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Atrocious Alarm Clock

Mike Newton won’t turn off his darn alarm clock. Can Emmett take care of it and still keep his sanity?

I loved the positive reviews I got for Malicious Mascara and I promised you guys another story, so here it is….

2. Epilogue

Rating 5/5   Word Count 151   Review this Chapter


It had already been days and Newton still wore padded socks. It was as though his feet had their own containment rooms.

He walked with a limp, dragging his feet like they each weighed a thousand pounds.

Whenever anyone asked, he said it was because of the hiking trip he had recently been on. Liar. His mother was approached by a wild bear and he had come to the rescue. Liar.

“Emmett, what did you do to him?” Bella would ask each day. And each day, she got a different answer.

“Nothing. It’s not my fault he had rotten milk.”

“Nature just can’t stand Newton’s feet, that’s all.”

“Is it really my fault he fell off his bed?”

“He snores.”

“A spider bit him. Maybe he’ll turn into Spider-Newt.”

“He had a wet dream.”

“Who knew bears loved him?”

Newton was right about one thing though—a bear did attack him.