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she finds it's easier to forgive.

edward/bella sequel to with one look


1. Chapter 1

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He recounted the steps he just took to the front door of his home. He hadn’t known whether he would be able to come back home after what happened in Alaska.

He had to face up his flaws, after all.

Edward sat quietly on the front step, his head in his hands. Five minutes passed, but for him, it felt like two centuries’ worth of time. He sighed exasperated. How is it possible that he can stand the smell of Bella’s enticing blood, yet when he is faced with the infamous seductress of Tanya, he can’t help but fall prey to her traps?

He rocked gently on the soles of his feet, immersed in his wallowing thoughts. He couldn’t see Bella without realizing what he did to her, to himself.

Edward remained still, a perfect resemblance to Adonis, thinking, wondering, asking. If he told Bella the truth, would she forgive him? Would she leave him with the wedding a week away? He cringed, now fully grasping that he will undeniably hurt her once more.

The sound of joyous laughter interrupted Edward’s deep contemplation. He immediately recognized Alice’s wind chimed laugh and Bella’s low laughter.

Edward, I know you’re outside. You know perfectly well what you have to do.

Edward clearly heard Alice and he growled. How was he going to do this? He breathed in deeply, opening the front door. He quickly ran to Alice’s bedroom and knocked twice.

“Come in,” Alice said, quite pleasantly, though she knew exactly what Edward had done. Edward sheepishly walked in, catching Bella off-guard.

“Edward? I thought you were coming back tomorrow!” she shrieked, running to Edward’s arms. Her face lit up and her eyes sparkled as she wrapped her thin arms around Edward’s cold back. He couldn’t help but smile as he smelled her wonderful, intoxicating scent. He looked over at Alice who was scowling at him.

Better hurt her than protect her, right? You need to tell her, Edward. She deserves the truth.

Edward nodded at Alice. He quickly kissed Bella on her forehead, idly traced her cheekbone with the back of his hand.

“Alice, do you mind I talk to Bella alone?” he asked innocently.

Alice shook her head, though a trace of sadness shown in her perfect face, “No, I don’t. Anyways, I have to go get the last measures for Emmett’s tux,” she said, leaving the room.

Edward and Bella remained silent, still locked onto each other. Edward, though battling internally chuckled at the sight of Alice’s usually orderly bedroom in a complete mess.

“What’s so funny?” Bella inquired, cocking her head to side.

“Nothing, love,” Edward replied. He walked toward the makeshift table in the middle of the room, which was full off invitations, “Are you still sending more invitations away?”

Bella nodded, “Yes, Alice believes that everyone whom I share a drop of blood with should attend my wedding. I swear, Alice will give me a carpal tunnel by the end of tonight,” she smiled.

Edward forced a shaky laugh, “Bella, I need to talk you,” he said, sitting on a chair that Alice vacated.

“S-sure,” Bella said nervously. She didn’t like the shift in Edward’s tone; it had become sharper, icy.

“Well, Bella, relationships aren’t based on lies and I need to tell you something, as much as it will hurt, but I can’t stand you not knowing,” he said, “Something happened during my visit to Alaska.”

“What happened, Edward?” Bella asked, her voice meeker.

“There isn’t an easy way to say this, I’ve tried to find one, but Bella,” Edward said, his voice cracking, “I ch-cheated on you,” he finally said, lowering his head.

“With Tanya, right?” Bella said, her eyes spilling over with tears. She sobbed loudly, her body shaking with each cry, “How-how could you, Edward? Why?”

Edward knew that if he could cry, he would cry as well, “It just happened, it just did, really. I was rejecting her advances and, before I knew it, I was in h-her bedroom, fighting her off me. I don’t know what came over me. I’m so sorry Bella. I’m so sorry, my love,” he said, his voice a higher tone.

Bella calmed herself down, her face a watery mess, her cheeks stained with tears, “I don’t know how I can forgive you, Edward, but, in a way, I can. You forgave me for kissing Jacob and I should forgive you as well, I think,” she said, though her mind seemed far away.

“I promise, Bella, I don’t want her, I never wanted her. I want you, my love, only you, eternally. I am indeed monster for hurting you time and time again. I’m sorry, angel, I just–,”

Bella shushed his ranting as she placed her finger to his lips, “Edward, I forgive you. It was a mistake, I understand. Though, I want to ask you . . . ,”

“What, my love?” Edward asked, entwining his hands with her, placing kisses on her neck.

“Did you go farther than kissing with her?” Bella finally asked.

“No, Bella, we merely kissed. I assure you that we’re still the same in that field, nothing changed there,” he said, kissing her lightly on the lips, “I don’t love her, Bella, I will never love her. My love, my soul, my eyes belong to you and only you.”

Bella sniffled, placing her hand on his shoulder and lowering herself to his gaze. Edward saw a faint smile appearing on his angels’ face.

“What are you smiling about, love?” he asked curiously.

Bella’s smiled grew more profound, “Do you think after our honeymoon we could visit Denali? Both of us?”

Edward was baffled, “Yes, but why, if I may ask?”

Bella laughed, “I want to visit Tanya and let her see, or more specifically hear, how much you love me. After all, by that time, I won’t be fragile for that right?”

Edward roared with laughter, “I should’ve known you’d come up with a scheme and yes, you won’t be fragile for that,” he said.

Edward sighed, happy with the outcome. He really has found his existence, his life, his own soulmate.

Bella abruptly stood up, “What are you doing now, Bella?” Edward asked, watching her as she went to the bedroom door.

“Well, we all know practice makes perfect,” she crooned seductively.
Edward’s sudden intake of breath was the last thing heard as Bella quietly shut the door.