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Alternate ending to New Moon. As the months continue Bella continues to slowly heal. But tragedy strikes again, creating a domino affect with everything in her life. With Edward gone, who will save her? New chapters finally added!


8. Chapter 8: Heartbeats

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I went hurdling forward. My body hit the pavement hard, and - just like I thought - I went rolling. I threw my hands out to stop myself, and instantly stood up and started running. I tripped over my foot, my body lurched forward, but I was able to regain my balance and I continue running. I heard my truck come to screeching hault, then the door slammed closed. She was coming.

I pushed myself forward trying to go faster, but I was so clumsy and kept falling over my feet.

Without a sound she came crashing into me, throwing me onto the grass. I flew my hands out to catch myself, but my cheek grazed the grass. She pushed off my back to stand up, then she grabbed my shoulder and rolled me over onto my back.

“You silly girl. Where the hell did you think you were going? We’re in the middle of no where. Did you really think you could get away from me?”

I didn’t say anything. I just lied there catching my breathe. I put my hands on my forehead, and pulled my hair back. I felt the tears starting to form in the corner of my eyes. I knew that I wasn’t getting anywhere, but at least I tried, I hadn’t just given up and let her take me.

“Get up.”

I wiped away the tears. I realized I had mud on my face and my palms. I felt my shirt, more mud. I must have looked like a mess. I slowly sat up, and used my shirt to wipe the mud off my face and hands.

“Hurry up!” She yanked me up and started dragging me back to my truck. She picked me up and slid me into the car. She got in and started the truck, then the road all but disappeared.

I was still lightly crying. I used my tears to help clean up the mud stains on my cheeks.

I stared out the window of my truck. Did it even matter that she was going to kill me? She was right, no one was coming for me. So why would it matter? She would drag me off and inflict an unimaginable amount of pain on me, but then what? I would be gone. I wouldn’t feel this pain anymore. I wouldn’t hurt. I wouldn’t shed anymore tears. Maybe I would even be able to breathe again.

The pain that too many others caused me was too much. Would the pain that she was going to inflict on me even phase me? At least this way I had kept my promise. I had kept out of danger, but again it found a way of finding me.

“Well if you’re willing to just give up then what fun is this going to be?” she suddenly said.

“What are you talking about?” I said furiously.

“If you give up now, then the pain that will come later, won’t have any affect on you.”

How did she know that? I was pretty sure that she couldn’t read minds. So how did she always know?

“I’m not giving up. What do you mean?”

“Just stop. You are giving up.” She reached over and put her hand to my chest again. “Listen.”

I listened, but didn’t hear anything.


“Your heart.”

“My heart?” What was with her and my heart?

“Your heart is dead.”

“How…?” My head cocked to one side in confusion.

“That’s my power. I can tell what you want by the beat of you heart.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. They had told me of vampires with extraordinary powers, but hers was just kind a weird.

“You can read heartbeats?” I asked, making sure I understood correctly what she said.

“Yes. Of course it only works with humans, but it comes in handy. It’s almost like reading there minds, except you get so much more feeling. The heart is an amazing thing.”

She was talking to me as if I was a friend of hers. Like we were just old friends catching up on how are lives were going.

“But how can you…” I was extremely confused. “How can your power work on me?”

“What do you mean?”

“Well usually vampire powers don’t work on me. So how come yours can?”

“Really.” She contemplated something for a brief moment. “Well I guess it’s because your heartbeat is something I’m not trying to manipulate or control. I just listen to the rhythm and can tell so much from it.”

“So how do you read a vampire?” I was curious about that. It’s not like they had a heart to read.
“I can’t. That’s where my powers fail to help me. But I usually don’t hunt other vampires. Excluding a very special few.” She looked at me.

I turned away from her gaze. She was talking about my vampires…or the ones that had once been mine. Now they were just a memory. A memory that was quickly fading.

“See there you go again. Giving up. The whole point of this is to hurt you. So if you don’t care then how is that hurting you?” Like I cared. Maybe if she thought I didn’t care she’d just let me go. “What did you mean vampire powers don’t affect you?” I knew she had grown curious about that.

Should I tell her? Maybe I should have just kept my mouth shut. It was too late now.

“Simply they have no affect one me.”

She thought about this for a second.

“You mean…say I wanted to read your mind for instance, I wouldn’t be able to?”

The thought of a vampire reading my mind it was to close for comfort. Why did she have to pick that of all powers to mention?
“No, you wouldn’t be able to.” I said in a dead voice.

“I see.” She had a very mischievous look on her face. It made me nervous. “Bella dear, I just got a wonderful idea.”

“What?” I said timidly.

“I’ve decided to spare your life. You could be of so much better use to me.”

“What?” I was so confused. Why the sudden change? “Why?”
“Well because you destroyed my coven, so now your going to help me rebuild it.”

“What?!” Seemed to be the only word I knew at the moment.

“You’re going to be the newest vampire in my coven.”

“NO! Uh uh…NO WAY!”

I wouldn’t be in her stupid coven. I hated her, I wouldn’t spend all of eternity with her. I wouldn’t be her…family.

“Oh, it wasn’t a question. Your going to do it.”

“No way! You can just kill me now, cause I want nothing to do with you or your coven.”

I wasn’t doing this. I wanted to do be a vampire, but with a totally different group of people. She was evil, she killed innocent people. She was a monster. I wouldn’t be that, especially with her.

She slammed on the break, and the trunk came to an abrupt stop. I jerked forward, and stopped myself from hitting the dashboard for a second time.

“Would you stop doing that!” I screamed at her. I had suddenly found a new bravery that must have been hidden deep in my mind. She was taken aback my that. She looked at me, her eyebrows risen in amusement. “There is no way I’m going to be apart of your damn coven, you sinile leech”

I was trying to make her angry. Maybe she’d get mad and just kill me.

“I said it wasn’t a question!” she growled.

She grabbed the back of my neck, and yanked me to her face. My hands flew into her body, trying to push her away. But it was like pushing against a huge boulder, she wasn’t moving. She moved to my neck, and took a deep breathe.


“NO! STOP! PLEASE…JUST KILL ME!” Big tears streaming down my face.

She chuckled lightly and then her teeth sunk into my neck. I screamed, the pain instantly shot through my body. Then she pulled away.

“It’ll be soon dear Bella. You’ll thank me.” Were the last words I heard.