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I Need You to Love Me

A penny for your thoughts… A picture so it lasts… Let's knock down the walls of immortality Your fingers on my skin… only you can hear my fear… only you can help me heal… i see forever with you here. It's never enough, no matter how many times I try to tell you this is love. If tomorrow never comes, I want you to know right now that I'm gonna love you until the day. I'm gonna love you like it's the last night on Earth. And though I'm undeserving, I need you to love me.

All of this belongs to the great stephenie meyer. I am just playing with her fun toys.

8. Chapter 8

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Chapter Eight-

Gia sat stock-still on the train. Her head rested against the glass. It was cold and refreshing, keeping her awake even though her mind cried out for sleep. She couldn’t sleep; not now. She was acutely aware of the vampire sitting less than six inches away from her; the cold that she had never felt before now seemed to radiate off of him. She flinched every time she felt it. Even if she did not want to admit it, the cold now scared her.

Alec closed his eyes tightly. he felt how tense she was- he felt the very essence of her fear. He knew that she might never forgive him. He would have to live with it. She had begged him to not do it. Maybe not verbally- but he had seen it in her eyes, and that was enough. Still, he had done it. The logical side of brain argued that there was no way that he could have disobeyed his masters. The other side still hated the fact that he had hurt her. One fact now reverberated in his mind:

Gia now thought that he was a monster. He would never forget that blood-chilling look in her navy eyes when she opened them after he did it. In the deep, dark, clear abyss that was her eyes, he had seen his reflection. Never before had seeing his face strike such abject terror into himself before.

“I’m not tired,” Gia protested as Alec started back to her room.

Alec shrugged. “What else would you like to do?”

“I believe that the human has had enough rest. Wouldn’t you agree, Aro?” Caius asked. Alec whirled around. Caius’s eyes were a malignant red. They gazed down at Gia lecherously. Alec bit his lip. He knew what was coming.

“I quite agree, brother.” Aro replied.

Caius clapped his hands together. “Then I suppose that it is time to begin our experimentations. We all marvel as to the reason why you affect us so, dear Gia.”

Gia flinched. Caius spoke in dignified charm. He slowly stood- acting as if it ached him to stand. Alec was aware of his three-thousand year age, but thought the charade useless- it meant nothing to unaware Gia.

Spoiled and confident in his abilities, Caius possessed a brilliant and cunning mind. He was quick and decisive in scientific study. He thrived on the new discovery and thrill of a mind-boggling problem. He walked slowly towards Gia; Alec recognized the gleam of a prospective triumph in the brilliant vampire’s eyes.

“Don’t worry,” Gia leaned over to whisper into Alec’s ear. He stopped short and looked at her. How had she known that he was worried? “It’ll be fine.” She grimaced and looked down. “You’re hurting my hand,”

Alec turned his gaze downward as well. Sure enough, he was clutching her hand. He was thankful that it was not broken. He froze, worried once more. He would have to inform Master Caius about Gia’s sustained injuries before the experimentation could begin. He winced slightly at that thought. A perverse part of him was curious to see what exactly would come about. He was incredibly curious just what power Gia- no, he must disassociate himself with her, if only for the time she was with Caius- just what power the human had over them. Whatever it was, it did not seem to effect him the way it did Heidi. When they had gone shopping, Alec noticed constantly how the vampire’s skin tone would change from light to dark as the human withdrew and approached. Her eyes had also been in a state of flux- switching from her vampire red eyes to her natural gray colored eyes. Both sets were still colored blue from contacts. Naturally. Heidi had also been warmer whenever Gi- no- whenever the human was closer. But, her blood had never returned to her veins. Alec supposed that that was natural- nothing could fill the empty veins to limit.

Stiff now, Alec walked beside Gia- no, beside the human, trying to remain neutral. Neutral was where he should have stayed in the first place. There was little sense in befriending her. In the end, she would move on to other, more mature men. That thought sickened him more than he would care to admit. G- the human did not seem to notice his sudden distance, further entrenching him in his belief that a friendship between the two would be useless. He wanted nothing more from her. Not now.

“In here,” Caius said, holding the door open for the human to walk in. The master followed his specimen, clearly expecting the entourage: Alec, Heidi, Alphonse- Caius’s assistant in matters like this-, and Jane. If any one else was needed, they could be summoned.

