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Broken Dreams

Noelani Clearwater knows what it's like to have a vampire for a mom. She knows what it's like to have a werewolf for a dad too. She's a hybrid, half werewolf and half vampire. There's a new vampire in town and he's different from most vampires. It's not just his thirst for Noelani's blood (blood that no other vampire has ever thirsted for seeing as it's werewolf blood with vampire venom) there's something else. Maybe it's his strange silver eyes or rare power. He's a dream walker and he's walking all over Noelani's dreams. Noelani has to make the two opposite parts of her become one. Two parts that aren't meant to go together. On top of that she now has to figure out what this new vampire is really all about. You might be a bit confused if you have not read Broken Love and Broken Souls. This is the third story in the Broken series.

I do not own all that stuff that Stephenie Meyer owns. You should know what that stuff is. I did make up Noelani, her mother, her friends, some of the werewolves imprints, and all of the werewolves kids. Enjoy the story!

1. Prologue Chapter 1: The Daydreamer

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Broken Dreams Prologue

“Hello Noelani.”

I jumped at the smooth, deep voice that came unexpectedly from behind me. I turned slowly and clenched me jaw to hold back a gasp. My heart beat a wild rhythm in my chest. The guy standing half in the shadows smiled knowingly as if he heard my heart scream out my mix of joy and fear that came with seeing him again. Now that I thought about it he probably could hear it seeing as he was a vampire.

“What do you want?” I managed to growl and keep the affection out of my voice.

“Oh I think you know what I want. You smell so irresistible,” he replied pleasantly.

I felt a rush of longing for this 16 year old boy who had only been a vampire for two months but somehow had no desire for blood of any kind… until he met me. He haunted my dreams so often that I pretty much knew him already. Why did I have to imprint on a boy who couldn’t resist the urge to kill me?

“I like my blood right where it is thank you very much,” I whispered. I took a deep breath and tried to hold back the tremors and keep from becoming a giant wolf.

“You’re such a pretty little werepire. You have a wild spirit and I really like you. It’s too bad I’m going to kill you.” Zack wasn’t smiling anymore.

“You don’t have to kill me,” I said.

“I don’t want to but I’m afraid I don’t have much self control and your blood smells so tempting. It’s driving me crazy,” Zack replied.

He looked truly sad as he seemed to struggle with his instincts. The monster inside of him won and he launched himself towards me at lightning speed, his silver eyes full of regret. I braced myself for death. I couldn’t fight back. How could I when I cared about him so much? I could never hurt him.

“I love you,” I choked as he knocked me to the ground.

Chapter one: The Daydreamer

“Today we will be learning the Law of Sines and the Law of Cosines,” my math teacher said in that boring voice of his.

I groaned. I already learned this stuff last year. This class period was going to be as boring as the day we re-learned the Pythagorean Theorem that I’d already learned way back in Algebra. I yawned and prepared to look like I was paying attention as I let my mind wander like daydreamers often do.

I thought about my pack. Yes I just said ‘pack’. You see, I’m half werewolf and half vampire. My parents are both mythical creatures. My dad, Seth Clearwater, is the werewolf and my mom, Emily Clearwater, is the vampire. The really weird thing is that vampires don’t age and as long as my dad phases into a giant wolf often he doesn’t either. Because of that both of my parents only look a few years older then my sixteen year old self.

My parents never go out in public. If they wanted to we would probably move a lot and they’d pretend to be my older siblings or something. They wanted me to start and finish school in the same place though so they stayed shut up in our house while I sat in La Push High school.

All of the people who had been in my dad’s werewolf pack when he was younger had learned how to stop phasing long ago so that they could grow old with their wives. My dad and Quil were the only ones to do the opposite. Quil stayed young for his imprint, Clair. They had just barely gotten married though so it wasn’t long before he too stopped phasing.

Some of those former werewolves moved away but some of them stayed. The people who stayed had sons who now became a part of the werewolf pack. I’m the only girl werewolf. My mom told me that it’s her presence that keeps the La Push teens becoming werewolves.

Derek Black is the alpha in my pack. His parents, Jacob and Kara Black, are friends with my parents. Caleb Uley, who’s the third child and first son of Sam and Emily Uley, would have been second in command if his family hadn’t moved when he was eleven. Instead Matt Call was second in command.

