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Broken Dreams

Noelani Clearwater knows what it's like to have a vampire for a mom. She knows what it's like to have a werewolf for a dad too. She's a hybrid, half werewolf and half vampire. There's a new vampire in town and he's different from most vampires. It's not just his thirst for Noelani's blood (blood that no other vampire has ever thirsted for seeing as it's werewolf blood with vampire venom) there's something else. Maybe it's his strange silver eyes or rare power. He's a dream walker and he's walking all over Noelani's dreams. Noelani has to make the two opposite parts of her become one. Two parts that aren't meant to go together. On top of that she now has to figure out what this new vampire is really all about. You might be a bit confused if you have not read Broken Love and Broken Souls. This is the third story in the Broken series.

I do not own all that stuff that Stephenie Meyer owns. You should know what that stuff is. I did make up Noelani, her mother, her friends, some of the werewolves imprints, and all of the werewolves kids. Enjoy the story!

2. Chapter 2: The Heartbreaker

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Chapter two: The Heartbreaker

Mrs. Jay put Zack in a seat across the room. I watched him walk with an eerie smoothness that I was completely familiar with. It was the same way that I moved. It was the same way that my mother and the Cullens moved too. Zack had all the grace of a vampire. Despite the fact that he had a normal skin color he looked an awful lot like one too.

Zack stood about six feet tall with shaggy dark brown hair that fell into his odd but dazzling silver eyes. He was thin but muscular. When he sat down and saw that I was still gazing at him with adoring eyes and an awed expression he smiled in a way that made my breathing increase to the point of hyperventilation and my heart sigh in delight. I think I nearly fainted.

Once he looked away and Mrs. Jay started teaching I realized how stupid I must have looked. I quickly closed my gaping mouth and tore my gaze away from Zack’s perfect face. I looked back at the teachers and tried to pay attention. She was just telling us about the surprise quiz and many people groaned.

I could barely concentrate with my perfect soul mate sitting just across the room. Class seemed to drag on forever and I managed to pass the quiz somehow. When the bell finally rang I rushed at an unreal speed to catch up to Zack before he was out of sight.

“Hey, I’m Noelani Clearwater,” I told him when we were next to each other.

Zack stopped abruptly and turned to look at me with stiff, forced movements. His teeth were clenched and his eyes seemed to darken slightly. He looked thirsty and I could tell that he’d stopped breathing.

“Sorry but I really can’t talk,” he hissed before turning and running in the opposite direction I was going.

I had a feeling that Zack’s sudden departure had something to do with bloodlust. I trust my feelings. They’re always right. My parents call it my ‘gift’. It was odd that Zack would thirst for my blood though. No other vampire had ever found it appealing seeing as it was werewolf blood with a bit of vampire venom mixed in there.

I sighed and pushed those thoughts aside for me to consider later. The tardy bell rang making me jump. I looked around to find myself completely alone. While I’d been thinking the halls had emptied. I was late for P.E. I ran to class at my inhuman speed since nobody was around to see. Matt was in my class. I hoped he didn’t take the news of me imprinting too hard.

Being the mythical creatures that we were, Matt and I stayed ahead of the entire class at a pace we considered as easy as walking. I was dressed in a too big t-shirt and baggy black shorts that were required for our P.E. class. Matt was dressed the same all though his clothes fit him much better.

“What’s wrong?” he asked as we started our fifth and final lap around the track.

“Matt,” I said, “I’ve imprinted.

Matt didn’t say anything for a long moment. He just stared ahead as he continued jogging. I was about to break the silence when he finally spoke.

“Who is it?” he asked in a low voice.

“The new guy, Zack Spin,” I could hardly manage to whisper.

He nodded and closed his eyes for a few seconds. When he opened them he looked at me with a broken expression.

“I guess I always knew that I would think the guy you ended up imprinting on wouldn’t be good enough for you,” he said quietly.

“I think he’s good enough,” I replied gently. “I think that he’s… perfect.”

“Of course you do,” Matt hissed as we finished our laps and leaned against the wall to wait for our class. “It’s this stupid imprinting thing. It controls you against your will and makes you think that you’re in love with somebody that you don’t even know.”

“It’s true that I didn’t choose for this to happen,” I told him, “but now that it has there’s no way I can regret imprinting on Zack. I can only regret that it’s hurting you. I’m sorry Matt, but he’s my soul mate.”

“I love you Noelani. I always have. I love you more then that weird vampire boy ever will. You can ignore this imprinting urge. You have a strong mind. Let the vampire part of it fight this stupid werewolf stuff. You can do it,” he urged me.

“I probably could,” I agreed, “but I just can’t make myself want to. I’m really sorry Matt. I just can’t help it. I don’t want to hurt you but it’s unavoidable.” I was trying hard not to burst into tears as I gently touched his cheeks with the tips of my fingers. “You’ll understand someday. You’ll find that special someone too. I can feel it and you know that my feelings are never wrong.”

Matt took my face in his large hands and crushed his lips against mine for the last time. His lips were soft and warm. He kissed me with a sadness that he’d never shown before and I let him. It was the least I could do after destroying his heart because of someone I didn’t even know.

After a moment Matt pulled away as the rest of our class started to finish their laps around the track. He still held me to his chest though. I tried to forget about Zack and all of the troubles that came with him as I relaxed in Matt’s embrace. It didn’t work because I simply couldn’t forget how I was breaking Matt’s heart. Despite my efforts a single teardrop managed to break free. It slid down my cheek, feeling like ice on my too warm skin.

Our P.E. teacher’s shrill whistle brought us back to reality. I reluctantly untangled myself from Matt’s arms. Maybe, just maybe, I didn’t want to imprint after all.