Inside the room, it was completely like Alec would expect. Books rested on ebony shelves that completely encircled the large room; the wall of books only breaking apart for the three doors. Through one, Alec knew was an examination room for deceased specimen. As far as his knowledge extended, there had never been a reason for the room; Caius had never used it. Alec suddenly felt himself hoping the human would not be the first one who necessitated it. No. Stop it, he chastised himself. He had to stop caring. In the center of the room was a large desk, which was covered in paperwork. Caius was not only scientific, he was methodical and calculating. He took care of most of the coven’s financial transactions as a way to keep himself preoccupied. If Caius wanted to remain in his workroom, he would not be seen for days. The only person who could get Caius to come out was Elicia.

“Gia,” Master Caius said. The human focused her attention on the master, giving Alec the perfect opportunity to move over to stand beside Jane. His twin gave him an appraising but triumphant look. “We are going to start simple. Nothing will be strenuous. Do you understand?” Caius asked, forcing her to meet his eyes.

Gia nodded. “Yes, sir.” She tried so valiantly to not show her fear. Alec could hear it in her low tones.

“Good. Heidi,” he jerked his head, “come stand by the girl. She seems to have the most effect on you,”

Heidi complied. The effect was instantaneous. Heidi’s skin took on a more healthy pallor, though it was still far from that of Gia. She lost some of her Venus-like beauty. She looked much more human than any vampire living currently in Volterra.

“Move over to the sunlight,” Caius ordered. Gia glared a tad bit whenever the master did not say please. Alec fought to remain indifferent. What did the human expect? Not everyone was going to bow down to her whims and etiquette like Heidi had. Like he had. But, he vowed to stop that.

In the sunlight, Heidi did not glow. She looked like a pale but beautiful human. She was a shadow of what she had been when she was living. Caius nodded. He waved his hand to Alphonse who was busily recording everything. “I see,” Caius said. That was good. No one else did. “Return to your previous position,” he ordered dismissively.

They did so.

“Alec, please join them. Stand on the right of the human. Heidi, stay on the left.”

Alec did not physically hesitate. He strode confidently over to the human who only then seemed to have noticed his absence. Foolish girl. He prepared himself to feel the effects of her powers. He had not been paying attention during their previous… encounters. As such, he was unaware to the extent to which she effected him. The closer he drew, the warmer he became. However, when he touched himself, he detected no change in temperature. It was reasonable to assume that he did not because his entire temperature had changed. When two things give off the same amount of heat, one cannot tell the other’s temperature. It was simple science.

“To the window,” Caius ordered.

They obeyed. Alec was shocked to see that he gave off the faintest, barely detectable shimmer. When Caius remarked on it, Heidi stated that she could not see him glowing. That meant that Gia also took away some of the enhanced abilities of a vampire- like sight.

“Jane,” Caius signaled to his twin, “Stand beside Alec, if you will.”

His sister obeyed. Alec was shocked to see the homeliness of her face. For so long, he had been used to the angelic face of Jane. To see even a shade of her human form- ugly and completely boyish, shocked him. Jane glowed only a little bit less than Alec. What did this insignificant human reduce them to?

“As far as we can tell, the number of us present does not effect her abilities,” Caius remarked after forcing them all to repeat the measure with Alphonse on the right of Jane. Alphonse quickly wrote that fact down. “But what about range? Alec, stand in the sunlight. Gia, remain where you are.”

Sure enough, though just ten feet separated them, Alec did not glow. Master Caius sent the human to the opposite edge of the room- there was almost thirty feet between them. Alec began to glow. When Gia- the human, went into the examination room, he reverted completely to how he had been as a vampire. More importantly, he had not flinched when she was accompanied into the room of waiting death by Alphonse. He was getting better.

Caius clapped his hands together. “So then, there is a range. I assume it as about fifteen feet. But let us just make sure.” Alphonse moved Gia to be exactly fifteen feet away from Alec. Alec felt a rush of heat hit him. Then, everything seemed to be normal. Alphonse moved Gia one foot backwards. Alec felt no change. Another foot back and Alec felt cold.

“He now glows,” Caius remarked. Alphonse made a quick note and then steered Gia a half foot forward. Alec noticed how his hands remained on her shoulders longer than he deemed necessary. He had to mentally shrug. It was none of his business.

At sixteen and a half feet, Alec did not glow. Alphonse moved her a fourth of a foot back. Alec began to glow once more. They repeated the action, going from an eighth of a foot to a sixteenth. It was at sixteen feet and seven and a half inches that Alec did not glow. At sixteen feet, seven inches and three-quarters, he did glow. He had to stay within sixteen feet, seven and one half inches of the human in the sunlight and his presence would go undetected. Alec had to admit that the possibility of vampires being able to move throughout the humans was very nice. It could certainly help the Volturi.

