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Alternate ending to New Moon. As the months continue Bella continues to slowly heal. But tragedy strikes again, creating a domino affect with everything in her life. With Edward gone, who will save her? New chapters finally added!


12. Chapter 12: Changes

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(Bella’s POV)

I slowly opened my eyes. My eyes quickly darted around the room. Where was I? There was nothing vaguely familiar about this room. The walls were a white, there was nothing in here but a long mirror, a dresser, a desk, and the red suede couch I was laying on.

I sat up slowly, my bones ached from sleeping for so long. What’s going on? The room started spinning. I massaged my temples with my fingers. Then I put my head between my legs.

The memory of the last few days came crashing into me like a train. The fire, the pain. It was horrible. Then I remembered. Victoria. How could she do this to me? This isn’t what I wanted, not like this.

I sat up on the couch. The mirror was directly across from me. I stared into the glass at the unfamiliar person that sat before me. That’s not me. The girl…rather women, that was in the mirror was someone I had never seen before, yet there was something familiar about her. I looked around the room, I was alone.

I got up from the couch and walked warily toward the mirror. As the women in the mirror got closer, I could see her face clearly. I instantly looked at her eyes. They were jet black, dark purple circles under her eyes. I recognized those eyes, even when they were turned black. I touched the mirror with my fingertips. The women that stared back at me with dead eyes was definitely me. I had changed dramatically, but now I recognized myself.

I was beautiful. It was strange to think of me that way. As a human I had never thought of myself as beautiful. But now…

The clothes that hung on me, were way too big. I was drowning in it. I pulled the t-shirt over my head and stood in front of the mirror only wearing my bra and jeans. It looked like I had lost some weight, or instead the weight had gone to other places, making me have curves I definitely didn’t have before. I touched my stomach and arms, I was suddenly very fit. My muscles were defined, and there was a hit of abs in my torso. My hair was more or less the same, but it looked shiner, more healthy.

I couldn’t believe this was what I had turned into. I was a totally different person. I smiled at myself in the mirror.

The door swiftly flew open. Victoria walked silently in and sat on the couch. She had an smile on her face, that revealed all her magnificently white teeth. I glared at her through my eyelashes.

“You’re finally up. I had to listen to you burn for almost four days.” she said coyly.

She was giving me attitude. She kidnapped me and turned me into a vampire and she was giving me attitude.

I suddenly realized I had no reason to fear her. I was no longer a weak human anymore. I was strong and beautiful, and couldn’t easily be hurt.

“You’re mad at me? You force me to change and you give me attitude?”

“Just calm down. It was a joke. We vampires sometimes make those.”

Her dim-witted comment made the anger and hate finally reach the surface. I released a deep growl from the pit of my stomach. I launched myself into the air, and pounced on her. I threw my fist into her body, punching her in every place I could manage. She growled and tried to fight back, but couldn’t seem to find her strength.

“GET OFF OF ME!” she screamed, followed by a stream of curses.

I continued punching her. Her arms were pushing against my shoulders trying to push me off. Her arms finally went limp. Her body fell lifeless on the couch. She was unconscious.

My body fell to the ground. I put my legs to my chest and placed my chin on my knees, and stared into the mirror at what I had become.

My stomach growled. I remembered that I was a vampire now. Which meant my diet included drinking blood. I hated the thought of drinking blood.

I slowly picked myself up off the ground and went to the window. I had no idea where we were. The house was surrounded by forest. My eyes darted across the greenery. I could see everything, it was amazing. Even the tiniest of birds sitting in a far away tree.

I left the room, with Victoria still unconscious on the couch, and went outside. The fresh air came crashing down on my chest. I could smell everything. The dirt beneath the dry grass. The smell of each different tree. There was so many different scents in the wind alone. I could hear a small river far away, babbling against rocks. I could hear the bugs beneath my feet, that crawled in the dirt. It was simply amazing.

I walked gracefully into the forest. I never fell. The roots of trees and rocks on the ground were no longer a threat to me. I walked silently through the forest taking in every new thing.

