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That Wasn't Suppose to Happen

It's the day of the wedding. Bella is about to become Mrs. Edward Cullen. Something goes wrong that no one saw coming. Will Bella and Edward ever get their day?

I didn't create this world, I'm just playing in it.

6. Home

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I looked around my, our, new room. I thought that the Cullen family had a large house in Forks. That was nothing compared to this. It also looked like I wasn’t really lying to Charlie about where I was.

After we had left Forks for a remote town in Canada we had dumped the cars in a storage facility and got onto a jet that was taking us to England. I thought it a little much, but Edward told me that it was nothing. Apparently they had done this a thousand times.

"Come on, Bella. You haven’t even seen the whole the room yet." Edward wrapped his arms around my waist, leading me through a set of double doors.

I gasped. He had to be kidding me. The rest of the room was huge. I could have taken Charlie’s whole house and put it into the room and still have enough room for me to walk around. I couldn’t even form words.

‘Do you like it?’ Edward’s thoughts drifted through my head, even in my head he had that adorable little laugh to his voice.

"I love it. I just have one question."


"Why do you have a bed? We don’t sleep."

He laughed, kissing my throat. "Silly, Bella. Do I need to show you the advantages of a bed again? I can if you want me to." If I had been human still my hart would have been doing somersaults right then and my face would have been red.

"How long have you been planning to bring me here?"

"Well, Bella, I never really thought about this place when I was with you. The bed has always been here, ever since we bought the house. Every room here has beds. It kept the charade that we were human when we were having to haul furniture into the place. You don’t furnish a mansion without beds. We never got rid of them. We find they have several purposes."

"And what have you used this bed for, Edward?" I heard the anger in my voice.

"Nothing. I lay in here and listen to things, or rather try not to listen to things. You’re not the only one with a sex drive, sweet heart."

I pulled away from him. "To. Much. Information!" I didn’t want to know that the other Cullen’s were, I couldn’t even think about it. I didn’t even want them to know about me and Edward doing it. Why would I want to know about them.

He pulled me close again kissing my head. "I’ve got another surprise outside for you."

"Like what?"

"Go and see. You’ll find it in the garage. Along with everything else." He started pulling me through the house and down the grand stair case, where Esme was putting little things into cut outs in the wall.

The garage was another astounding thing. It was full of cars. Not the cars from for Forks either. All brand new cars. Eight brand new cars.

"Carlisle’s new Mercedes." He pointed to the black car closest to us. "Esme’s new Mercedes." The silver car next to the black one. "Alice’s new Audi." The midnight blue one. "Jasper’s Mustang." The only red car. "Rosalie’s new BMW" A new white version of the car at home. "Emmet’s new Hummer." The big black square thing in the room. "My new BMW." I couldn’t call him a stupid, shinny Volvo owner anymore. I could call him a stupid silver BMW owner though. There was only one car left. "Your new Volvo." I was now the stupid, shinny Volvo owner. It was black though, that was a start.

"I guess the Cullen family never does anything half ass, do you?" I kissed his chin, my eyes still on my new car.

"The Volvo is only here until your new car comes. It was about to arrive the day we left Forks, but I had to change where it was going to be sent to. It’ll be here next week. I hope you like it."

"What is it?"

"A surprise." He sighed then, closing his eyes. "Alice is coming. She’s ready to start planning the next wedding. She was really upset that our first wedding ended the way it did."

"BELLA!" Alice shouted, grabbing me from behind. "I’ve got some catalogs we can start looking for a new dress. I know we can’t go into London have you try it on in the store so we’re just going to do it from home. Don’t worry, though, everything will be perfect." She was so happy, bouncing around.

"Nothing like last time, Alice. Simple is the key now. I don’t want a big production. Best not to let them see that I’m not exactly human anymore."

"That’s why it has to be a big production! The bigger the wedding the less they’ll notice that anything is off about you! You have to think the way I do, Bella. Really, now come one. I want to get started right away. Planning a wedding in a different country is hard enough. We need to get it done now." She was dragging me inside and towards what had to be her and Jasper’s room.

Jasper was sitting at his giant oak desk, playing on a laptop when we got in there. He looked up gave me and Alice one look before turning to Edward. "I think we should leave. They’re about to start planning another wedding."

"I was thinking the same thing. Let’s go try out the new cars." He was leaving me at the mercy of Alice. I gasped at him in shock.

Alice pulled me over to the desk, and closed out everything Jasper was working on. She started pulling up word processor and a bank account thing to keep up with what we were doing.

"So I was thinking a totally different dress for the wedding, one you won’t rip this time." She elbowed me in the ribs. "How about the big extravagant dress. All

in white with a red ribbon somewhere. I want Edward to keep the red tie, I thought that looked so nice, and now you two will match. What do you think?" She was going a thousand miles a minute and I was just trying to keep up with her.

"I guess so, Alice. Whatever you want to do. Just tell me where we’re going to have it and the guest list again." Incase she started inviting werewolves to the wedding again.

"Same guest list as last time, no Jacob but the rest are invited. I think we should have it in Port Angels now. Someplace romantic. A night ceremony of course. Right on the beach. We could do it at the new Hilton they built there. That would be nice. What do you think?"

"Sure, Alice."

She looked at me, her dark brown eyes narrowing as she looked at me. "Are you okay? Can I do anything for you."

I was starting to feel really thirsty. I couldn’t even concentrate on what Alice was saying. There was something so sweet in the air, clouding my thoughts. I took a deep breath and it made it worse.

Alice stiffened. "Hold your breath, Bella!" She ran out of the room, before I could blink.

I went over to the window, not breathing. There was a strange car in the drive way. Edward, Jasper, Alice, and Esme were around it talking to a couple standing in front of them. They were human. They were full of rich, delicious blood.

I cracked the window open some, letting the voices drift inside the house. "We want to make an offer on the house. We’re willing to pay whatever you want." The man said, pulling a check book out.

"It’s not for sale. Now I’m going to have to ask you to leave. This is private property. I don’t want to have to call the authorities." Esme said, her soft gentle voice was soothing.

"I want this house! You just moved in! You don’t need this big house, if this is your whole family. I want this house!" The woman screamed, stamping her foot.

"This isn’t our whole family. Now please leave." Edward growled, clenching his fist at his sides.

"Fine. We’ll be back though. What my wife wants my wife gets." The man said, backing up to get in his car.

They left and I let out a breath. The plane ride to England had been hard enough, but now the people were just trying to push my buttons. Didn’t they know that the beautiful English manor was inhabited by a blood drinking vampire?