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I will haunt you

I didn’t mean to kill myself. I honestly didn’t. Was my jump intentional? I don’t know. Was my jump recreational? I don’t know. I remember that I hardly thought at all. Bella's jump off that cliff was a bit more fatal than she had thought it would be. Now she is a ghost, and no one can see her. Will Bella save Edward from the Volturi? More importantly can she? And what will happen to her afterwards? Chapter 12, last chapter is up!Alternate ending is up!


9. Chapter 9: I'm a good liar, I have to be

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What do you mean, 'not again'?!" I asked quizzically.

"I can't believe that I'm talking to a figment of my imagination!" Edward said, exasperated. He put his free hand over his eyes.

"What?" I asked, shocked. "I'm not part of your imagination."

"Oh, aren't you?" He said sarcastically.


Just then, I saw Alice walking towards us. Her pale skin glittered like Edward's. Her hair, which shone in the sunlight, gave the appearance of a black halo around her head. Immediately I called out to her for help.

"Alice, he doesn't think I'm real!"

Alice reached us and looked at Edward sternly. "Edward-"

"Rosalie told me she was dead!" Edward cried. "She called me up and said-INSISTED- that Bella was dead!"

"Rosalie shouldn't have called you." Alice said gravely.

Edward looked up hopefully and I felt my heart sink. "You mean...?"

He looked so pitiful that neither Alice nor I had the heart to tell him. As the pause grew longer, Edward looked up and growled.

"Alice," he said desperately and angrily, "I want to know."

I heard Alice sigh and I looked back. Alice was staring at Edward fixedly, with a defeated expression on her face. With each second that passed by Edward sagged a little, until he eventually and suddenly dropped to his knees. Not in relief, it seemed, but in anguish. Startled, I fell down with him because I was still holding his hand.

"She...she jumped off a cliff?" Edward asked quietly. Alice nodded. "Was it...did she...commit suicide?" He gasped that last bit painfully.

"I didn't commit suicide!" I argued, annoyed. Edward turned to me, obviously he had forgotten I was there.

"Bella." He seemed to be relishing the sound of my name, as I was relishing the sound of his velvet voice saying it. "Bella. How is it that I can see you?" He looked genuinely confused, as if he was questioning his sanity.

"Oh, Alice didn't tell you?" I looked sardonically at Alice referring to their previous mind conversation.

Edward shook his head.

"Well, apparently there are more than two kinds of mythical creatures out there..." and I began to explain the whole thing to Edward, right from the beginning where he left me in the forest.


We still sat on the grass, my hand entwined with Edward's. I had just told him everything: the months of emptiness, my death, the enigma that is my ghostliness, and of course of how his voice came to me when I did dangerous things. All of this he took morosely. I could tell that the things I said ate him up on the inside; his eyes burned with an intense regret and sorrow.

There was an awkward silence after the explanation, I doubt that anyone knew what exactly to say. What was there to say? "What's it like to be dead?" I nearly smiled at the thought of either of them saying that, because technically, they were dead too.

"I'm so sorry, Bella." Edward blurted, but his voice rang with anguished sincerity. "I shouldn't have left. I just thought that I could save you if I left. I never meant for this to happen."

I looked at him confusedly. "Save me from what? Victoria?"

"No. Me!" I stared at him. "Don't you see?! Every moment that I spent with you, you were in danger. I...I couldn't stay."

"You mean you didn't leave because you didn't love me anymore?" I asked quietly and frailly, not daring to hope.

Edward's eyes filled with ancient grief, and he seemed a little bit mad. "No! I couldn't even understand why you believed that! As I told you those horrible, untrue things, I looked you in the eyes and I could tell that you believed me. Believed me! Why? How could you believe those things so easily, when I told you a million times that I loved you?"

I couldn't believe this. Alice couldn't be right. Suddenly,a phrase that Edward had once said rang through my head. Never bet against Alice.

"It never made sense for you to love me. I'm plain, and uninteresting, and human." I said in a tiny voice.

Edward lowered himself to my eye level and grabbed my upper arms. "Bella. Bella, no. How could you even think that?" His eyes smoldered, and I could practically feel myself melting in his arms. "You are the most beautiful, intelligent creature on this earth; and I am an idiot for leaving you. You are my angel, and I love you."

I froze. What? No. "No, you don't." I whispered numbly.

He groaned. "Bella, how can you believe the lie, but not the truth?"

I refused to make eye contact with him. "Bella." He tried to get my attention, but I resisted. "Bella, please look at me." I slowly and unwillingly looked up. When he spoke, he enunciated every word perfectly. "I'm a good liar, I have to be. But I'm not lying now; I love you and I promise to never leave you again." He hugged me close. "I know you don't believe me now, but I promise that I'm going to spend the rest of eternity proving it too you."

I felt an odd sensation blooming in my chest. Anger. "I'm dead! A ghost! I will have no eternity."

"Bella-" Alice held out a hand to placate me. To be honest, I had completely forgotten she was there.

"No! Look, he can't just think everything will go back to normal, because it won't. I'm dead." I shouted. I was surprised at the anger I felt. Those months of solitude and grief came back to me in painful waves. I crumpled to the ground, and lay there. Edward tried to touch my shoulder, but I shook him off.

"I am a monster!" Edward cried out.

Alice spoke again. "Edward, we'll deal with this later. We need to go, the Volturi might change their mind." I could practically feel her pitying gaze on me, and I curled up tighter into a ball.

I heard nothing, so I assumed Edward had silently replied. A pair of cold arms suddenly wrapped around me and gathered me from the ground, and I let out a tiny squeak in surprise. They held me strongly and lovingly, and I could only guess at their owner.But I didn't break away, because suddenly I felt complete, at home.

A velvet voice spoke in my ear softly, so that I had to strain to hear the words.

"I will find the thing keeping you here, Bella. So you can move on to heaven, and live with the other angels. I love you."

It could have been my imagination, but I could have sworn I felt a soft kiss planted on my cold, wet hair.