“Now that we know her limits, how does it effect powers?” Caius mused out loud, “Jane, if you would stand seventeen feet away from her.” Jane complied, ferally licking her lips. They all knew what was coming. Even the human. She tensed. Her beautiful eyes flickered to Alec. She silently pleaded with him, begging him to stop his twin. Alec looked cooly at her, determined to not lift a finger to help her. His resolve to stop caring for the human was unwavering. No matter how much she was in pain- no matter how much it pained him- he would do nothing to stop the course of events.

“You know what to do,” Caius waved his hand as a signal to begin.

Jane wickedly grinned. Immediately, Gia collapsed onto her knees. She clutched her arms in pain. Alec winced. He had forgotten to have Caius take a look at her hands before beginning. Oh well. He would not interrupt now. Gia’s screams echoed throughout the stone room for about thirty seconds. Caius held his hand up, a silent order for Jane to quit torturing the girl. His twin sister stopped, pouting a little bit. Alec wanted to tell her not to worry. There would be a chance for more pain. Master Caius was nothing if not thorough.

“Very good, Jane. We have established the fact that she is not immune to gifts if they are out of her range. Stand on her right and repeat,” Caius ordered. He sounded almost bored. Alec bit the urge to roll his eyes. He was very aware of how Caius anticipated the human’s screams. He wanted Gia to feel pain for he was masochistic- even if he hid it behind the ideology of research.

Jane readily obeyed. She was overjoyed to serve the masters. And causing pain to the sniveling human who suddenly monopolized her brother was a bonus. Looking down at the ugly thing, she smirked at the tears that poured out of her ugly eyes. The human clung to herself and braced herself for the fresh wave of pain. Best to not stall her doom, Jane drawled to herself. She was so attuned to her power- her prized power that made Master Aro love her- that she barely had to even think about using it. She easily made the human scream out in agony. The screams were like music to Jane’s ears. For so long, it had seemed, it was her screams that her aunt had loved to hear. It had been her pleas for mercy and screams to God that echoed throughout her home. Now the tables turned and Jane was the instigator. And she loved it.

Caius held up his hand. It was too short a time for Jane. But, the vampire reasoned, she had plenty of time to remedy that. If the pathetic human was turned, she would live forever as one of Jane’s endless playthings.

“How do you feel?” Caius asked Gia.

“My throat hurts,” Gia croaked out. She was putting on a brave face. Her entire body felt like it was being submerged in ice. The sensation felt like a thousand knives stabbing themselves into her, slicing and dicing her.

Caius had the gall to laugh. Absentmindedly, he stroked his chin. “That is just from the screaming. The rest of the pain should fade. All are normal effects of Jane’s powers,”

Gia nodded. She wondered how such a little, cherubic looking creature could possess so much rage that would cause the kind of pain she felt.

“I have summarized, thus far, that the human’s-” Alec noted how she flinched at being referred to so distantly as ‘the human’. “ abilities have varying effects. She will effect those of our species who are the weakest the most. For example, her power is most potent around Heidi and others who have no inherent talent brought out by superiority of race. The more powerful a vampire is, the less he or she will be effected by her. Both Heidi and Jane have proven this for us.” Caius stated factually. His blood-curdling eyes took on a malignant look and Alec involuntarily tensed. “However,” the master continued, “I think that this hypothesis would be sufficiently proven if the strongest member of our esteemed Guard would test his own abilities on her,”

All heads turned to Alec in shock. Gia’s eyes widened in fear. She could not believe that Alec- sweet and kind Alec, was the most powerful member of the coven. There was just no way. There was no way that he was a monster like Jane was! It was impossible! Gia’s brain screamed. Her entire body protested vividly to the idea that Alec was an evil monster. She gasped when Alec nodded his head. He casually strode over to where Alphonse stood- the designated seventeen.

Alec himself was in turmoil. He had swore to not feel for the human. She would not be a burden that was forced upon him. He would not be her keeper for the rest of eternity. He would show her exactly how he felt. But, he knew the extent of his power better than any one else. He was also the one who best knew about her past. Combining the two would be a terrible idea. Yet he found himself moving towards Alphonse, acting as if nothing were troubling.

