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Alone time

Edward and Bella spead the day together while everyone else is away.


3. Chapter 3

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I was mortified not to mention embarrassed by the whole situation, Alice walking in on the end of a day long intimate session with Edward. Being with him makes time fall away and entwine itself into the most glorious of complexities where existing and living no longer are contrary.

All of my soul wanting to continue to push the boundaries of our passion to the point where I know we would have to stop, but I feared that that point would drop us off a cliff thus making stopping an impossibility and not a risk worth taking.

All the while I was thinking this I had buried my face in my knees, which I had pulled up towards my face so that I could some what hide my facial expression from Edward.

“Bella, what are you thinking?” he velvetly whispered in my ear, startling me out of my mind’s complexities.

“Nothing,,,” I cautiously voiced diverting my eyes from the floor to his probing eyes.

“Bella…” He said looking at me in wonder, pondering what truly I was thinking within the vault that is my mind. He smiled that smile that dazzles me beyond anything else, melting my will power to next to nothing.

“You really want to know what I was thinking,” I say playfully hiding my face by turning it away. “ I was thinking about you.” I chickened out how could I tell him it was too embarrassing maybe he would infer what part of him I was thinking about.

“Yes.” He sighed looking at me intently.

“Well, I had a question about …” How was I going to ask him my question, I mean I know how it is suppose to work and all and I guess he should too, I mean he went to medical school and well he is a vampire but does he know those things I wonder, “uh..”

“Please continue.” Edward said smiling.

Okay I will need to get this all out very fast so that I don’t stop before I am finished and he thinks I am asking something else entirely. “ Okay so I know how it is suppose to work for human males, but what I don’t know is how it actually happens for you, but not you specifically, but all males like you of your sort, but not that I think about other male vampires cause I don’t well eww, anyway so what my question is how does it work when you know you don’t have any blood or a working heart to make it all go and other parts of the whole shabang.” Wow that was a mouth full I now felt very embarrassed as I worked through me ranting my voice increased in intensity and pitch. I felt the urge to look at the floor very intently.

“Bella, my Bella, that mind of yours never ceases to amaze me.” Edward said with a smile that I caught as I sneaked a peak at his face.

He saw me looking at him of course I could escapes my self induced torture any more than I think he could if he wanted to, talking about the physiological aspects of our non-existent sexual relationship works wonders for self confidence. Not to mention that I let a few statements slip during my rant that I am sure caught Edwards’s ear more than the actual question.

“Well, the whole shebang as you put it is relatively similar to the inter-workings of humans but instead our venom is the sole source of the..” Edward seemed to be at a loss for what to call it and I was not certain I could voice my opinion about what to call it either. Edward coughed stalling until he found his voice. “ event.”

I couldn’t help myself after that one ‘event’ what is he thinking why couldn’t he use a commonly used slang term or something remotely close to what it is. I let our a slight giggle upon him completing his explanation.

“Be serious Bella, you’re the one who asked.” He said closing his eyes and leaning back against the side of the couch.