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Esme and Carlisles Story

Young and rebellious Esme has fallen in love with doctor Carlisle. What will happen when Esme is forced into marrige and discovers Carlisle is not really all human.


1. Chapter 1

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I heard them calling for me, “Esme! Esme! You come out of hiding right this instant”.

I giggled to myself, knowing I would be punished later for this, but I couldn’t leave, this was my best hiding spot yet. The rosebush didn’t work out so well, I got stung furiously by bees. Under my bed was too predictable, as was under a counter. But here, up in a tree, it was perfect.

“Esme Ann! Get down here right now, before you hurt yourself.” I groaned. My hiding spot had been discovered.

My parents just didn’t understand why I refused to act like a lady; they didn’t get how much fun it was to run, feeling the wind breeze through your hair. Or how it felt to sit at the top of a tree and look out at the millions of stars. All they wanted was for me to get married off to a hopefully rich man. So, before more scolding could happen, I hopped lightly down the tree, where my mother was waiting at the bottom.

“Esme, how dare you! You could’ve slipped, broken your neck! Then you would be gone from us!” I knew my mother’s anger was more concern than pure spite, but it was very annoying. “Mother, all I wanted to do was see the stars,” I replied, lying quite well. The real reason was to get away from them, their expectations, their rules and just general boringness. I couldn’t stand how all they talked about was suitors and fiancés and how I would never get married if I didn’t look just perfect.

My mother huffed and said “Why can’t you act like a lady?” I mumbled something incoherent and she just sighed. “Well, now I have to punish you for this, lets see, no spending time with anyone else, for a week. Im sorry, but if i didnt punish you your father would have a fit. You’re lucky I was the one who found you. If Richard had, then you would have been beaten.”

Richard, my father, was a man built on pride and rules. He said that without rules, there is no way the world could function. His favorite activity was debating about world topics, and he would never stop until he wore down his opponent. Maybe that’s where I got my stubborn and rebellious side. My mother, Susan, was quite forgiving. She was raised traditionally, and expected the same of me.

While I was thinking, my mother had apparently been talking. “-and their coming over for dinner tomorrow night, so you had better be clean and in one of your finest dresses”.

“Whose coming over for dinner, mother?” I asked.

She sighed deeply and said, “The Acton’s, and their charming son, William, remember, he could be your future husband”

I groaned. Not creepy William, who I knew liked me and would be thrilled if we got married. Sure, William was nice enough, but he was just a friend to me. He would never be anything more.

My mother looked at me as if she knew what I was thinking.

"Esme, please just behave for once. William may be your only chance at marriage. Unless you want to be disgraced, you must be married"