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Because of Her

Previously "The Girl" Bella and Edward have a fairly normal life now, but that can easily change. *UPDATE!* I finally posted the sequel!!! Be sure to read it! It's called "Changes". Thanks guys!

Here I go! Tell me if you like it or not.

11. Chapter 11

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Olivia's POV

"Tell me everything." I said. He sighed deeply and stroked my cheek. The touch made chills run up my back. "I don't know where to start....but I should probably start at the beginning. When I disappeared. Well, as you know, Aaron had just met us, and he needed some way to get rid of me. He decided that killing me would be too hard, apparently, so he staged your death, and I believed him." I sat there, faint with shock. The answer had been there all along.

"In fact, I never left New York. Of course I moved around alot, but I could never let go of the fact that you were dead. I was foolish and didn't go looking for you." he said. "Yes, and Aaron told me that it would be best if we left New York, to get away from all the memories." I grimaced. Why did I have to believe him? "He told me he would be moving to Africa." "We went to Canada for awhile, but I didn't like it. He wanted me to drink people's blood, and I only wanted to drink animal's. He was angry with me for that. He would hurt me, but then pull an illusion to make me forgive him." a low growl escaped Brant's lips. I knew he wouldn't like that.

I continued. "Then one day, I was watching him, I was suspicious that something strange was going on, and then I saw him create one and make it disappear. Then it all clicked. I realized what a lying pig he was, and I left him. Now he wants to kill me." "I'm not going to let him within ten miles of you. I'm never letting you out of my sight again." he took me in his arms and kissed the top of my head. I was so happy to be back with him.

I pulled away slightly to look at him. "How did you find out that I was alive?" I asked. He grinned at me and it took my breath away. "I saw your little 'accident' in the news." he said. I gave him a puzzled look. He chuckled and held me recklessly close. "Apparently someone didn't know there would be sunlight out, did they?" If I could blush, I would be scarlet. I had been shopping one day and hadn't noticed the sun was coming out of the clouds. I had sort of caused a car crash. "Whoops" I said sheepishly. He laughed freely this time and kissed my forehead. Teasingly, I said, "Being away from me must have ruined your aim." He grinned and kissed me full on the lips.

When he pulled away, He whispered in my ear softer than velvet, "I love you, Liv." I sighed, content. "Same to you." He laughed.

Bella and Edward walked out of the other room finally, and Edward said, "It's 8:45." Brant looked at me confused and I explained, "Alice had a vision that they would attack at nine." He stiffened. Then a in fierce but triumphant voice he said, "Finally, the moment I've been waiting seven years for." Bella's face was grim. He noticed. "What, you doubt me?" he teased. Bella blushed and quickly shook her head. "I'm sorry, we haven't been properly introduced, my name is Brant Jordan Thomas. I assume you are Miss Bella Swan?" "Soon to be Mrs. Bella Swan-Cullen, actually." Edward corrected, smiling.