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Alternate ending to New Moon. As the months continue Bella continues to slowly heal. But tragedy strikes again, creating a domino affect with everything in her life. With Edward gone, who will save her? New chapters finally added!


15. Chapter 15: Home?

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I got out of the car, and walked out of the parking structure. I left the keys inside and the doors unlocked. I had no use for it anymore.

I had changed in the car. I didn’t need anymore eyes on me than necessary. The jeans and shirt were to big, but fit better than the last clothes I had on.

The airport wasn’t crowded. It was the mid afternoon on a Saturday, I figured it would bustling with people but it was lightly filled. I walked up to the counter and spoke with an agent.

She gasped out loud as I reached the counter. She quickly recomposed herself, and found her words.

“Hello Miss. How can I help you?” She was extremely hyper.

She was about my height, with layers of blonde hair that fell to her shoulders. Her skin was pale, almost as pale as mine. Her eyes were bright blue. She was an average looking person. She smelt so enticing, so much more appetizing than that haggard looking man at the gas station. It took every last bit of my strength to not simply reach across this fragile counter and ravage her delicate skin. The image of them staring at me through dead eyes, always brought me back to reality.

I wouldn’t be a monster.

“I need to get to Forks, Washington.” I said in a dead tone.

“Ok, can I see your I…” Before she could finish I handed her my I.D. She stared back at me, face strained with curiosity. She continued speaking to me, but I tuned her out. “And how will you be paying for this.”

I handed her the stack of money, and she grabbed it with a suspicious look on her face. “Oh…alright.”

I ignored her again and stared at the randomly placed people walking around the airport. Going and coming from places unknown. They all had places that they had to be, or were coming home…where was my home?

She handed me back some bills, and I shoved them into the pocket of my jeans.

“Ok here’s your ticket, there’s your gate.” She pointed to some numbers and letters. “And you board in about an hour and a half. Thank you Miss Swan, I hope you have a good flight.”

I nodded my head, and smiled, my teeth momentarily blinding her. I headed straight to the gate and sat down.

Why was I going back? What was there left for me there? I couldn’t go back to living with Charlie, to much had changed, that wasn’t even an option. Jacob was also another dead end. He was my natural enemy, yet I felt nothing but love for him. I couldn’t go back to him. There was absolutely nothing left for me in Forks…nothing left for me in this world. I was alone, I would dwell amongst these mortal beings by myself forever.

I searched for a pay phone. I found one near the bathrooms. I dialed Jacob’s number again. I hope he had calmed down since then.

This time the phone rang three times before someone answered.


My face fell, it wasn’t the voice I was hoping for.


“Bella. We’ve been waiting for you to call back. We would have called but there was no number.” Sam’s voice was filled with concern. I had forgotten how much this would hurt not only Jacob, but the rest of the boys. I missed them dearly.

“Um…yeah I called from a pay phone.”

“Where are you?”

“Where’s Jacob?” I ignored his question. It didn’t matter where I was. I only wanted to know if he was ok.

“He’s still out. He’s just trying to cool down.”


“Yeah he was pretty upset, but he wouldn’t tell us what happened.”

“You mean he didn’t tell you what happened to me?” I wished that he would have been the one to tell them.

“No! What happened?” I could tell by his voice that he had grown irritated with the circles we were going in.

“Victoria kidnapped me. She waited for me after work and grabbed me…” I couldn’t do this. “I really want to tell Jacob all this first. Where is he?” Jacob was the one that deserved an explanation. I only wanted to hear his comforting voice.

“Are you ok? Did she hurt you? Wait till I get my hands on that leeches red head!” I could hear the hatred in his voice and could only imagine what he must look like.

Something strange had suddenly come over me.

Leech! How dare he? I am one of those leeches he so carelessly brushed off.

I couldn’t understand why I had suddenly felt this anger toward Sam. He didn’t even know what I had become, and yet I felt years of resentment reaching the surface. No! They’re my family, werewolves or not I loved them. They were all I had.

“Sam…the reason Jacob got so mad was because I am one of them.” I had regained myself, and was able to speak normally.

“What?!” His voice was confused and filled with rage.

“She bit me, and now I’m a vampire.”

“NO! You can’t be a vampire. That would mean…” He stopped himself. He didn’t have to say it.

“Yeah. I know.” We were now enemies.

“NO! Bella you can’t be on of them. Why did she change you? I thought you said she wanted to get revenge for her mate, not replace him.”

“Well she was going to kill me, but she changed her mind.”

“Why? Why would she do that?!”

“Sam please can I just talk to Jake. I really want him to be the first to hear everything.”

“He’s not here Bella. You need to explain now!”

He was being short with me how dare him. Who did he think he was? I wasn’t one of his dog followers.

What was I saying? Where was all this coming from? They were my family. I couldn’t hate them. They were all I had left, without out them then I really was alone.

“I can’t ok I need to speak to Jacob first! If he’s not there now, I’ll call later.”


Jacob’s beautiful husky voice called out to me. He was breathless, probably from running. I missed him so much.

“Jake. Are you okay?”

“Yeah I’m fine. What about you?”
NO, I wasn’t fine. I was kidnapped and changed into a vampire, and now I was alone.

“No, Jake I’m not okay.” The line was quiet, so I decided to continue. “I don’t know what to do. Where to go?”

“You come home.” he said defiantly. I knew he meant it with everything he had, but how could I go home? Everything changed, and now I would lose the only things that had been keeping me alive this long.

“How Jake? What then? I can’t just come back and hope everything will be the same.”

“Where will you go Bella?”

“I don’t know.”

I wasn’t sure if telling him I already bought a ticket and was waiting for my flight, was the best thing to tell him. I wanted to see Charlie, at least one last time. To grab the things that I would want to bring with me into every eternity. I really wanted to see Jake, Sam, all of them. But I didn’t know how that would work.

“You have to come home. I need to see for myself.”
“Maybe that’s not such a good idea. What if you lose control? I am a vampire now, your natural enemy.”

“Bella I can control myself. I would never hurt you.” his voice had turned sad. I knew he would never hurt me, but I wasn’t me.
“I’m not human Bella anymore. I’m a vampire, that reeks of vampire.”

“I know. But I want to see you, and I want to hear what happened face to face.”

I knew I could never deny him anything that would make him happy. He already was in so much pain, I didn’t want to cause him anymore. If for the rest of my life I would never be able to see him again, then I owed him this one last thing.

“Fine. I’ll come but not for too long. I’ll explain, but then I’m leaving.”

“You don’t have to leave.” I could hear the pain in his voice with the thought of me leaving. We both knew that once I left, we’d never see each other again.

“I do have to. I can’t stay there.”

“Why not?” he said almost begging.

Why couldn’t he understand that I really was a vampire. That we could never be what we were. And we definitely could never be what he wanted. No matter how much he or I wished.

“Jake, I’ll explain everything when I get there.”


“I’ll see you soon.”


“Bye Jake.”

“Bye Bells.”

Then the line went dead. I stood there with the phone still against my ear for a long moment.