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I kissed A Girl

so maybe it was those damn dreams about girls the guys were having or maybe it was just her had dealing with the shit it had been given but regardless of the reson, was Leah a lesbian? 'I kissed A Girl' Katy Perry

own nothing

1. the taste of her cherry chapstick

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I hate Sam. ‘go out Leah,’ he says ‘have fun Leah’ he says ‘go to a party’ he says. Well fuck you Sam Uley! I’m at a goddamned party and it damn well sucks. I’m sitting on this couch drinking to distract myself from my Pack Brothers slobbering all over these random girls. Embry, as sweet as he is if sweetly raising this girl’s skirt as he shamelessly kisses her. Even my goddamned little brother SETH is getting some! Well fuck them, I don’t need anybody, ‘cept maybe this dear fifth.

“hey there baby” whispers some guy in my ear. He’s trailing his fingers down my back.

“what’s do you want jerk?” I slur. He’s not getting in my goddamned pants! the music booms a beat so i couldn't possible hear him if not for my super sonice hearing.

“nothing baby,” he murmurs in a ticklish way in my ear “just to get to know you better. What’s a fox like you doing alone?” his breath is strong and smells deeply of unmentionable things. I take another sip from my daring bottle, finding all that’s there is one drop. Stupid hard liquor, why do you always disappear so fast? I drop it on to the pile growing at my feet very slowly, so slowly, painstakingly slowly. Almost like im in slow motion. It falls clinking against the other countless bottles. i stare at the lables and glass at my feet.

"let's go to bed" the guy urges. i still won't look at him, give him the satisfation of...what?

“get off me asshole” I had almost forgotten the guy kissing my neck until I felt him against my hip. it takes a lot more to keep control when we're 'under the influence' as sam says. he says we shouldn't test ourselves by drinking in public. what does he know?

“c’mon, I know you’re not so hard all the time honey, just come with me huh?” at this point I’m thinking sure why the fuck not. I haven’t imprinted, I’m not on patrol tonight hell I’m to drunk to notice anything anyway. but then i get an urge to go away. that this guy is danger. shady...like me? no he's no beast woman.

No, I won’t pass out. I turn my head and elbow him sharply in the ribs. I get up and go to the kitchen, I want fucking food. On the way there I see these girls. They’re laughing in they’re secretive girl way. the way i haven't had since Sam. i miss it.having a group. having friends that like you and don't just think you're jealous and bitter and a bitch.

I turn my head to look at them. normal girls.and isee one and suddenly I see everything clearly like a blinded man given glasses, everything makes sense and I see that every misfortune in my life has led to this exact moment. I haven’t felt this deep wanting in my since Sam, now I recognize it was lust, I’ve never gone fore a girl. So my alcohol crazed heard does the only thing it can think of.

I march up this vision of beauty and take her face in one hand, my other arm snakes around her waist and I draw her near and press my lips to her’s. it’s smooth and colder than what I’m used to but still amazing.

She’s very surprised and she’s not kissing my back but not exactly pulling away. Then suddenly as if she decided to screw the fact that her Abercrombie and Bitch friends are watching us. She kisses me back hard and deep. I bring her closer by the waist so our hips are squeezed very fantastically close. I finally recognize the song, “I kissed a girl’. Ironic no? I think she noticed that too cause she’s just giggling.