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Alone time

Edward and Bella spead the day together while everyone else is away.


2. Chapter 2

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Nothing remotely obvious could have prepared me for the feeling that washed over me at that moment, I felt somehow powerful but also embarrassed. What did that mean, was I making it harder for Edward to be around me more so than it already is?

He not only has to fight the urge to eat me but let alone deal with that, I couldn’t pull myself towards the idea of what that was.

What is running through his mind right now, I don’t want to know, am I ever going to be able to look at him again, what am I thinking of course I can look at him, I love him, nothing could keep me from him… my mind wonders away from my fears and heads towards that path filled with my darkest desires that I, me alone could not even grasp, how could I know something that is beyond what I have experienced, but I long to know the feeling the impending lust that drives me further to the point where danger lies.

“Tell me what your thinking Bella.” Edward’s voice drew me back to the present situation.

I looked away shyly not wanting him to know the inner thoughts in my mind, “I’m just thinking about you.” I say timidly keeping it rather general.

“Bella, please you can tell me anything,” he pleaded with me wanting to know what my innocent little mind was pondering.

“I’m thinking of your hands, your lips, your…” I trailed off as I turned a deep shade of red and looked down embarrassed that I almost said something as I was caught up in the moment.

I couldn’t tell him I was thinking that he would be mortified, he’s from the 1900’s where girls acted much more proper than what my thoughts were thinking at the moment…he would think badly of me, could he think badly of me, doesn’t the fact that he responded as such prove that he wants me beyond what we have done, is it enough for him.

He moved lower towards my neck and my collarbone and trailed gentle kisses along my neck and shoulders. “is this where you thought of my lips?” he whispered is a hushed voice. His hands around my waist pulling me closer towards his icy cold frame, “is this where you thought of my hands?” he said in a deep exhale.

My heart raced as he repeated what I revealed to him, mostly due to what I expected he would say next, did he know what I was thinking, by my expression upon my face, did he know truly how much I wanted him to explore me further to let his guard down to ravage me further. Instead of continuing the third degree, he continued his insatiable kisses, although I felt his hands brush my body at those pivotal points that separate and divide what I desired and the innocence that we coyly delved in.

No sooner than my thoughts headed towards that line that, we were meandering across, that I heard the front door open with a loud gush or air escaping from the raining afternoon. Edward slowly brought his hands towards my face and gave me one more gentle kiss on my lips before he broke away smiling at my flushed expression.

“Edward, Bella!” Alice called from the stairs.

I looked towards the window and I gasped when I realized that I was dark outside, had I really been that consumed in my time alone with Edward that I failed to notice that we had been playing around in his room for hours.

“is it that late already?” I asked Edward looking confused.

“Bella, where have you been all day?” Edward smiled menacingly at me peering into my eyes as if he could truly read my mind, knowing all my secret desires, all my tempting idol fantasies of being with him.

“How was your day Bella?” Alice exclaimed in her sing song voice as she pranced through the open door of Edwards room.

“Great, I smiled.” As Edward drew me closer to him pulling me onto his lap.

“Did I interrupt something…” Alice thought outloud. “mmmmm….no I don’t think I did.” She said glumly.

“Alice.” Edward exclaimed seemingly a little shocked at her attitude towards the whole situation.

“Sorry I’ll leave you two alone.” She said walking out the door.