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Isabella Swan (best known as Bella) just moved to Forks to live with her father. She went to a new school, where she met the mysterious and overly charming Edward Cullen. Despite knowing what he really was, she wasn't afraid to continue falling in love with him.

This story is a twisted version of Twilight. I don't expect much but I hope you enjoy it.

1. Chapter 1 - A New Beginning

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"Oh my goodness, Dad, it is wonderful!" I gasped, looking at the red truck, my Dad, Charlie bought me. I turned around and saw him smiling from ear to ear, pleased by my compliment.

"I'm, uh, glad you like it. I think I should go in," He said, and, without another word, went into the house. I shrugged and turned back to my truck to admire it.

Charlie just fetched me from the airport where I arrived from Phoenix. I decided that I - Mom, at least - would be better off if I were to live in Forks with Charlie. Phil, my stepfather, travels a lot and I knew that Mom missed him. Therefore, I sacrificed myself and went back to living in my least favourite place, Forks. I hated Forks. It's wet, here. Phoenix was always sunny. But, as weird as it is, I suddenly feel as though my stay here wouldn't be as bad as I imagined. I shuddered at the thought of me enjoying living in this wet place. Then, I remembered about school. I had to go to Forks High School and start all over again. As in, look for new friends, tolerate the pace of my new teachers and try to fit into the new environment.

I stopped daydreaming and looked at my truck. I had mentioned to Charlie that I wanted a truck because I didn't want to have to walk to school in the rain every morning. Secretly, though, my main reason was because I didn't want to be driven around Forks in Charlie's police car. Yes, he is a police. However, I didn't thought he would buy me one.

"Bella, if you are done daydreaming, perhaps you could think of coming in! I think it's going to rain, again!" Charlie shouted from inside.

"Coming, Dad!" I shouted back and gave my truck another glance before going into the house.


I lay on my bed and thought about tomorrow; my first day at Forks High School. I was worried, of course. I mean, what if I couldn't fit in? What if the teachers hate me? What if I don't make any friends? What if I embarrass myself, like tripping over my shoelace in front of the whole class? I'll be the laughing stock for weeks, I'd bet, especially since news travel fast within only 700 students.

I glanced at my watch. It was still early; 8pm. I sat up and went to the computer on my table. I checked my e-mail inbox and discovered 3 e-mails from Renee, my beloved mother.

The first e-mail read:

Dear Bella,

Have you arrived in Forks? How is the weather there? How's Charlie? I want to know about everything!

I chuckled. Renee's always curious, and this e-mail showed no exceptions. I opened the next e-mail.


Why haven't you replied me? Is everything alright? I am sure Charlie told you that I will be sending you e-mails everyday.

I frowned. Sometimes, Renee could be overly protective. Yes, Charlie mentioned that Renee would send me e-mails everyday but I guessed it totally slipped my mind when I got excited over my new truck. I opened the last e-mail.

Bella, I want you to reply me this time. Please, I am very worried!

I did not hesitate, for fear she would do anything stupid, like calling the police. Ridiculous but not impossible for Renee. I clicked the REPLY button and typed:


I'm okay. Don't do anything stupid. I just remembered what Charlie told me. I got too excited over the new truck Charlie bought me. The weather here is...well, wet, as usual. Charlie is obviously happy to see me here. As you know, Mom, tomorrow will be my first day at Forks High School. I'm
really, really, really, nervous! I hope everything will go well. I got to go rest. Tomorrow will be a long day. I'll tell you about it tomorrow, if I have the time.


I shut down the computer and made sure that everything was prepared for tomorrow. Clothes, bag, books, stationeries and confidence. I had everything but the last item ready. I wasn't confident, at all. Tomorrow was going to be my new beginning. I sighed, turned off the lights and went to bed.