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Isabella Swan (best known as Bella) just moved to Forks to live with her father. She went to a new school, where she met the mysterious and overly charming Edward Cullen. Despite knowing what he really was, she wasn't afraid to continue falling in love with him.

This story is a twisted version of Twilight. I don't expect much but I hope you enjoy it.

2. Chapter 2 - Mystery

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"Morning Dad," I greeted Charlie cheerfully though I was feeling a little bit low that day.

"Morning Bells. So, you ready for your first day?" Charlie asked, putting away the newspaper he was reading.

"Kind of?" I was a bad liar. I couldn't doubt that. Even my answer sounded like a question.

"Don't worry, Bells. I'm sure you'll be fine. You sure you don't want me to stay a little late today?" He said, assuringly.

"No no no. You should just go to work. Besides, I have a truck," I said, grinning.

"Well, okay then," He said as he got up, ready to leave.

"Bye, Chief." I smiled playfully.

He gave a smile and saluted me before walking out the door. I poured myself a bowl of cereal, eating it slowly as I didn't want to be the earliest to arrive. It didn't help that it was my first day.

After washing the dishes, I decided that I have wasted enough time. So, I grabbed my bag and looked at myself in the mirror, making sure that my outfit wasn't too 'much' to fit in. After staring at myself for 10 minutes, I figured that a black sweater over my buttons down blouse and a black pair of jeans were okay.

So, I went to the shoe rack and found that my favourite low cut shoes weren't there. There were only my lace shoes. Ugh. I didn't like them. I hated having to tie my shoe laces over and over again. I looked at my watch and frowned. I didn't have enough time to find those shoes so I grabbed the lace shoes and put them on before going out into the light drizzle.


I stopped in front of a small office and got out of my truck, entering the office. It was warm inside as opposed to the cold outside.

A lady wearing huge glasses was sitting behind the counter. I walked over to her and she looked up.

"Hi there. How may I help you?" Her friendly voice calmed my nervousness a little.

"Hi. I'm Isabella Swan. The -"

"Ah, yes. The new student. I was expecting you." She smiled at me and shuffled through stacks of papers on her messy desk. She handed to me 3 sheets of paper she was looking for.

"Here's your schedule, a map of the school and hand this slip over to everyone of your teachers and get them to sign it before returning it to me at the end of the day,"

"Thanks. I'll see you after school." I said, grinning.

"Your welcome. Have a nice day!" She said and waved at me as I walked out of the office.


"First class, English with Mr. Barner. Building 4. Hmm..." I muttered to myself, looking at my schedule while looking around for Building 4. I was trying to keep myself busy and at the same time, trying my very best to block out the stares and whispers. And then, I saw him. He was walking in front of a group of his friends. His bronze hair wet and messy but all the same, he looked like a model from the weekly teen magazine. His skin was pale white and he had amazing topaz eyes. He spotted me looking at him and I quickly turned away, walking towards the other direction. However, I guess I was walking too quickly because the next thing I knew I was falling.

Ugh! Stupid shoelace. I thought, looking at my bleeding elbow. I heard a low gasp from behind and when I looked, I saw that the guy with topaz eyes and messy bronze hair was looking at my elbow too. His lips were pursed and I assumed that he was keeping himself from bursting into laughter. And then, I noticed that his eyes were now a dark colour. He continued staring at the blood, intently. He stumbled back when a short girl with spiky, black hair whispered something to him, tugging at his hand with strenghth a girl like her shouldn't have. Then, they were gone, leaving his group of friends to stare at me. Some of them started whispering at each other.

I rolled my eyes and got up akwardly. I started to stumble again when a guy caught my hand.

"Woah, woah. Watch out," He said.

"Sorry. Thanks," I said, looking at him. He had a cute face with enchanting blue eyes but he wasn't as beautiful as that guy.

"I'm Mike. You're a new student here right? And, if I've been paying attention to what our principal was saying yesterday, your name is Isabella?"

"Yes. I mean, erm, I prefer Bella," I clarified.

"Oh, ok then, Bella. Need a plaster?" He asked, holding out a piece of plaster for me."

"Thanks," I said, taking it from him and putting it on top of the cut. I winced a little at the sharp sting. Then, I bent down to tie my shoelace, cursing under my breath. When I stood up, I started looking for that guy but he was nowhere to be found. Instead I saw the short girl with spiky hair and realised that she, too, had the same pale skin. Maybe that's his sister. I thought to myself. Her eyes were looking past me. Though it kinda looked like she was seeing something I can't because they were blank. Then, she blinked, looked at me and smiled, sweetly. I, instantly, smiled back.

"So, er, what's your next class?" Mike asked as I turned back my attention to him.

"English in Building 4," I replied.

