not to go. Others who he had already dated told me not to. But I did- and now the school is short one Scipio.” Gia bawled. She held her head in her hands and sobbed. Alec was not sure how long she cried or how long he held her, but it was quite a while. He held her until she fell asleep again. He did not leave until Jane came to fetch him. Apparently, Aro had called for him and Heidi to go to the throne room so that they could discuss the events of the shopping trip.

“Do you care to tell us of anything of interest that occurred during your trip?” Master Aro asked. He sat on his guilded throne. Caius and Marcus were both in theirs. Around them, the rest of the Guard looked on with interest.

Alec sent Heidi a look. She held up her hands, saying that she had not said a thing. Alec opened his mouth to explain when the screaming began.