I picked up the scent of an animal. It’s blood instantly called to me. My stomach lurched, the fire in the pit of my stomach ached to be put out. I crept through the bushes, following the scent and the faint steps of the unsuspecting animal. As I grew closer, the smell became stronger, it took over all my senses, making me only see blood. The previous thought of the disgusting taste of blood had disappeared, I wanted it.

I spotted the animal grazing in a small clearing. It was a deer. I was no longer a vampire, but now was a hunter, and that was my prey. I crept closer. Then…suddenly pounced onto the deer. It fell to the ground. It struggled and yelped. Without even thinking about it my instincts completely took over me, and I sank my new razor-sharp teeth and bit into the deer.

It’s blood trickled slowly down my throat, quenching the dry thirsty feeling that had been prominent since the moment I woke. I gulped the blood taking in as much as I could.

I finished, pulled my head away and stared at the fully drained deer. I backed away. What have I done? It’s dead eyes stared back into mine. I wiped the blood that was stained on around my mouth. I stared at the fresh blood on my hand. I’m a monster. I backed away from the deer that I had killed.

I sprinted through the forest at an incredible speed. The wind whipping against my face. My legs quickly sped across the grass, as if I was flying. With each light step I took, my feet barely even touched the ground. Of all my senses and now natural ability, this was by far the best.

The sight of the deer slowly faded. But the thought of me being a monster, of having to feed off others blood, made me sick. Now I had understood what Edward had said so many times about him being a monster. I had never seen him as a monster. I could never understand why he hated that part of him so much. But now being one of his kind, it was all too clear.

The night had slowly crept up on me while I was running. I stopped and sat on a rock, and watched as another day disappeared. The darkness slowly crept up over the horizon. A partial moon was out, it was so close I could almost touch it. It’s simplicity was breathtaking. I stayed for a while to collect my thoughts, but soon would have to leave and face the thing that had made me.

I rose from the rock. I started running back to Victoria’s house. I hadn’t noticed before, but her house was actually quite nice. It was huge like the Cullen’s. Big and white, with blue shutters and a red door. It was like something out of a movie. I couldn’t believe such a vile thing lived here.

I opened the door, and walked up to the room that I had left Victoria in. She wasn’t in there. I left and walked into the living area. The room was bare. It had a two beige couches and a black leather recliner. There was a fire place against the wall with pictures on the mantle. There were four frames, all holding pictures of Victoria and James. My face cringed as I saw James. How I loathed him, almost as much as I hated Victoria.

“No need for faces.”

My head darted to a corner, where she had suddenly appeared. She walked to the recliner and sat down, pulling her knees to her chest. “That was taken in Brazil. We went there 2 years ago.” Her voice was surprisingly happy. “I had always wanted to go there, but James was worried about the sun.” She smiled as she recalled her past. “He ended up loving it, and said we’d go back soon…we never got that chance.” She looked up at me, the smile gone from her dead face.

“Why did you change me?” I put the picture back in it’s place.

“Because if I plan on killing all the Cullen’s then I need to have some pretty strong vampires on my side. The only reason I changed you at all, was because you said you’re immune to all the powers of vampires. And that makes you special.”

“I lied.” I said quickly.

“What?!” Her legs dropped down to the ground and she stood up.

“I lied. I’m not immune to the powers of vampires. I just said that to play with your mind. Edward read my mind all the time.”

“You little…” Her fist were balled into fist, as more curses escaped her foul mouth.

“I wanted you to change me, just so I could kill you.” I smiled. I hope I was fooling her, because I wasn’t fooling myself. I hated what I was.

She threw her entire body at me. I fell back into the fire place, and knocked over the pictures. They hit the ground the glass shattered every where. She threw me to the ground and we started wrestling, in speeds so fast it was hardly possible. I was amazed by my strength. I was so much stronger than her. I quickly kicked her in her stomach sending her flying off me. She was on her back, moaning in agony. She looked up at me and then suddenly gasped and started crawling back.

Her eyes were wide with…fear? I wasn’t sure, she looked as though she’d seen a ghost. I just stood there and watched her fumble to her feet.

“James?” Victoria said quietly.