"I'm having trig in Building 3. Want me to show you the way?" He asked, hoping for a yes.

"That would be very nice, Mike," I agreed, smiling.

He smiled back and we started walking towards the building.

In English class, there was only one seat left and it was next to that guy. I was still wondering what his reaction was about. It was weird. Perhaps, he gets freaked out easily when he sees blood. Or, perhaps, he was laughing so hard in his head that he lost his senses in walking that he stumbled back. That made perfectly no sense. Maybe, I should just ask him. However, when I sat beside him, he moved to the side and covered his mouth with his hand. His other hand was clenched tightly and I started to picture his knuckles breaking.

Throughout the one and a half hour English class, I couldn't help but notice how weird he was acting. So, after half an hour of noticing his behaviour, I got mentally iritated and curiousity was literally killing me so, I turned to face him and realised how dark his eyes were.

"Hi, er, I'm Bella," I began. I didn't notice how shaky my voice was.

"Edward," was all he said. And, when he said it, I noticed for the first time that he was holding his breath. Jeez, what was wrong with him? I decided to leave his alone. Not sure why but I just felt as though it was a bad time to be friends, now. So, I turned back my attention to the teacher, scribbling notes in my notebook, trying to pretend that he wasn't there. After what seemed like a very long time, he gathered his things and started to leave, seconds before the bell rang.

Okay.....that was weird. I thought. And, throughout the day, I couldn't help but wonder about the possiblities to his behaviour.

The bell rang while I was in Trig class, signaling lunchtime. Everyone started rushing towards the cafeteria, not wanting to miss today's special pizza. I sighed, gathered my things slowly when a girl approached me.

"Hi. Isabella, right?" She asked, giving me a friendly smile.

"Bella," I replied, smiling back. She was short with straight, brown hair.

"I see..I'm Jessica Stanley," She introduced, holding out her hand.

"Nice meeting you," I said, shaking her hand.

"You too. Wanna have lunch with us?" She asked.

"Sure," I agreed.


We walked towards the cafeteria as she started talking about herself. We took our trays of food and sat down at her table. Mike was there and a couple of others I haven't been introduced to yet.

"Bella, this is Mike, Tyler and Lara," She introduced. I shook hands with them before sitting down, tucking in my food. I was starving. As they filed me with questions about me, I saw the short haired, pixie-like girl who was skipping happily, her hand on a guy with curly, blonde hair walking in. Behind them, the most beautiful girl I've ever seen with wavy blonde hair walked in, holding the hand of a big, heavily muscled guy with dark hair. Lastly, Edward walked in. All of them, I noticed, walked with gracefulness as though they have been trained to walk like models and they had the same pale skin.

"Bella? Bella!" Jessica shook me.

"Who're they?" I asked, absent-mindedly. Jessica turned to where I was looking.

"Oh. That girl with short black hair is Alice Cullen. She's the friendly one who smiles at everyone she sees. Sometimes, she can be seen looking into space with blank eyes and that's just plain weird. Her boyfriend, with the curly hair, is Jasper Hale. He's the weirdest one with his eyes huge, as though it would bulge out anytime and he's always looking nervous. The girl with blonde hair is Rosalie Hale and boys are always drooling over her. Her boyfriend, that huge guy there, is Emmet Cullen. And that guy there. He's Edward Cullen. He's the only one single. But, he's not interested in dating," She explained. I could hear the note of dissappointment when she said the last line.

"All of them look alike," I noted.

"Doctor Carlisle and his wife adopted them. So, they live together..as couples," She continued.

"That's nice," I said.

"That's weird, though," Jessica rolled her eyes.

"Edward's so hot," Lara said, suddenly.

"SO hot," Jessica agreed.

"I don't see anything special about him, though. Do you, Bella?" Mike asked me.

"Well..." I started.

"Come on, you know I've got eyes for you. Say NO!" Tyler said, blushing when I looked at him.

I chuckled and Jessica joined me. I looked at the family again and realised that Edward was looking at me. No, he was...STARING at me. I looked away, quickly.

When I looked back, he was talking to his brothers and sisters, the big one, Emmet, laughing hard, for some reason.

The bell rang and all of them stood up, throwing away their untouched food. Edward was still looking at me as they walked. When they were gone, I joined my friends as we walked back to our classes.


I slumped onto my chair. It was a tiring day at school and I was so glad to finally be home. I changed my clothes and lay down on my bed. I started thinking about today. To be more precise, I started thinking about Edward Cullen. About his behaviour. About his mysterious reaction when he saw blood. About his beautiful

family. About Alice Cullen. About Jessica saying "...she can be seen looking into space with blank eyes and that's just plain weird." I saw her doing that. What was

it all about? I didn't know anything about THEM but I had a feeling that they were different.