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That Wasn't Suppose to Happen

It's the day of the wedding. Bella is about to become Mrs. Edward Cullen. Something goes wrong that no one saw coming. Will Bella and Edward ever get their day?

I didn't create this world, I'm just playing in it.

5. Leaving

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Chapter Five

A giant wolf came running out of the woods and at me. I stared at it in fascination. I knew the wolf.

"Bell!" Edward shouted, pulling me out of the wolf’s path. It turned and growled at us, fur standing on ends. "Keep those thoughts to yourself, dog." Edward growled, his lips peeling back from his teeth.

Carlisle stepped forward, hands raised up in the air. "Jacob Black, change back so that we can explain what we did."

The wolf in front of us turned into Jacob Black. A very naked Jacob Black. Edward growled louder this time, pulling me behind him.

"You broke the treaty!" Jacob screamed, pointing a finger at Edward. "You know what happens if the treaty is broken. You were there when it was made!"

"We had to do it." Carlisle said, ignoring the fact that the boy in front of him didn’t have a single scrap of clothing on. "They were going to kill Bella. That’s why we did it. Her back was broken, she wouldn’t have survived if we hadn’t done what we did. Yes, we did break the treaty. We understand what may come of that, but it requires that you make the first move."

"We’re going to do what you taught us to do. I would start running." Jacob took a step towards us, his body shaking.

"Stop, Jake!" Someone yelled, from the edge of the forest.

Sam walked into our little clearing, walking with slow measured steps. "I am the leader. I have the final say. I want you to take Bella away from here. Do not step foot back in Forks until she has gained some control. If she kills anyone within a hundred miles of Forks then we will take action. No more additions to your family either."

"I am glad that we could reach an agreement that isn’t drastic. We will be leaving tonight. We have already arranged a place to stay. We will be coming back though. My daughter, Alice, would like to have another shot at Bella’s wedding here in Forks. I hope that you can agree to that."

Sam nodded. "That’s fine. We’ll leave your family in peace now." He turned to face me. "Good bye, Bella."

Edward’s lips touched my ear. "Let’s go. Carlisle will take the Volvo back to the house. We’ll return later."

He guided me away from the scene, walking with slowness that bothered me. I wanted to run. To hunt. I was so thirsty.

Edward made sure that my thirst was sated for a while. I took down a large male deer before we went back to the house.

When we got back everyone was running around packing. Esme was making Emmett behave and do something serious. Alice was helping Rosalie carry things out of the house. They were very quick about it and were almost done.

"Alice, take the Porsche, and try not to attract attention." Carlisle threw her the keys. "Jasper, take Edward’s Aston Martin." Another set of keys went flying. "Rosalie, take your car." She already had her keys. "Emmett, take the jeep." He had his keys as well. "Edward, you and Bella are going in the Volvo."

There was no need to have my truck removed from the house, because someone had taken it for drive and "lost" control. Edward had promised to replace it. Guess it was going to go to some other house.

We got into the silver Volvo, I still say he’s a stupid shinny Volvo owner, and started driving. The ususal fast driving didn’t bother me as we followed the rest of the Cullen’s out of Forks and to the east.

Behind us Carlisle and Esme followed in the Mercedes. We were leaving Forks and I hadn’t even told Charlie.

"What am I going to tell Charlie?"

Edward laughed. "After the wedding Alice told him that you left and wanted to get away for a while. So technically you’ve been gone from Forks for a very long time. Charlie was very understanding. They think we actually just went ahead and went on our honeymoon."

"Oh, great. We’ll at least I don’t have to talk to Charlie. He thinks we’re in London." Another very rainy and cloudy place.