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Because of Her

Previously "The Girl" Bella and Edward have a fairly normal life now, but that can easily change. *UPDATE!* I finally posted the sequel!!! Be sure to read it! It's called "Changes". Thanks guys!

Here I go! Tell me if you like it or not.

4. Chapter 4

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Bella's POV

Edward, Olivia and I piled into Edward's Volvo, while Carlisle, Esme, Alice and Jasper rode in Carlisle's mercedes, and Rosalie and Emmett rode in her convertable.

"Ummm, exactly where are we going?" I asked timidly as Edward began speeding away. "We're going to Ohio. Esme has a house there. You see, Rosalie and I collect cars, Esme collects houses." he smiled at some remembered joke. I eventually fell asleep to Olivia quietly singing along to some 80's song on the radio. Her voice was exquisite. I fell asleep, green with envy.

I awoke to Edward's soft voice at my ear. "We're here, Bella." He helped me out of the car, since I was still groggy with sleep. As we entered the beautiful house. It was practically a mansion. It reminded me of the creepy old mensions of horror movies, but there was nothing creepy about it. "Well this is it." Esme said, laying down her suitcase. "It's very nice." I murmered gawking at the beauty of the house. "Edward, Bella, your room is up the stairs, second to the right. Alice, Jasper, yours is up the stairs, last on the right, Rosalie, Emmett, yours is first on the left, Olivia, yours is third on the right. Carlisle and I will be second on the left." Esme said. "Let's get our stuff put away." Edward suggested. "Ready." I said and threw my duffle bag over my shoulder. Unfortunately, it was heavier than I thought, and it flung itself on the floor, taking me with it. Edward burst out laughing. I righted myself and he chuckled, picking my bag up for me. "Silly Bella." he muttered quietly, still smiling.

Olivia's POV

I easily picked up my suitcase and started upstairs. I opened the door to my room, and admired it. It was huge, the ceiling about twenty feet high and held a beautiful crystal chandilier. The bed was king size, and the carpet was a deep burgundy color. I threw my suitcase on the bed and began unpacking. Of course, everyone was in such a rush that nobody noticed I had packed my electric guitar. I took it out of its case admiring it's purple fading to blue color. I sighed and remembered the days of my teenage popularity and slight fame.

There was a quiet knock at the door. "Come in." I said, quickly throwing a pile of clothes over my guitar. Alice walked in gracefully. "Hi." I said sitting on the bed. "Do you like your room?" she asked, looking around. "Mm hmm." I nodded. "Soo," she began, eyeing the pile of clothes over my guitar wryly. "You were going to show me your 'Media abilities?'" I grinned sheepishly. "Oh, that." I said, supressing a giggle. I hadn't performed for anyone in twelve years. "Well are you going to or not?" she asked impatiently yet teasing. "Alright, alright." I said reluctantly pushing aside the pile of clothes and picking up my guitar, but inside I was gleeful. I loved performing. I used to perform for Brant all the time... I quickly changed my train of thought. "Well let's go downstairs. I'm sure everyone would love to see your 'abilities' " she said pulling me by the hand and out the door.