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That Wasn't Suppose to Happen

It's the day of the wedding. Bella is about to become Mrs. Edward Cullen. Something goes wrong that no one saw coming. Will Bella and Edward ever get their day?

I didn't create this world, I'm just playing in it.

4. It's Over

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Bella, please wake up! Come on you can do it! Please wake up!’ Edward’s voice wrapped around me like a blanket pulling me up to the surface. I didn’t want to come up yet.

"Shut up, Edward." I muttered, rolling over.

A dull throbbing made me aware that something was still broken. My legs were numb, like they were asleep.

"Bella, I didn’t say anything." Edward said, his velvety voice washing over me.

I turned back over to look at him. He was laying on the bed beside me, one hand resting on my waist. He looked confused. "You told me to wake up!"

‘No, I didn’t. I thought it.’

I gasped. I could read his thoughts. Did that mean he could read mine now? "Can you read mine?" I don’t know why I wanted it so badly.

He shook his head. "No."

I noticed that his eyes were black. He hadn’t hunted in a long time. They shouldn’t be that dark after only three days. They had been so light at the wedding, three days ago.

"How long have I been out?"

"A while."

"How long is a while?"

"A week. Carlisle said it was because of your injury. Your back was broken. It’s almost better now. It should be back to normal in a few hours." He traced the curve of my hip, it caused a strange tingling sensation. I couldn’t really feel it.

"Is that normal?"

He gave me a crooked smile, cupping my face. His hands didn’t feel that cold anymore. They were quite nice.

"No. It’s not. We didn’t think you were going to wake up. I was so worried about you."

"I’m awake now."

"Yes, you are." He grinned, rolling on top of me. His nose touched the top of mine. "I’ve been waiting to do this for a very long time."

He crushed his lips to mine, not holding back. I attacked his, wrapping my arms around his neck. It felt so nice. He wasn’t hard marble beneath my fingers, but relaxed and willing to let this go where ever it wanted to go. Being a vampire had its perks.

"We should go."

"Go where?"

"You have to hunt. Then we have to leave. The werewolves are about to break the damn door down. We broke the treaty. They’re ready to kill us. Jacob is leading them. Sam is letting him lead the pack on this suicide mission." Edward rolled off me, looking up at the ceiling, hands behind his head.

I bit my lip, a little too hard. It started itching as the venom entered it. I winced, rubbing my tongue over it. Edward did his best not to laugh at me.

‘Only you, Bella.’

I hit him before rolling off the bed. That was when I noticed that my wedding dress was gone. I was in really expensive pajamas. I gave Edward a look.

"The dress was a wreak. You ripped it when you fell. There was mud all over it, and according to Alice it couldn’t be salvaged. I think she just want’s to get you a new dress for next time."

"Next time?"

"Oh, Bella, you’re not getting out of this. We are getting married. Don’t even try and worm your way out now that you’ve gotten what you want." He was beside me, holding me against his chest. "You will be Isabella Marie Swan Cullen, if it kills me."

I hit him again, a little harder. He gasped, sucking air in like it hurt. "Watch it, Bella. You’re stronger than I am."

"Oh, I’m sorry."

"It’s okay. Nothing’s broken. Come on you need to change, Alice will kill me if I let you go out like this, and then you need to hunt."

Apparently Alice had been collecting clothes for me, just waiting for a chance to give them to me. Edward’s closet was half filled with my things.

I went into Edward’s bathroom, laying the clothes on the counter, and looked at myself.

Someone had cleaned my face, none of the make up was there any longer. My hair was full and falling in soft waves. My eyes were blood red. I refused to scream. It would go away as long as I stuck to the proper way of life.

I put on the new clothes quickly, loving how Alice had gotten everything in the right size. The pants were a perfect fit, not to loose or tight. The shirt was clinging to me, in a good way. They were like all the clothes the Cullen family had. They were expensive but didn’t have the designer written anywhere on them.

I came out of the bathroom, finding myself in Edward’s arms. "Shall we go?" I asked, looking up into his eyes.

"Yes. Carlisle is going to go with us. Just to make sure nothing happens."

Carlisle drove the Volvo about an hour outside of town, deciding we didn’t need to be any where close to town. It was just a safety precaution, incase anything did happen.

We walked through the woods, and to me we were making a lot of noise. "Edward, why are we walking so loudly?"

"Your hearing is extra sensitive. To everything else we are as quite as I don’t know, how quite was I to you before?" He read the look. "Ah you see. We think we are making a lot of noise, but actually we aren’t."

"Oh, okay." I knew that if I was still human I would be blushing, and Edward knew it as well..

Carlisle led us deep into the woods, keeping his back to us. He did turn around one time, and I thought I might have seen a smile there, and a knowing look in his eyes. He was happy that we were happy.

"Bella, do you see the deer over there?" Edward asked, pointing into the trees.

"Yes." I did see it. It was small, not a baby, but not grown.

‘Kill it.’

I stated walking towards the dear, hating how loud my foot falls sounded. I didn’t make it to the deer.