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I will haunt you

I didn’t mean to kill myself. I honestly didn’t. Was my jump intentional? I don’t know. Was my jump recreational? I don’t know. I remember that I hardly thought at all. Bella's jump off that cliff was a bit more fatal than she had thought it would be. Now she is a ghost, and no one can see her. Will Bella save Edward from the Volturi? More importantly can she? And what will happen to her afterwards? Chapter 12, last chapter is up!Alternate ending is up!


6. Chapter 6: Tell me

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Alice and I were still walking through the airport when a sour faced employee walked up and stood in front of us. She eyed me condescendingly, and gave us an annoyed look.

"Excuse me miss, but could we get you a towel?" She asked in a snotty voice.

I felt a little weird about having her see me. Sadly, being invisible was starting to grow on me. My tongue didn't seem to want to move, and I'm sure I was giving her a deer caught in the headlights kind of look. Alice noticed my discomfort, and answered for me.

"No thank you, we were just on our way out."

"Miss, you're dripping all over the floor and we don't want anyone to slip and fall." She turned her pinched face on me and curled her lip.

Once again, Alice came to the rescue. "Sorry about any trouble we may have caused, but we just want to be on our way." And with that, Alice stepped around the employee and walked briskly towards the exit with me in tow.

She was practically dragging me, because she was walking so fast. I struggled to keep up. When we reached the exit, I glanced behind me. The pinched faced lady was still standing there, staring angrily at me.

Alice didn't realize that I had stopped walking, and she opened the door and my hand was ripped from her grasp. She continued to walk outside, and I saw her eyes slowly widen as she realized that I wasn't there. Alice turned around in a silent panic, looking for me.

"Bella?" She said loudly, though her voice was slightly muffled from the glass. Several people turned their heads to look at her. "Bella?"

Alice held our her hand tentatively, to try to make contact with me. She moved her arm in large, sweeping arcs. I stifled a giggle and closed my eyes as I walked forward and through the door. I quickly walked forwar to close the space between us, and stretched out my hand to meet Alice's. She visibly relaxed and turned towards me, which was the general direction most people were looking.

"This probably looks weird, doesn't it?" I whispered.

"No, not at all." Alice said sarcastically. "Come on, let's go."

"Umm, how? We're in Italy with no transportation."

Alice gave me a sly look. "Bella, you don't have anything against grand theft auto- do you?"

I smiled.


Okay, so when Alice said she was going to steal a car; I didn't expect this. I thought maybe she'd take something low profile and non descript. Like a taurus. I had no clue she'd choose something flashy and attention getting as a porsche! Actually, I'm lying when I say that I didn't expect it. I mean, it's Alice.

I ran my hand over the buttery leather interior. "Nice choice, Alice."

She flashed a grin at me. "Thanks." She said, not noticing my sarcastic tone.

Alice had her hands at ten and two on the wheel, like the perfect little driver she is. Except, that is, for the fact that she had the gas pedal pushed all the way to the floor. In that aspect, she was worse than Edward. But at least she kept her eyes on the road most of the time.

My hand rested lightly on her arm so that she could see me. It seemed that unless I touched her, she could not se me. Which is why she insisted that my hand touched hers at all times.

"Ok, so lets sort this out, Bella." She said, looking at me. So much for the whole eyes on the road thing.

"Sort what out?" I asked stupidly.

"This whole mess."

I didn't know where to start. How do you start on something like this?

Alice, however, seemed to know how. "Ok, so this is what I've gathered so far. You're dead, and a ghost." I was surprised by her matter of fact tone. "When I touch you, I can see you. But when I let go, you disappear. Right?"


"Does this work on everyone? I mean, like humans and other vampires too?"

My brow furrowed in thought. I remember when I tried to hug Charlie. "I don't know about other vampires, but I don't think it works on humans." I paused and remembered Jacob's face when My hand touched his shoulder. "But...I do think werewolves can feel my presence."

Alice's eye brows shot up. "Werewolves?!"

Oops, maybe that was the wrong thing to say."Well..you know Jacob Black? He's a werewolf. When I was in the hospital, I touched Jacob on the shoulder. He shivered and looked up, but his eyes didn't focus on me." My heart felt heavy at the thought of my best friend not being able to see me.

"How did you know he was a werewolf?"

"Back when I was human, I figured it out."

Her eyes flashed. "Bella, are you friends with him?" How she sensed that, I don't know.

"Yes, back before I...died. We were really close friends."

Alice looked outraged. "Bella! Don't you know how dangerous that was?! Any moment he could have snapped, and killed you!"

"But he didn't. And besides, what does it matter? I'm dead" I said sadly.

She seemed to catch herself and she was quiet for a moment. Alice looked like she was trying to reign herself in. "Ok...so vampires can see you, werewolves can feel your presence, and humans can't see you at all." She said slowly. "I think we can see you because technically, we're dead. I think werewolves can see you because they hunt vampires, and we're dead. So they must be sensitive to the dead."

I pondered this for a moment. "Makes sense."

Alice shook her head and muttered.

"What was that?" I asked.

She stared at the wheel. "Werewolves, Bella? Werewolves? Why werewolves? Can't you just stick to one type of mythological creature?"

I grinned. "Guess not."

She didn't laugh. "I knew leaving you wasn't going to help you. I told Edward. I TOLD him."

I shook my head, which caused my wet hair to whip around me and hit my face."But it's not like he left for me, was it?"

Alice looked at me, surpised. "What do you mean?"

I stared moodily at the dashboard. Didn't she realize that saying his name hurt me? The pain was still there, even after death. "He left me because he didn't love me anymore, Alice."

Alice looked at me, incredulous. "Bella, there is no way that Edward doesn't love you. I don't understand why you can't believe that. I don't understand how you could believe his lame excuse to leave."

I didn't say anything. "Bella, Edward loves you."

"Loved." I said, stressing the 'ed'.

Alice suddenly looked sad. "Thats another thing, Bella. Even if we do get there before Edward succeeds in his plans, do you really think he'll change his mind? I don't think he ever planned on outliving you by long and afterall you are...dead."

I glared at her. "He will change his mind." I stared fixedly at the road.

Alice sighed, but didn't say anything. A silence stretched out in the car, and I didn't bother to end it. I tried not to think too, as well as hope. There was no way that Edward could love me. No way.

"I just had another vision." Alice said suddenly. I looked up. "His plan is to walk into the sunlight in front of a crowd of people."

I was confused. "What? I don't get it. So the Volturi won't kill him?"

"Oh, they will, once he steps into the sunlight."

I frowned. "I still don't get it."

"The Volturi are very protective of their city. If Edward gives them away..."


"How long do we have?" I asked, panicked.

"Knowing Edward and his theatrical tendencies..." She looked like she was mentally calculating. "he'll choose when the sun is at it's highest and brightest. Around noon."

Great, so we had less than an hour. This was going to be impossible.

"On a different note," Alice said suddenly. "Welcome to Volterra."

A feeling of dread settled over me.