My parents told me stories about Matt’s mother, Nadalie. Apparently she was once a soul sucking monster. Matt’s dad, Embry had been really depressed when that happened. Aunt Rosalie had nearly been destroyed while protecting me from Nadalie. Then my mom and Aunt Alice sucked out all of her blood to turn her human again. It was strange to think that Matt’s sweet little mother had once been a murdering terror.

I really like Matt. He really liked me too. We hadn’t imprinted on each other or anything but we were going out. Matt liked me for who I was not only because he though I was ‘hot’. That was the only reason the other hundreds of guys after me liked me.

My mom said that I acted like a werewolf but had all of the looks of a vampire. I was kind of short thanks to my mom. At least I wasn’t as short as her. That lady is tiny! I was still considered small for a sixteen year old at only 5’2”. I had glossy, golden blond hair that totally confused my parents because both sides of my family had dark hair as far back as they could trace.

My eyes were a strange gold color that matched my hair. They turned green when I laughed though. I had long dark eyelashes just like my mom. My nose was tiny and round and mouth a bit small. My skin has the extra warm werewolf temperature and is tan from all of the time I spent outdoors.

Matt always said that I looked almost unearthly beautiful, like a fairy tale. He said that I looked almost too beautiful to be real but when I laughed my dimples, the way my eyes turned green, and the smile stretched across my face made me suddenly look completely human.

I loved that about Matt. He was always so honest. I loved his cinnamon colored skin and black hair. I loved his big brown eyes and the way he wrinkle up his nose when he thinks. I loved how infectious his laugh was and how he winks every time I catch his eye from across the room. Gosh I like Matt a lot. I might even love him.

We’ll most likely never get married or anything though. Chances are that at least one of us was going to find our soul mates and imprint. I really…

“Miss Clearwater,” Mr. Woods interrupted my thoughts in that dull voice.

“Yes?” I asked, trying not to look like I’d just been off in la la land thinking about the pack, my life, and most importantly, Matt Call.

“Have you been listening to anything I’ve said this entire class period?” he asked in a perfect monotone.

“Of course I have sir!” I smiled sweetly.

“Do you even know the Law of Cosines?” he said expressionlessly.

I told him.

“Very good,” he said.

I watched as Mr. Woods wrote our assignment on the board.

“You will most likely have homework tonight because there is only five minutes left of class but get started anyways,” he said dully.

I finished the easy work with a minute to spare. When the bell rang I leapt out of my seat and waited by the door for my best human friend, Lindsey Snow, so we could walk to lunch together.

“Nice save daydreamer,” Lindsey giggled.

“I know! Mr. Woods is so out of it! Any other teacher would have caught me after only a minute, maybe less,” I scoffed.

“That guy is so boring,” Lindsey groaned.

“Today we will be learning why 1+1=2,” I imitated his monotone voice.

Lindsey laughed as we got into the lunch line. When we had our lunches we went to sit at the table with our usual group of friends. I sat down right next to Matt. He grinned and squeezed my hand. I smiled back at him.

“You doing ok?” he asked.

“Terrific,” I whispered.

“Hey Lainy,” my friend, Misty Larsen, used my nickname.

I pulled my gaze away from Matt’s perfect eyes and turned towards her.

“What?” I asked.

“You have Mrs. Jay for English next period right?” she asked.

“Yup,” I replied.

“Be prepared, she’s going to give a surprise quiz on everything we’ve learned this quarter,” Misty warned.

“Thanks for telling me Misty,” I sighed.

“No problem. I wish someone would have warned me,” she moaned. “I totally failed.”

Matt helped me study in the library for most of lunch. When the bell rang I kissed him and hurried off to English. Once everyone had settled down in their seats Mrs. Jay cleared her throat and called for silence.

“Today we have a new student. Class, say hello to Zack Spin,” she announced.

I looked at the guy she gestured towards and I think my heart skipped a beat or two. Time seemed to slow as I watched his eyes dart around the room. I had a maddening urge to run to him, to protect him. His eyes met mine. His were silver. They were shining, captivating, pools of silver.

I felt dizzy at the complicated emotions pulsing through me. I realized that I loved him. I didn’t even know him but somehow I loved him. Then it hit me. I’d just imprinted on Zack Spin.