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Smokin' Hott

one shot in which some girl from Jacob Blacks school tries to ask him out. is it because he is wonderful and hot and sweet and funny? why yes dear reader, it is! Note:HE DOES NOT IMPRINT Note:NOT MINE.

i hate being a valley girl. ew i hate that mind set. note to heart stops beating: NEVER AGAIN!

1. Chapter 1

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Damn, that Jacob Black was smoking hott. I had liked him since I had realized that boys didn’t actually have any cooties. I’d played with him in the sandbox back in my Barbie pink days, I’d cried when he and his friends pulled my long dark pigtails and now, I was ready to tell him how I felt.

Back in elementary, he’d been cute too. his silky black hair tied back in a ponytail so it wouldn’t get in his face while he played tag. As he grew, he got taller and thinner but I still liked him a bit. He had this gorgeous smile. And then like within a year, he totally filled out.

Focus Katherine. I warned myself, hoping not to lose my train of thought (or dignity) when I looked at him. You can so do this, just tell him. I looked down at my outfit. Today had been the decided day for two weeks, as a result I’d got all the was to Seattle for new clothes. I’d gotten a light pink halter top with rhinestones and swirled designs and a very short skirt. The skirt was pleated and extremely cute. I was also wearing a tight little hoodie, also light pink. It was my absolute favorite color.

I looked over at him, sitting 4 seats away, his huge muscled body slumped in his tiny chair. He was so cute when he was sad, he’d been this way since he stopped hanging out with that dumb girl, Bella something. So what if she was the police chief’s daughter! So what if their fathers were best friends1 I was so much better.

I didn’t know the details but from the rumors it seemed Bella’s boyfriend left her, she had used poor Jacob and then when her B.F. came back, dropped Jake like he was on fire (not that he wasn’t hott enough). Anyway, good riddance to a bitch like that girl. I would never ever do that to him. I would show him how to really love someone.

I looked up at the old ugly clock, it told me I still had 3 minutes until the bell rang, until I told him, until the end of the world as I knew it. The seconds were ticking by so damn fast I was getting dizzy as I sat in that little desk, going over my words in my head.

Hey Jake, oh no, is that too friendly? Are we close enough for nicknames? Hi Jacob that sounded too formal. On second thought Hey Jake seemed good, now what to say? I was wondering if you wanted to catch a movie sometime oh no, what if he didn’t like movies? Or he didn’t want to go all the way to a theatre? Or maybe he would say no! no no, he couldn’t say no. maybe I should offer dinner in Forks, yeah that’s close enough, then we could go for a walk on the beach but what if was wasn’t a romantic?

My thoughts were cut off by that stupid bell. Jacob was now gracefully heaving himself up from the little desk and heading for the door, I sped walked after him. Just before he slipped out the door I tapped him on the shoulder. His very warm, hardened-muscled shoulder.

“Hey Jake” I breathed a sexily as I could.

“oh hey, Katie right?” god his voice was so attractive. It was rough but still smooth somehow. He smiled a bit but not completely due to this obvious sadness. He looked so tired. I wondered why? What was keeping his from his sleep?

“yeah sure” I smiled. We were walking down the halls together towards his locker. I hoped people saw us together and thought we were well… together! God, his hair was glossy and black and not the least bit greasy like ALL the other guys at school.

“well Katie, I’ll be seeing you. I’ve sort got to be somewhere” he made a move to turn towards the front doors which I hadn’t realized we were very close to, I guess I’d just been preoccupied with the hottie beside me.

“wait!” I took that as an excuse to grab his arm. According to Seventeen, guys liked is when you touched their arm while you talked to them. “I just wanted you to know I think you’re really hott.” OMG! I could NOT believe that came out of me. “so you want to catch a movie sometime?” I shrugged seductively looking up into is gorgeous deep brown eyes through my bangs. I was proud, ‘catch’ that was good, very casual.

“oh” he looked sadder, “actually I’m pretty busy right now” he looked…maybe sad or like…what’s the word? Regretful! Yeah like he regretted not being able to go out with me! Well there’s a good sign.

“oh okay, I get it. Maybe later” I couldn’t help looking so hopeful. “like when you’re not so busy.” I grinned.

“yeah maybe” I looked distractedly out the glass window of the front doors of our school. I followed his gaze to his also ridiculously hott friends. Embry and Quil and a couple others. They motioned for him to come out.

“hey listen Kate, I need to go now” he flashed me a shining white grin. “I’ll see you okay?”

I nodded. What else to you expect of me when confronted with a smoking hot boy that just makes you want to scream and then tear of both your clothes and his.

He turned and began taking of his shirt, I’m totally serious. He slid his dark band tee over his glorious abs and head. His chest glistened a bit from the sweat of late June. He smile gripping the wadded up ball out cotton in his huge hands and took off.

Sure he didn’t exactly say ‘yes’ but I did see him half naked. I’m just waiting on the other half.

Guess you can’t win ‘em all.