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I Need You to Love Me

A penny for your thoughts… A picture so it lasts… Let's knock down the walls of immortality Your fingers on my skin… only you can hear my fear… only you can help me heal… i see forever with you here. It's never enough, no matter how many times I try to tell you this is love. If tomorrow never comes, I want you to know right now that I'm gonna love you until the day. I'm gonna love you like it's the last night on Earth. And though I'm undeserving, I need you to love me.

All of this belongs to the great stephenie meyer. I am just playing with her fun toys.

7. Chapter 7

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Chapter Seven

When she first woke up the next day, Gia did not open her eyes. She was exhausted, and felt incredibly crappy. Se could feel warm sunbeams on her face, so she knew that she’d already sleep pas tine. Oh, well, she didn’t really give a crap at this point. with a soft sigh,, she stretched her arms and legs out. Wait. Her eyes jerked open as her foot hit something solid to her side.

She blinked when she saw Alec slumped over next to her, fast asleep. He was breathing evenly. Looking down, she saw that one other hands was still entwined with his. That was odd; she couldn’t even feel his hand anymore, she’d become so accustomed to it. So he really had stayed with her all night. He shouldn’t have, she knew.

“Good morning,” his cold breath caressed the top of her head.

“You’re awake,” she murmured.

“I can’t sleep,” he replied.

She snuggled against him, getting a little more comfortable. “Miss your coffin too much?” She blinked several times, becoming accustomed to the light.

Alec chuckled. The vibrations from his chest made her jiggle. “Vampires do not need to sleep. I haven’t been able to for the last six hundred years,”

Gia whirled around. Her navy eyes protruded from her head in shock. “No sleep?”

Alec looked at her speculatively. “Yes. Is that a problem?”

“I love sleeping!” she squealed. Her voice rose several octaves in the four syllables uttered. Alec winced. From the previous night’s experience, he was doubtful if he believed her. When he remembered her first night in the castle, he could actually believe her. Despite being in a new place full of blood-drinking vampires, she slept like a log. The human did love her sleep.

“I’m sorry?” He was unsure how to respond to her declaration. After she was changed, she would never sleep again. That was still a little ways off, so she should have been fine.

“You should not be sorry! I should. I’m the one who gets to sleep while you have to stay conscious twenty-four-seven!” Gia exclaimed. She gave Alec pitying look and he knew she was completely serious. It hit him like a ton of bricks. She was trying to sway his attention from something else besides the previous night’s incidents. She would ha5ve to try harder. No vampire in Volterra would forget that easily.

“Are you all right?” he asked her.

She bobbed her head. “Just fine and dandy. A little exhausted, perhaps. It’s nothing coffee won’t fix.”

He raised an eyebrow. She had tensed whenever he asked his question. It still was uncomfortable for her to discuss, but Alec pressed. He remembered Elicia forcing Jane and him to discuss the abuse they had suffered as humans. Her reason was that it helped the healing process. He wanted to help her heal and move on. Talking had worked for Alec. Not for Jane.

“Why is my hand all swollen? They’re both bruised,” Gia looked down in confusion.

“I’m sorry about that,” Alec whispered. “You were flailing around last night. You hit me several times. I’m still as hard as diamonds. Your broke your right hand,”

“Don’t be sorry,” Gia said again. “It’s not your fault. It’s mine. I shouldn’t’ve hit you,”

“I don’t blame you. I probably would have hit something, too.” Alec murmured. He felt ashamed. He had left her alone. He knew about her horrible experience, yet he still left her. He should have been smart enough to figure out that there would be repercussions. He should have thought it through. He did not and Gia paid the price.

“I’m sorry if I hurt you,”

“Don’t be daft. You cannot hurt me, even if you try to.” Alec admonished. “I think that we need to get you medical aid. If your hand is broken, then we need to have it set so that it will heal properly.”

