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Because of Her

Previously "The Girl" Bella and Edward have a fairly normal life now, but that can easily change. *UPDATE!* I finally posted the sequel!!! Be sure to read it! It's called "Changes". Thanks guys!

Here I go! Tell me if you like it or not.

7. Chapter 7

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Bella's POV

Edward packed my things faster than I could even imagine, then we were off to New York. I'd always wanted to go there, see all the sights, the statue of Libery, but now as we were being chased by killer vampires, it took away the excitment of our trip.

I of course fell asleep on the ride there, I was slightly sleep deprived since the whole fiasco began, so I spent my car rides sleeping.

"Bella? Bella, we're here." I heard Edward's soft, velvety voice at my ear. My eyes fluttered open and I saw that it was night, the city glowing with all the lights from building, streets and who knows what else.

This time we stayed in an hotel.Carlisle, Esme, Rosalie and Emmett in one room, Edward, Alice, Jasper, Olivia and I in another. We had gotten the biggest two rooms in the entire hotel, of course. The Cullens had money to spare. Alot of money to spare.

Tonight was not as festive as the last one had been, of course, we were all on our guard. I of course did not want to sleep, and I had already slept on the ride here, so I stayed up with Edward, his brother and sister and Olivia. Alice was concentrating very hard to try to see what would happen next, so all was very quiet, exept for the drone of the TV advertising useless products.

I apparently fell asleep at about 4:00 AM, because Edward woke me. "Bella? Are you sleeping?" I groaned. "Not anymore." I said stretching. He chuckeld quietly. "Alright, I didn't mean to wake you. It's just that...." "What?" I asked. Had Alice had a vision? Had she seen Aaron and Victoria attack? "Well, Alice did have a vision," Edward began. "But she didn't see them attacking. She doesn't even know if it was them, but she's pretty sure it was." He made a frustrated face. Apparently he didn't like guessing. "It was too dark to tell who it was in her vision, but she was positive it was a male vampire. Probably Aaron."

My face must have looked horrified. The Volturi! I thought frantically. Edward must have guessed what my fear was and quickly explained, "No Bella, It's not the Volturi. If it were, they would have brought everyone. Alice could also tell that whoever it was, he was American. He said something, but she couldn't make it out. That and it's only been three months, Bella. they would wait atleast six before they came looking." That was probably true. But I still didn't like not knowing who this was. Or his motive...."Could you make out anything he said?" I asked. "Well," Edward began reluctantly, "He was talking to himself. He said something about Olivia and New York. Like an oath to find her." Shivers went up my spine. I didn't like the sound of that. "But nothing about you." he assured me. Just then, the telephone rang. Olivia picked it up carefully. "Hello?" she answered in her angel's voice. Her face was drained of the little color it held. "GET AWAY FROM ME AARON! I KNOW THIS IS YOU!!!" she screamed at the receiver. She waited a moment, and then said, "STOP IT!!! I HATE YOU! YOU'RE A FILTHY LIAR! YOU'VE PUT ME THROUGH ENOUGH ALREADY!" and with that she hung up the phone and began to cry tearless sobs. Alice was at her side in an instant assuring her everything would be alright. I looked at Edward with a puzzled face. His was grim. He looked at Olivia with the same expression that I had on.

Olivia's POV

That dirty, rotten %$#@&*#!!!! How could he do that to me? Why can't he just come to kill me, or atleast try. How could he impersonate the one I had loved so dearly? I my cold, dead heart ache with all the pain in the world. I looked up at the others looking at me puzzled. Oh, they didn't know. I began to explain.

"That was Aaron." I stopped briefly. Alice commented, "It didn't sound like him, from what I heard in the vision." I glared at the monochrome carpet and continued, with venom in my voice, "Of course it didn't. That's because he still thinks he can fool me. No, he was impersonating," I winced, "Brant. He told me that Aaron never killed him, and that when it was safe he wanted to meet me." a string of curses rolled off my toungue. Bella's face was suddenly filled with pity. Of course, she knew a fraction of what I was feeling. Edward had left her for a time. Poor girl. Even as a vampire, It was hard for me to forget my love for him. And to have his voice ringing in my head. It had sounded so real. But of course, Aaron could make anything seem real. I believed him for a moment. That's what infuriated me, that I could be so stupid, when I knew he was dead, never coming back, and I stilled hoped....Idiot. I thought to myself.

A strange wave of calm was beginning to wash over me. Then I remembered Jasper's talent. I silently thanked him for that. Thinking of Brant was the last thing I needed right now. I sighed. It was slightly nice to hear his voice again. But then to have all hope shattered again, it just wasn't worth it. Alice's eyes suddenly closed and she became as frozen as a statue. I wanted to know what she was seeing. But then again, maybe I'd rather not.

Alice opened her eyes, she was frantic. She spoke in a high trill i knew was just barely audible for Bella to hear. "Someone's coming for us. They're outside the hotel right now." I froze. "Who?" Edward growled. "I'm not sure, he doesn't look like Aaron. I froze. I snarl escaped my lips that made Bella's eyes wide with fear. "Now he's impersonating his appearance." I growled in a low voice. There was a quiet knock at the door.

Edward prepared to spring. Alice pushed Bella under the bed. Jasper mirrored Edward's postion. I crouched like a cat. My eyes blazing with hate. "Come in!" Alice called.

A hotel worker opened the door. Her face turned from bored to shocked at our positions. "I-I'm sorry." she studdered as we straightened, embarrassed. "This is room service, but if this is a bad time...." I heard Bella snicker from under the bed. "We'll call when we need you." Edward said, and with that she left, looking puzzled. Bella came out laughing her head off. "That poor girl." she said between laughs. Edward shot her a teasingly disapproving look. "That wasn't funny." "Oh that was funny and you know it!" she said snickering. "Well," Alice admitted, "If you thought what you heard was funny, you should have seen the poor girl when she saw Edward!!" All except Edward laughed. He shot a dirty yet embarrassed look at Alice.

"Wait." He said, his eyes widening. "If that wasn't Aaron..." he was cut off by a scratching at the window.