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Dartmouth by Awsomealice94 ~Bella tells Charlie that she got accepted to Dartmouth~

disclaimer- I am not Stephenie Meyer...plain and simple

1. Dartmouth

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I looked down at the big envelope, hidden in my sock drawer.

The letter was an acceptance letter to Dartmouth. I don’t know what Edward had done to get all of these applications so late, or how I have gotten accepted to most of them. This was the one college I was sure to not get in…turns out I was wrong.

If Charlie had seen this, he would have opened it again like my last few acceptance letters. And if he had seen this particular one, he would have had a heart attack-mostly from the payment we would have had to make.

Edward had said that it was not an issue, which I shouldn’t even worry about it- that he would pay for it. But I could never let him do that, the Cullen’s have already done so much for me already. Edward had already decided on plan B, to go to college, for the moment and he really wanted me to do this with him. I tried again and again to tell him that there would be an eternity to have that kind of human experience, even if I wasn’t human…but of course Edward was still stubborn.

I sighed again, looking down at the letter- I had to do it. I had to do this sooner or later; there was nothing I could do about it. With one huge breath of air, I picked up the letter from Dartmouth out of my drawer.

I opened my bed room door and made my way down the stairs nervously, the letter clutched in my hand.

As I approached I could hear the football game on TV at almost full blast, Charlie’s head was turned towards it. I hid the letter behind my back. “Hey Dad?” I asked him, trying to get his attention. I sat down on the couch next to his chair.

His head turned towards me slightly, “Yeah, Bells?” he asked me.

I left the letter propped up between the couch and my back, so that it was still out of sight, and my hands were free.

I looked down at my feet, “A new letter came for me today.” I informed him, taking it slow.

“Oh, from whom?” he asked me, still watching the foot ball game out of the corner of his eye.

Luckily a commercial had come on T.V, “er...Dartmouth.” I said, cringing at the word.

He froze, but turned his head towards me, showing me that I had now finally gotten his full attention.

“And what did the letter say?” he asked me slowly.

“Well…er…I haven’t exactly opened it yet. Edward said it looked like his though.” I explained.

“Where is it?” he asked me, excited as I reached behind my back to get the letter. I handed the letter to him, not wanting to open it at all; already knowing that it was going to say I was accepted-it was not a small envelope.

He snatched it from my hand eagerly, ripping the top off with his finger to get it open. He pulled out a bunch of glossy brochures authentic paperwork, to finally reach a piece of white paper, the letter.

“Dear Ms. Swan, we are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted to Dartmouth College starting this semester.” I didn’t look surprised-and as soon as he said it I groaned-that letter made it unfortunately official. I unwillingly looked back up at Charlie.

“You got accepted Bella! I always knew you could do it! Wow-Dartmouth! My Bella!” he exclaimed, practically shouting. I was tempted to shush him-I didn’t want the whole city of Forks to hear him.

Charlie stood up from his chair, a huge smile on his face.

“Yeah. Dartmouth.” I let out a shaky laugh; it wasn’t very convincing in my eyes. But Charlie seemed to believe it. I stood up too as he came over and quickly hugged me. Hugs were a little out of place here, awkward and different. But Charlie didn’t even seem to notice that.

“I always knew you could do it,” he repeated, “I’m so proud of you!” he said taking a step back.

“Gee, thanks Dad.” I smiled. It was funny; I had never seen him like this. He looked even more excited than I was.

“I have to tell everyone! Newton’s son getting into Washington University-HA,” he scoffed, “wait till he hears that my daughter got accepted to Dartmouth! An IVY LEAGE school!” he muttered to himself, laughing under his breath as he went to the kitchen. I rolled my eyes, just great; he had to tell everyone???

“Well, Dad-I’m going to bed.” I announced to the kitchen as I walked towards the stairs.

“Okay, Bells. Sleep well!” he sounded almost giddy with satisfaction. I shook my head as I got to my bedroom door, stepped in my room, and closed the door with a click.

Edward was lounging on my bed, a smile on his lips.

“You told Charlie.” He stated, still smiling.