“Does the Volturi-” she struggled to pronounce the name correctly, “have a doctor? A vampire doctor?” The thought amused her. Alec sadistically chuckled. She did not believe that a vampire could have enough control to become medically sufficient.

“Not personally. However, there is Carlisle Cullen. He has been a doctor for the last three hundred years. Or so,” Alec added. He had never asked the vampire how long he had been practicing medicine. There was never a reason to care before now.

“Does he eat his patients? Wait- no, no,” she corrected herself, “Does he drain his patients?” She looked proud for remembering the term.

Alec shook his head no. “No. He and his coven restrain themselves to an unnatural diet.” He chose his words very carefully.

Gia looked at him. Curiosity shone brightly in her navy eyes. Alec could not get enough of those eyes. They were so beautiful. He had never seen such eyes…

“What is so unnatural about their eating habits?” Gia asked, instantly startling him out of his wild thoughts.

Alec looked out the window uncertainly. “It’s nothing that concerns you. You most certainly adhere to them. So you logically do not need to know,”

Gia glared at him, “If I am not going to abide by them, then why can’t I know? It’s not like it is going to tempt me or anything,”

Alec replied, “You will be tempted to follow them at first. All newborns are. Even if it is an insane and unpractical lifestyle. I don’t want you to be any more confused or hurt than you all ready are,”

Gia’s heart melted. That was so sweet! “Fine. You do not have to tell me,” she grinned, reassuring him that she was not mad.

He grinned back. “Now come. We must see the masters for further instruction,”

“Instruction on what?” Gia gasped as he scooped her up in his arms.

“On how to proceed,” was all he would say.

“You’re parents are missing you,” Aro said, bending down so he could look Gia in the navy eye. Those eyes… Alec was obsessed with them.

“What do you mean?” Gia asked. Her eyebrows furrowed her in an adorable way.

The master produced a black cell phone. Gia’s eyes widened. She grabbed for the phone but Aro teasingly pulled it out of her reach. Alec had to fight to restrain himself from reaching out and taking it from his master. It was rude to be so teasing. As if aware of Alec’s thoughts, Marcus sent him a warning glance. Alec closed his eyes for the briefest of seconds. He regained control of himself and opened his eyes.

He was being ridiculous. Master Aro was simply bonding with the girl, much like a father would bond with his daughter. He was just trying to make her feel welcome. He was not being mean or teasing her with her phone. Just playing. Why did this human bring out such emotions in him? He had never felt the need to protect another that was not Jane before. He had never experienced these irrational flashes of protection or anger, or- as much as he was loathe to admit it- contentment. That was the emotion that felt around the human. Contentment. And he did not understand it in the least.

The cellphone’s ringtone blared loudly. Gia flushed brightly and snatched at it. Aro held it away from her. Out loud, he read the name flashing on the screen. “Rosalind Downs. Does that name sound familiar?”

Gia bobbed her head emphatically. “She’s my best friend,”

“This is the third time in ten minutes that she has called,” Aro informed her.

“I figured. I was supposed to call her last night but never did. She wants to know if I am okay and who Alec is,”

Aro looked sharply at the younger vampire. “Why would she want to know about him?”

“We ran into each other on our way home from shopping yesterday,” Gia smoothly.

The chorus of Popular rang out in the silence that followed her statement. All vampires looked at her like she had grown an extra head. “What?” she shrugged.

“What annoying thing is screeching constantly?” Alphonse stormed into the throne room. His features were twisted into an ugly scowl. With him was Demetri who looked as bored as Master Marcus. The two vampires had been out running an errand for the Volturi. They were unaware of the human.

“That would be Gia’s tone ring,” Aro said affectionately. Gia scowled. The idiot had screwed the name up. Or he was making a joke. It all depended on whether or not he had seen the new Pink Panther movie.

“Who is Gia?” Alphonse snapped. Alec rolled his eyes. The blonde vampire had always been moody. The last ninety years had been particularly stressful on the snippy vampire. His crimson eyes widened when he saw Gia. Gia immediately noticed his gaze. She gave him a cheeky grin and wave. Alec chuckled internally at her gall.

