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Broken Dreams

Noelani Clearwater knows what it's like to have a vampire for a mom. She knows what it's like to have a werewolf for a dad too. She's a hybrid, half werewolf and half vampire. There's a new vampire in town and he's different from most vampires. It's not just his thirst for Noelani's blood (blood that no other vampire has ever thirsted for seeing as it's werewolf blood with vampire venom) there's something else. Maybe it's his strange silver eyes or rare power. He's a dream walker and he's walking all over Noelani's dreams. Noelani has to make the two opposite parts of her become one. Two parts that aren't meant to go together. On top of that she now has to figure out what this new vampire is really all about. You might be a bit confused if you have not read Broken Love and Broken Souls. This is the third story in the Broken series.

I do not own all that stuff that Stephenie Meyer owns. You should know what that stuff is. I did make up Noelani, her mother, her friends, some of the werewolves imprints, and all of the werewolves kids. Enjoy the story!

7. Chapter 7: The Motavator

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Chapter 7: The Motivator

“So how do you feel about that?” Alice asked for the millionth time.

I was getting sick of this.

“Aunty can’t we please stop the lame stuff? You’re not a psychiatrist!” I groaned.

“Sorry, but it’s so much fun!” she squealed.

I rolled my eyes. Alice had been trying all of her anti-depressing techniques on me for the past hour. It was true she had cheered me up quite a bit but it wasn’t helping my real problem. The laughter vanished from Alice’s face and her expression went blank. She was having a vision. When she snapped out of it she looked sadly at me with her golden eyes.

“You’re still depressed in the future. What’s really wrong Lainy?” Her usually cheerfulness was gone, replaced by complete seriousness.

“Zack.” I trembled slightly as I uttered that single word.

“Who’s that?” she asked.

“A vampire boy I imprinted on. He visits my dreams sometimes,” I murmured.

“Visits you dreams?” Alice looked questioningly at me.

So I explained. I told her about it all. I started with that ordinary day in math class that had led to a not so ordinary English class and went on from there. I spilled out everything I’d been keeping hidden. For the first time there was someone I felt like I could tell all of my secrets too. That was my best friend, my aunty Alice.

When I was finished I started to cry. Alice danced over to me and wrapped her arms around my shoulders. There was a frown on her pixyish face.

“Shhh, it’s okay,” she whispered. Then she raised her voice slightly. “Jasper!” she called lightly.

He was by her side instantly, having rushed into the house and up the stairs in a mere second. Impressive. He put his hand on my shoulder. Peace seeped through me like a warm drink.

“Thanks Jazzy,” I mumbled sleepily.

He must have added exhaustion in with the contentment because I suddenly found myself dreaming. I was in a forest like the first time I saw…. him. This time it was a familiar one, the one here in the La Push/Forks area.

I sat in a small clearing trying to weave a couple blades of grass together into a basket. It was a pointless and hopeless task but my dream-self couldn’t realize that. A voice spoke from the shadows.

“Hello Noelani.”

I dropped the grass blades and turned around. This wasn’t the real Zack. He was too blurred and dreamlike. The real Zack stood out sharp and clear in this hazy world. That fact registered somewhere in my mind but my dream-self still thought he was really. Just like she thought that she was really standing in a forest clearing.

“What do you want?” my dream-self demanded.

“Your blood!” the dream Zack howled.

His beautiful silver eyes turned a terrible bloody red and he lunged for my throat. It hurt, but I couldn’t feel it seeing as it was only a dream. I know that sounds weird but that’s how dreams are. My dream-self was dying. It’s strange to die in a dream. Some little part of you realizes that it’s not real but you can’t convince your dream-self of that.

I jerked awake screaming. My hand clutched at my throat which a few seconds ago had been a bloody mess. As my eyes took in my bedroom I realized it wasn’t real. I clamped my mouth shut, cutting of the wordless screech. It was too late. I could hear my door knob rattling. Mom, Alice, and Jasper burst in.

Dad stumbled in a few seconds after them. Mom, Alice, and Jasper didn’t sleep being vampires and all so they looked as wide awake as always. Dad however looked like my shriek had woken him up. His hair stuck up everywhere and he looked like he was still half asleep.

“Honey what’s wrong?” my mom cried frantically. “We thought you were being tortured or something!”

“It was just a bad dream. Go back to whatever it was you were doing before. I’ll be fine. I just need a little more sleep,” I told them.

“Ok.” My mother backed slowly and reluctantly out of the room, watching me with worried eyes.

The rest of the group followed. Jasper threw a last glance over his shoulder that was just as worried as Mom’s. Alice touched my cheek lightly with a deep sadness etched into her face and followed her husband. They all glided smoothly as they went out my door, except Dad that is.

He stumbled out like a half dead zombie. The thought amused me. It almost made me smile. It almost did, but not quite. I had to find Zack or I was never going to get better. That was for sure.