He turned to face her. He could see the fear in her beautiful but tear-filled eyes. He flinched. He hated it when she cried. She shook and her body was covered with goosebumps. She was terrified of the unknown and of the monster she was afraid to see him become. He closed his eyes in angst, realizing that this would be easier if he did not have to look at her. It would do little could. He would still be able to hear her screams. Screams had never bothered him until now.

His power was much worse than Jane’s. No one could escape it. Not even Cullen’s human who was immune to mind powers. Poor Jane had been furious over that for weeks. She took it out on everybody and everything that she could get away with. Jane caused pain, Alec manipulated the victim. He manipulated their thoughts, making them see what he wanted them to see. He could control their body and they would do his bidding, despite whatever their personal feelings where. There was no limit as far at they knew to his power. If he wanted to, he could create an army of newborns and control them quite easily, effectively taking control of Volterra.

But he didn’t. And they all knew why. Jane was the only person Alec truly loved more than himself. Being part of the Volturi made her happy. Seeing her happy made him happy. He would never do anything to end said happiness. Besides, he was indebted to Aro and the Volturi for saving their lives. His endless service was what was needed to have the debt paid in full.

Slowly, he braced himself. In an instant, he took control of Gia’s mind- he could no longer think of her as the human; she was much more than that- and sent her images of them in her room together. They were talking about her dreams. He willed her muscles to respond. They did. She started to rub her arms up and down, looking as if she was trying to warm herself. Alec hoped he had been convincing enough.

He looked to his master who shook his head. Caius- as blood thirsty as ever- wanted more. Steeling his resolve, Alec brought her to the only situation that he thought would make her scream.

“Scipio!” she screamed loudly. Alec nearly lost his concentration. Regaining control of himself, he forced the event to replay in front of her eyes. She screamed and begged, and tried to through punches, but he held her still. He kept his eyes shut as he walked closer to her. Her cries grew louder and louder. He shut them up. They hurt too much to hear.

“That is enough,” Caius said.

Alec opened his eyes. He stood right in front of Gia. She blinked her eyes several times, clearing them. Her knees gave out. Instinctively, Alec reached out and caught her. Gia pushed away from him, tears streaming down her face. She cried and fainted, something that Alec was eternally grateful for. He caught her once more before she hit the ground.

Still, in those few second when they had made eye contact, Alec only saw the monster that he was in her eyes.

It was still a painful subject for them. Gia refused to speak to him. Even though he had not left her side since, she tried to not so much as look at him. He couldn’t blame her. What he had done was horrible. She probably would never forgive him and he did not blame her in the least. He would never forgive himself.

One thing that the experimentation had turned positive was his outlook on Gia. He would never again try to convince himself that they were not destined to be friends. There was a bond there- one that they both desperately needed to flourish. She would never be a burden. He needed someone else to love besides Jane.

Jane. Just thinking of her made him groan. His sister was furious over the fact that Alec had not left Gia’s side. She had argued with him and made her stance quite clear: it was either her or Gia. Alec pointed out that he was assigned to protect Gia and to make sure that she did not escape. They both were, actually, but Jane was not holding up her part of the job. His sister scowled. “The pathetic thing is not worth our time, Alec! We are the most prized members of the Guard! We have better things to do than to be babysitters! Let someone else, like Heidi, watch over her!”

He reminded her calmly about Caius’s discoveries. Someone powerful had to keep tabs on her at all times. If Jane was not going to help, the Alec would stay with her at all times until the masters told him otherwise. Furious, Jane had stormed off. That had been the night before. She had not come to bid him farewell when the entourage left. He was very upset. He and his twin, his other half, had never fought before. Not like this.

They were on a train to Arosa. It was the easiest way to get there. They had the entire car to themselves. But Alec did not care. He was not going to leave Gia’s side again. Traveling with them was Gabriel, Alphonse, and Adrianna. They were to keep the two younger looking ones out of trouble when it came to the authorities. It was clear from the get go that Alec was in charge. He was the dominant vampire after all. Alphonse had come along at Caius’s insistence. He wanted to preform more tests while they were away.

The only vampire that Gia had wanted to come could not. Heidi had several more tours scheduled and the vampires of Volterra needed to eat. Personally, Alec had gone out, leaving Gabriel standing guard over Gia, and hunted before his fight with Jane. He was refreshed and ready to go. They all were.

Gia sat, slumped over the entire time. Her head never left its resting spot on the window; the tears never stopped rolling down her cheeks.