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Broken Dreams

Noelani Clearwater knows what it's like to have a vampire for a mom. She knows what it's like to have a werewolf for a dad too. She's a hybrid, half werewolf and half vampire. There's a new vampire in town and he's different from most vampires. It's not just his thirst for Noelani's blood (blood that no other vampire has ever thirsted for seeing as it's werewolf blood with vampire venom) there's something else. Maybe it's his strange silver eyes or rare power. He's a dream walker and he's walking all over Noelani's dreams. Noelani has to make the two opposite parts of her become one. Two parts that aren't meant to go together. On top of that she now has to figure out what this new vampire is really all about. You might be a bit confused if you have not read Broken Love and Broken Souls. This is the third story in the Broken series.

I do not own all that stuff that Stephenie Meyer owns. You should know what that stuff is. I did make up Noelani, her mother, her friends, some of the werewolves imprints, and all of the werewolves kids. Enjoy the story!

6. Chapter 6: The Pretender

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Chapter 6: The Pretender

Despite his promise I hadn’t seen Zack since the first time he visited my dream. I’d thought a lot about it. I figured that Zack had forgotten about me so it came as a surprise when he showed up in my dream again.

I was dreaming that I was waist deep in snow wearing nothing but a t-shirt and shorts. The cold didn’t bother me of course but I was scared. I could see nothing but endless white in every direction. The sky was nothing but thick grey clouds. A dark mist started to swirl around me, threatening suffocation even though I knew I shouldn’t have to breathe. I began to panic when everything went completely black. Distant voices were calling to me.

“Noelani where are you?” The voices were high and chiming.

It was my mom and Aunt Rosalie. A deeper voice interrupted. It wasn’t as musical. I recognized it immediately as my dad’s. Then Matt added his voice. I listened as the rest of the Cullen’s joined in. Before long the pack started up too.

I tried to call out to them for what seemed like hours. I wanted to tell them that I couldn’t see and needed help. No matter how loud I screamed they seemed oblivious to my calls. I was lost. I was alone. I was helpless.

“Noelani are you here?” This voice was clearer and nearer then any of the others.

It was Zack. He seemed to glow as he pushed easily through the black mist. He looked like an angel. I could do nothing but stare. Then I finally grasped the fact that he was really truly here.

“Zack you’re back!” I cried.

I ran and threw my arms around him. His silver eyes looked down at me with surprise. I ignored the look and hugged him as hard as I could. He began to laugh.

“I had no idea that you would miss me so much,” Zack chuckled.

“I was going crazy without you,” I muttered.

It was true. Matt had imprinted and I had let my imprinting urge take back over, unable to hold it back any longer. Suddenly my world was centered on Zack again and I didn’t know where he was. I was lost without him. I didn’t know what to do with myself. I was just wandering though life, lying about everything.

“You shouldn’t be so attached to me,” he said.

“Can’t help it,” I mumbled.

My dream began to change. The snow melted and mountains appeared. The sun burst out of the clouds and grass sprouted from the ground. Trees sprung up as quickly as the grass.

Zack watched the changes with interest. I still had my arms tight around him. He was rubbing my back rather absentmindedly in a soothing sort of way. I laid my head on his chest, closed my eyes, and hummed quietly. That seemed to break Zack out of his trance. His hands stopped moving and he stared down at me with surprise. Then he gently pulled away.

“Why?” he asked.

“I belong to you,” I whispered.

His confusion became more obvious.

“Why?” he asked again.

I reached up to lay my hand on his cheek. He flinched slightly when my skin met his but didn’t move away. I stared deep into his eyes and tried to fit all of my passion for him into that one look. It was impossible.

“You’re my soul mate. We’re meant to be. I tried to deny it but I couldn’t for long. There’s no use defying fate,” I replied.

Before Zack could respond a loud beeping sound seemed to shatter the dream. It was my alarm clock. Zack looked around in panic. I was waking up.

“Hurry Zack get out of here!” I yelped.

He was already gone. Just another dream that was completely real. I opened my eyes with a groggy groan and slammed the off button on my alarm clock. Then I burst into tears. Matt was right. Zack was never going to love me. That hurt worse then I had ever imagined it would. The piercing pain was like arrows, no, knives through my heart. It was agonizing torture to think of it.

I tried to think of something else as I got ready for another day. It was just another day another act. That’s all everything was now. It was all pretend.

I was a pretender. Everything I did was completely fake. I could probably become a famous actress someday with the skills I’d gained. I acted like I was a normal human. I acted like hearing Matt talk nonstop about him imprint and girlfriend Alexa wasn’t annoying. I acted like I was enjoying my life. It was all a lie. My life had become a lie.

I wanted so badly to drop the act and scream out my true feelings… but I couldn’t. I was stuck in this complicated lie like it was a giant spider web. Each strand was one of the many lies I acted out everyday until all of the lies spun a huge sticky mess.

I was never going to get out.

That’s what I thought. I thought I was trapped in my lies forever and there was only one way out. Then I got a visit from my Aunt Alice. I didn’t even think about Alice. She’d seen everything. She’d come to help.