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A Dying Rainbow

My version of Breaking Dawn after the first chapter. I made these two banners and I can't deciede which I like better. Please tell me in your reviews.


1. Chapter 1

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I stood in front of the antique gilded mirror, breathing deeply. I could see the rise and fall of each of my deep breaths that I took in my white satin wedding dress. It hugged my form tightly, showing each curve of my body. Some loose material was bunched on my left hip, held by synthetic, also white flowers. At the bottom of my gown, the material fanned out.

Rays coming in from the sun warmed my skin, hitting my bare shoulders. I even had a bit of a plunging neckline exposing just a bit of my bosom that Alice had insisted on. My hair was curled in tight tendrils, softly hitting my shoulder with my veil gently cascading onto the floor. Flowers, too, were also pinned into my dark hair. My shoes were white flats. At least Alice had agreed to that. Seriously, you would think that it was her wedding with how bossy she was being. I turned around slowly and observed my long and beautiful train overflowing with flowers.

I was beautiful. I knew that. Alice knew it. Soon, Edward my fiancé would know it.

Today was my wedding day. I wasn’t exactly thrilled having all my human friends knowing that I was getting married right after high school. What I couldn’t wait for was what happened after all the ceremonies when Edward and I would share in one last human memory. Then, I would be immortal. I would be a vampire.

Together, Edward and I would live together, forever. We would never age, nor die.

As I watched myself in the mirror, a soft knock came through the door. I took one last fleeting glance at myself and then swiftly walked to the door. I opened it, trying to be graceful, though I didn’t succeed. Instead, I ran into the door banging my toe and my forehead at the same time.

Finally, I managed to open the door and I saw both my mom and Charlie. I reached out and hugged them both at the same time. I loved them both so much. I might never see them again after today, I realized suddenly and I hugged them even tighter. I was going to miss them.

Charlie was the first one to break away from the hug. “Okay, Bella. It’s time to get out there.” He stated gruffly, making me reach out and hug him again. “Bells, you’re only getting married. This isn’t the last time we will see you. You’re only going to college.” If only that was true.

“You’re right Dad. Let’s go.” Renee walked ahead of us leading us to the back of the old church. She walked in the door and I saw her sit down in one of the pews. Charlie and I lined up behind my bridesmaids-Rosalie, Angela, and my Best Lady Alice and Edward’s grooms maids-Seth, Jasper and his best man Emmett. We didn’t have a flower girl or a ring boy.

This was it. This was it. This was it. I was about to get married. This is it. This is it. This is it. The music behind the door started and Charlie took my arm. One last deep breath. The procession started.