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Alternate ending to New Moon. As the months continue Bella continues to slowly heal. But tragedy strikes again, creating a domino affect with everything in her life. With Edward gone, who will save her? New chapters finally added!


1. Chapter 1: Farewell My Friend

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“Bella!” I heard a faint voice call my name, but couldn’t be sure because of the rain.

The sky was dark, but it was still early. The wind whipped the rain through the air, making it sting as it hit my face. There was a sudden clap of lightning, followed by soft rolling thunder. I stood with my umbrella over head keeping me from the pouring rain.

Everyone had left, leaving only Jacob, Sam and myself. Jacob decided to start leaving, but I wanted to stay just a little longer. Sam was standing only a few feet in front of me, his cheeks stained with tears.

“Bella!” the voice finally reached my ears clearly. It was Jacob.

I turned to look for him. He was standing a few yards away, holding an umbrella just like mine, waving for me to hurry up. He had a black tux on, he looked exceptionally handsome today, even under the circumstances.

I turned back to Sam. He wore a tux like the one Jacob had on. He didn’t hold an umbrella. He stood in the rain, letting it completely soak through his clothes. His spiky hair had pools and droplets of water. His eyes were squinted shut, eyebrows furrowed together, his lips quivering as he gasped for air. It was hard to determine his tears from the rain, it was just silent cries. I had never seen him like this, and frankly never thought I would. He usually held himself with confidence and strength, but now I stood across from him at probably his absolute weakest point.

“Bella!” Jacob called again. The storm was picking up it was time to leave.

I knelt down, placing a single white rose on the drenched ground. I read the tombstone one last time. “Emily, Beloved Daughter & Friend 1986 - 2006.” The tears that had some how evaded me the entire day had found it’s way to the surface. “Goodbye…wolf girl.” I brushed the tombstone and said my final goodbye.

I wasn’t extremely close to Emily, but we had become friends over the past few weeks. While the others were out tracking down Victoria, I was left alone. Every so often I would stay with her, but had to leave once Sam returned. The love both of them shared ripped at the hole in my chest, it was to much to much to handle. The memories of her made the tears fall faster. I stood up and looked at Sam.

“I’m sorry.” My voice was only a whisper, but I knew he would be able to hear me. He didn’t move, or look at me. He simply nodded his head once.

I turned to meet Jacob. I closed my umbrella and huddle under his. He wrapped his arms around my waist, the heat radiating from his body instantly warmed me. I twisted my body taking one final look at Sam standing in the rain. He threw his face into his hands, and knelt onto the muddy ground next to her grave, letting out a thunderous roar. Seeing Sam in this condition, brought on a sudden twinge of pain. The edges of the very raw hole in my chest seared. Seeing Sam standing over her grave was to familiar, and reminded me of that person I wasn’t aloud to speak of. His words played in my head, “If I was too hasty…if for one second I wasn‘t paying attention, I could reach out, meaning to touch your face, and crush your skull by mistake…” I felt myself falling apart right here in Jacobs arms. I wrapped my arms around my waist, trying to keep myself together, trying to delay the pain.

Not here. I told myself. I had to keep it together. Jacob knew that I was broken, but I hoped he didn’t know to what extent - I hoped to keep it like that.