Alphonse stared at the human for a second in awe before turning to the masters. “Lord Caius-” Caius was Alphonse’s master, “What is the meaning of this? Just what is this pathetic creature doing still alive in your grand presence?”

Gia muttered something to the effect of “Kiss ass,”. Again, Alec laughed at her gall. Alphonse heard it. He glared at Gia, who did shrink slightly away. Alec pulled her behind him. Though Alphonse towered over him by nearly a foot, he had nowhere near the power that Alec did. Alphonse took on a backing stance, submitting to Alec. Alec grinned. He was a dominant figure over most of the Guard.

` All three masters waited until the territorial battle had ended to proceed. “This is Gia, Alphonse,” Caius replied with a scowl. He hated it whenever his vampires lost to those that belonged to one of his coven.

Aro purred in delight. Marcus did not care. He was the only one of the masters who did not enjoy the tension and the drama that existed within the Guard. “Gia,” Aro announced, “is an especially unique human. Perhaps as unique as our Jane and Alec were when they were human.”

Alphonse tried to get a good look at Gia. Alec shifted so that it was near impossible for him to do so. It was clear that Alphonse would be antagonistic. Gia had no idea of the battle raging between the two. She was unaware of territorial dominance and claiming. It would be possible that Alec would have to mark Gia- if only to keep Alphonse away from her. He might have to speak to Master Marcus later about it. His personal master would understand completely.

Any fight was preempted when Beethoven’s 5th suddenly rang out. All heads swerved to Aro who looked just as flabberghasted.

Gia blushed. “That would be my mom,”

Aro smiled at her. “Yes, I believe so. She has also called you several times. An interesting choice of song to alert you,”

Gia bit her lip. “Yeah… it’s a… family thing,” she finished lamely.

“I see,” Aro said. Big lie. He had absolutely no idea why she would set her mother’s call tone to that. Given what his curiosity had led him to discover several hours earlier, he was not sure if he wanted to know.

“Can I answer it?” Gia sounded hopeful.

“I do not think that that would be for the best,” Aro said slowly.

“He is right. It is easier to simply cut all ties from your human life as swiftly as you possibly can. The more you try to grasp the remaining threads, the harder it is to move forward,” Caius agreed solemnly.

Gia nodded her head. Alec quickly wondered how much she missed her family. In the three days she had been with them, she never mentioned them. He supposed that it hurt her very much to think about them. Perhaps suppressing painful memories was her way of healing…

“Now,” Aro clapped his hands together, “Have you ever heard of Arosa, Switzerland?”

Gia answered quickly, “It’s a few kilometers away for Chur,”

Aro smiled warmly. “Yes, it is, my dear. You are very smart. We-” He gestured to the three masters, “believe that it might be a good idea for you to go a little trip. See the world and what not,”

Gia smiled. “That is so kind of you!” The masters tried to smile politely, but Gia was too quick, “I suppose that you assume that I won’t be recognized in Arosa like I am here.”

“You are quick,” Aro wagged his finger toyingly.

“You are correct, Gia. We want to remove you from Volterra until the press is less inclined to constantly print stories about your “disappearance,”. Alec has already fallen under suspicion. Your so called friends remember him quite well. Odd, for humans. You must have made quite the impression on them,” Caius momentarily addressed Alec.

“We feel that it is best to remove you from temptation of escaping, and to better hide you from anyone who might accidentally discover you.”

“I don’t have a choice, do I?” Gia asked in a little voice. Alec wanted to old her tightly and comfort her. But he could not move from his guarding stance lest Alphonse be tempted to do… something. Alec was not sure what, but the sadistic vampire would do something. He was sure of it.

“No, my dear.” Aro said with a slightly remorseful tint to his tone.

“Not that ever was from the very beginning,” Marcus spoke for the first time in a cold, distant, raspy voice.