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Alone time

Edward and Bella spead the day together while everyone else is away.


1. Chapter 1

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Waiting for my love, my Edward, to return to me from the night, waiting for Charlie my father, to be snoring, I find it hard to even be patient with my father about my relationship, my engagement, with Edward. He took the news well, but yet he has many reservations about Edward, but it has only been 9 days since that horrid day that we broke the news to him.

I make my mind stop thinking about Charlie, instead, my mind wonders to more important thoughts at the moment, thoughts that would make me blush, these are the thoughts of what Edward and I would do after the wedding.

Lately I have been thinking intently in anticipation of what I should expect, I shouldn’t have these thoughts, I shouldn’t try and imagine what will happen, get my mind all twisted around every aspect that I could possibly imagine.

At moments like these, I am very grateful that Edwards can’t hear my thoughts. I would have to turn several shades of deep red upon the knowledge that he could peer into my perverted brain.

“Good evening, Bella.” Edward’s velvety voice pierces thoughts and causes me to close my eyes for just a second to clear my head.

Edward approaches from the window and glides into my bed next to me planting a subtle kiss on my forehead.

“Hi,” I say with a smile, amazed by how fast the time flew by.

“ So do you think that you will be up to spending some alone time together tomarrow?” he asks stroking my hair with his free hand.

“Alone time, what did you have in mind.” I ask eagerly…wanting to be away from Alice and her planning, but this was an unexpected turn of events.

“Well, I thought that we could spend the day at my house, Carlisle are Esme are going to be away at a medical conference, Alice and Rosalie are going to the city to make some more arrangements and Emmet and jasper are going hunting for a few days. So I thought it would be a great time to spend the day with you my love.” Edward put his arms around me and pulled me close into his body.

“Sounds great…” I said with a yawn. Resting my head on his chest feeling comforted and ready to drift off into sleep.

“Bye, Dad,” I yelled as I left the house with Alice and Rosalie the next morning, early before Charlie left for the station. They dropped me at their house and headed off to the city to make arrangement for Edward and mine’s wedding. I am relived that they decided not to subject me to another whole day of wedding planning, I desperately needed a break. I walked up the steps to the Cullen’s front door and as I reached to last step Edward appeared in the open door awaiting my arrival.

“Is everyone already gone?” I asked hesitatntly.

“Yes, it is just you and me today.” Edward said grabbing my hand and pulling me through the front door. “Shall we relax down here or upstairs?” A smile spread across his face.

“Umm….I….” I stammered suddenly my thoughts from last night popped into my head and I didn’t have words to answer his innocent question. I felt my cheeks redden and I suddenly felt the urge to study my shoes.

Edward placed his hand on my chin and tilted my face upward so that my eyes met his, confusion and intrigue glinted in his eyes as he perplexed over my reaction. My heart seemed to skip a beat and then race, as I felt his eyes upon me once again inquiring, looking for some hint from my actions to give away what I was thinking.

“What are you thinking, Bella?” his voice sounding playful but confused.

“Ummmmm…lets go upstairs, I’ll tell you up there.” I said trying to delay the inevitable, I turned and started up the stairs to his bedroom diverting my gaze once again from his eyes. Trying to think of something anything that I could tell him, something that I could, I couldn’t tell him what I was thinking, how embarrassing.

He opened the door to his bedroom and I took a seat in the middle of the floor of his room in front of the couch. Edward joined me and wrap me in his arms breathing in the scent of my hair. Edwards sweet scent filled my lungs and slowly wrapped a calming feeling around me. My mind was soaring at a mile a minute searching for something to say the was not was he wanted to know. I looked up from where I had diverted my eyes only to realize that Edward was staring at me waiting, “Bella.” He pleaded for me to tell him what was I thinking.

Instead I turned to kiss him to breathe in his aroma, his lips followed my queue and for a while we kissed taking away my thoughts increasing my hope that he wouldn’t remember. Edward had been allowing much more kissing than usual when we had time alone, but the way his lips moved today beckoned me further, the buttons on his shirt were all but undone, his chest he allowed me to trace with not only my hands but also kisses, my hands roamed towards his shoulders towards stomach feeling his musculature. I felt the urge to bite him, I scraped my upper teeth down his chest and slowly brought my mouth closed a bit giving him a soft bite. He tensed beneath me and I stopped and looked slowly up at him…he pulled me gently up and towards his side so that I was once again seated next to him on the floor.

“Bella, what are you trying to do to me?” he sighed kissing me gently on the forehead.

I looked down away from his face only to realize something else completely related that caused me to blush into a much darker shade of red, although I was intrigued I had never noticed if it had ever happened before when we were being intimate. I had to turn away from it, I turned into his chest hiding my eyes and gasping.

“Bella, what’s wrong,” Edward exclaimed not noticing what I had noticed I kept hiding my face in his chest but I looked up at him hoping he would never guess.

The embarrassment on my face must have giving something away, “everything is okay, Bella, I didn’t mean to frighten you.”

I pulled away from him slowly to look at his face, obviously he thought that my reaction was to him stopping me, thankfully, but it made me curious and I couldn’t help the smile that formed across my face at the thought that I could do that to him.

“Bella, what are you thinking, you have been acting very strangely today?” Edward questioned me playfully.

“Mmmmm, mmmmm…I don’t think I can tell you.”

“Bella, you can tell me anything.” He said stroking my hair.

“it’s just….well…did…i…um….just … you …that ….” I stammered unable to form a complete sentence.

“it’s okay you just caught me off guard again with that bite.”

“So you didn’t think I was horrible for doing it.” I whispered and looked down


“You have no idea how good it felt.”

I got up my courage to ask after that comment I whispered it slowly not looking at him again. “ How often does it happen when we or doesn’t it do I just not notice?” I blushed, my cheeks were very hot, I felt ashamed to ask.

Edward was silent, I slowly clamored together the courage to take a peek at his face, I slowly leaned away from his chest and turned my eyes towards his. He smiled at me gently and kissed my lips ever so slowly and whispered in my ear, “ It’s not the first time, love, I my not be human, but I am a man.”