“Yes.” I grumbled, sitting down next to him. He moved over, opening his arms to me. I accepted his invitation and laid my head on his cold chest. He played with my hair as he spoke.

“I must say, he took it quite well.” Edward chuckled.

“What is he thinking?” I asked him, because Edward was now laughing.

“Oh, I hate to tell you this-I really do. But his thoughts are so hilarious! I think by tomorrow the whole state of Washington will hear of your acceptance by Charlie’s bragging.” He laughed.

I winced, “I knew he would be this bad.” Why in the world did I tell him then?

“It was inevitable. Bella.” Edward reminded me, now only a controlled smile was on his face.

“Just wait till he remembers the acceptance fee.” I grumbled, smirking.

“That’s not any issue.” Edward reminded me. I shook my head, a small growl escaped me.

He raised an eyebrow as I looked up at him, “We have been through this before, Bella. Nothing is going to be changed. And besides, it’s not the fee that will be bringing the bragging to a halt.” He said, “It’s the fact that I have gotten accepted too.” He said to me simply.

“I suppose you’re right.” I admitted. He looked please, but I quickly added, “About the fact that the bragging will stop with you getting accepted to Dartmouth too-not the fee part.”

He matched my tiny growl, but his eyes stayed light, so I childishly stuck out my tongue at him. He laughed, and I laughed too. I knew for a fact that I wouldn’t be going to Dartmouth anyways…so what was the point in arguing about the fee?

“Good morning, my angel.” Edward whispered in my ear.

“Your wake up calls are a lot better than my alarm clock, I must say.” I smiled, sitting up. It still surprised me that a night could pass by so soundly and dreamlessly, and that I could wake up with Edward by my side.

“Oh, well that makes me feel so much better.” He joked.

I peered out of my window, looking at the almost empty driveway, “Do you think Charlie has told everyone yet?” I asked him. I had visions of Charlie telling people on his radio, at the police station from his car, or him walking into the police station and announcing it to everybody. My stomach suddenly felt uneasy.

“He has had a while now, so perhaps.” Edward’s mouth was twitching at the sides, fighting a smile. I looked disapprovingly at him.

A half hour later we were pulling up to the high school, parking next to Mike Newton’s car. Alice was sitting in the back of the Volvo.

She got out and was already walking towards her first class as I was just getting out. “Good luck today, Bella.” She called, winking at Edward once. Then she walked away.

“Alice! What did you see?” I stomped my foot on the ground.

She turned around, “In time you’ll see it too.” And with that she continued to walk away from me. I frowned. That was helpful.

“What does she mean?” I asked Edward.

“That you’ll find out soon enough.” He smiled too, walking me to our first class.

As the day progressed I had finally understood what Edward and Alice were keeping from me this morning.

“Congratulations on getting into Dartmouth!” I heard Mike say to me as I walked down the hall.

“Uh…Thanks. Where did you happen to hear that?” I asked him curiously.

“My dad, I think he heard it from your dad, though.” He answered, shrugging as we walked together towards the door out of school. Edward walked on the other side of me, almost defensively.

“Oh.”I grumbled.

“I hope that answered your question-the news has been all over school though, too.” He said, getting into his car as Edward and I did the same with Edward’s Volvo.

“Oh, trust me, Mike. You said enough.” I smiled grimly as I closed the door and Edward began to pull out of the parking lot. Mike really wasn’t the first to say congratulations, just the first that I asked where he heard it from. In fact, there were a lot of people that said something about Dartmouth to me today. Which was basically, if you counted, most of my senior class.

“He is dead. Completely dead. He told the whole town!” I stamped my foot on the floor of the Volvo. My hands balled into fists, smacking the dashboard.

“Bella, I know you are upset-but don’t take it out on the car or yourself, please.” He complained. I rolled my eyes. “Love, Charlie is just proud. And at the most this will last a week.” He took my hand and kissed it.

“A week?” I exclaimed. One day was enough to last a lifetime.

Edward just sighed. “I never said I was going to Dartmouth anyways.” I grumbled.

Edward raised his eyebrows. I smirked at him. Would this argument ever end? All I knew was that Charlie was in for a rough night.