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That Bella Swan Is Trouble

Tanya's a bitch.

own nothiung can i make up an a short form? from not on, i'll say 'O.N.' for Own Nothing okay kids?

1. Chapter 1

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She was trouble. That Bella Swan was trouble. How could that smart gorgeous Eddy not see that?

Bella wasn’t Beautiful like me, I had gorgeous strawberry blonde hair and hypnotic curves. I also had amazing fashion sense and knew what to put on my heavenly body where as this ‘Bella’ threw anything on her skinny self.

I was also smarter, I had been through many years of university and college and had more high school educations than I could count, I knew all sorts of things that Bella couldn’t. I could have educated conversations with Eddy about Shakespeare too! I could do whatever he liked if it would make him realize the horrible mistake he was making, marring that terror, Bella Swan.

Additionally I have experience. Not just as a woman of the world or as a vampire, but as a sexual partner. I was good. I knew this from the many men I’d been with. Don’t judge me, what else if a beautiful single woman going to do for the rest pf eternity?

So even though Edward knew all this (I’d made it painfully obvious) he still stuck by that wretched Bella girl! I mean she was a human! A goddamned human! So delicate, so fragile, so breakable, so destructible. I should go track them down and crush her, just to show him. I couldn’t be broken by a simple flick of the wrist and yet, I wasn’t his fiancé.

Didn’t he remember back last year? When he had to leave his home town to escape her temptingly sweet blood? When this little bitch’s sent forced him out of his own home? How hollow he’d been, how he just sat in my house playing that stupid piano? How heart-wrenchingly sad the song was, how he played it over and over until I could play it? How I just had to sit there, how I’d worn my hottest outfit and yet he scarcely looked up from the ivory keys.

Her blood was torturous. I could tell is bothered him. He had looked pain when he had run away then. When I’d asked him what he was running from. That dumb girl. She chased him from his home with his family.

It was her fault my darling sister stayed up in her room because her mate was brutally murdered by that pack of wolves also on her side. What was this? A silly mortal human girl with a goddamned army of mythical and nearly indestructible things protecting her. It was so dumb, why would these people waste their time prolonging a useless life.

To top it all off he was marrying her, this string-bean of a girl, not even enough to fill him up as a meal she was so tiny. She didn’t even have breasts and a waist enough to look as good as I would in her wedding gown. I have seen it, Rosalie had showed me a picture of it. She had told be all about this revolting human and we’d laughed at her but lately she’d been more defensive for Bella. She’s blocked all my jokes and stood up for her.

The entire cullen family liking a human? Alice like shopping for her, Emmett likes laughing at her human traits, Esme never got a chance to mother a really baby so loves Bella as her chance they all seem to like her. Even Rose! Just in a smaller way. and Jasper would except now he’s afraid he’ll lose his cool with her, see? conflict due to her involvement.

And when he’d dumped her ass early this year, why hadn’t anyone told me where he was? I could have fixed him by showing him a real woman. We could be together by now, why had she got to Italy and interfered, I’d only just found out and was going to go when I found out from Rosalie that everything was good now.

He shouldn’t make nice with his meal. That’s all she should be, a meal.