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I Need You to Love Me

A penny for your thoughts… A picture so it lasts… Let's knock down the walls of immortality Your fingers on my skin… only you can hear my fear… only you can help me heal… i see forever with you here. It's never enough, no matter how many times I try to tell you this is love. If tomorrow never comes, I want you to know right now that I'm gonna love you until the day. I'm gonna love you like it's the last night on Earth. And though I'm undeserving, I need you to love me.

All of this belongs to the great stephenie meyer. I am just playing with her fun toys.

9. Chapter 9

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Chapter Nine-

Elizabeth Savage sat on her sofa. Her beautiful red hair was matted and tangled. Tears were caked onto her face, mixing with the three day old mascara and eye shadow. The normally beautiful woman was in a complete state of misery. She hung her head and shame, clinging to herself much in the same way her daughter did. Nothing that was said brought her any comfort. Her precious daughter had been missing for three days.

She feared the worst. She knew that the Macintosh boy was returning to the base soon. She prayed that his family was not involved in her child’s disappearance.

“Lizzie,” a warm voice whispered in her ear.

“Oh, Ian,” Lizzie cried into her husband. Her man held her close. He rubbed circles on her back in a comforting manner. Lizzie was gently rocked by the tears that came out of her husband. The two parents sat and cried together. The army had given Ian time off. The search for Gia was rampant. Their friends in the U.S. Army and the Italian constables were everywhere it seemed, looking for her. But nothing had turned up.

The closest lead came from Rosalind, Adrian and Tomas. They had seen Gia being carried by a “incredibly and ridiculously handsome boy- way hotter than Scipio- sorry, Mrs. Savage,” according to Rosalind. Her daughter’s best friend also recalled that the boy’s name had been Alec. The constables did not trust this name very much. If it was a kidnapping, they reasoned quite logically that the culprit would not tell her his real name. The event that a short teenager was involved was also highly suspicious. After the horrible event from two years ago, her daughter had learned self-defense. In case the need for it ever arose again.

Irene and Michael sat on the steps. They had not been allowed to leave the house for three days, and were quite bored because of it. They had watched silently as the policemen had come in and interviewed everyone, as they invaded the privacy of Gia’s room. Michael, the loyal little brother that he was, told one of the strange men that Gia never let anyone in her room, and that she was going to be mad. The toddler did not understand the look of pity the constable gave him. He did not understand that it was likely his sister was never coming back.

The seven year old sister of Gia held her little brother close. Unlike Michael, she understood a great deal of what was happening. She cried all the time before Gia had disappeared. Now that her big sister was gone, it seemed ironic that the crybaby had not shed a single tear. The little girl had decided to be strong for Michael. Their parents were not going to take care of them for the next little while, they would be too busy looking for Gia. Irene did not blame them in the least. She wanted them to find her big sister so that everything could go back to normal. No more strange people coming into the house asking them questions that they did not understand, no more reporters outside the house yelling out questions about Gia that made them cry. She had not even thought that her big sister might be dead until one of them had screamed it.

Irene thought it was silly that all of the adults were talking about Scorpio again or whatever his name was. He didn’t do it. Her momma did.

Now, Irene loved her Momma and she knew that Momma loved her. Her momma loved every one of her children. But Momma and Gia were too different to get along, even under the best of circumstances. They loved each other, but annoyed the crap out of each other in the process. Momma and Gia argued all of the time. It always sounded like Gia could never do anything right. Everyone knew that it was not the case. They just needed something to argue about.

Lately- Irene was surprised that no one else had noticed it- Gia had been getting more and more angry. She just hated everybody. Irene supposed it was because Scorpio Makintoes was coming home. The mean boy that hurt her sister! Oh, if she ever met him, Irene would make sure that she ripped him a knew one. You bet she would! Though she was not completely sure what new one she would be ripping the boy… Anyway, Gia had been on edge. The fights with Momma had gotten louder, more frequent, and more drawn out. Gia was just looking for an excuse to run away. The day she disappeared, she had fought with Momma. And now Gia was gone, it was obvious to little Irene why Gia was gone.

Momma had told the constables everything. Everybody knew that Momma loved Gia. Even Gia knew it. And they all knew how much Gia loved Momma. During all of the heated arguments, Gia had never once told Momma that she hated her. Because that would be a lie and Gia never lied. Well, she never lied about important stuff anyway. Her big sister was a terrible liar.

Irene was not surprised the Gia had left that day. She had just figured that she would be home by now. Irene prayed to Jesus every night that her sister would come home safe. She loved her so much. She wanted Gia to know that they wanted her home, with them, safe and sound. That they loved her, that they needed her.

Irene remembered all of the talks that the two sisters had shared. She remembered how excited Gia was. She dreamed of leaving her parents- leaving Italy. She wanted to go somewhere else. She wanted to go back home to Memphis. Irene did not remember Memphis. Gia said that she wasn’t born when they lived in America. Gia had already picked out the house she wanted, and she had everything ready. In her mind. She was ready to leave everybody forever.

Irene had not really believed that her big sister would leave them all alone forever. It did not make any sense. Gia was supposed to love them, right? She said she did. Then why did she leave? It did not make sense! It was not fair. Life sucks.

Irene loved her sister so much. She wanted her to come home. She promised God that she would do anything if he would bring her back safe. Irene did not think that she could go on without her big sister. Gia had left everything behind when she ran away. Irene included. That hurt the most. She did not even want her family with her in her new life.

Irene cocked her head to the side. She heard a commotion in the kitchen. Her mother was screaming Arosa. Irene was not sure what type of flower it was, but it sounded pretty. She was really interested in what her parents were whispering into the phone.

“Come one, Mickey,” Irene picked up her bored four year-old brother, “Let’s go get cookies and milk from the kitchen,”

Little Mickey bobbed his head. He looked so much like Gia, it made Irene wince. Still, if her big sister could move on, then Irene would too. If that was what Gia wanted them all to do, then Irene would do that. Even if what she wanted was for her big sister to come back home.

If only so Irene could leave with her the next time…