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Breaking Dawn (I suppose)

It's been the three dreaded days after Bella was transformed. She is now married to Edward, and is Isabella Cullen, the powerful vampire she dreamed she could be. But what are her powers? And does she even have them?


1. If Looks Could Kill

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My fingers twisted the ribbon on my shirt. I stared back at my reflection, afraid of whom I was. I was unnatural, beautiful. Something I never thought I would be. He smiled at me, but looked nervous. My eyes were a dangerous shade of red.

“How long do I feel like this?” I whispered, referring to my insatiable desire to scream, but pressing my fingers faintly against the glass.

“It takes a few days to get over the initial shock,” he said. It had been three days since I was bitten. Those three days that I lay still, burning, but with him, felt like an eternity ago.

“This wont hurt much, Bella,” Carlisle’s words replayed in my head, only I could not find the stop button.

I hadn’t gone out since then, but today, I was supposed to.

Alice had planned an initiation hunting party, she told me about it before I actually went through with it. There was no turning back now.

I was no longer Bella Swan, the eighteen year old human who was prone to injury and danger. I was now Isabella Cullen, vampire and outstandingly beautiful.

I looked at myself next to him. We looked, finally, like we belonged. He kissed me softly.

“Ready?” he asked, extending his hand for mine.

“It’s too late for any other options,” I sighed.

He stopped dead in his tracks, “Do you regret this?”

“No, no, that’s not what I meant. I mean, that I just feel so weird now. Thirsty…” I said the words, but they felt wrong. It was what I felt, but it was unnatural.

He chuckled, “We’ll go hunting soon.”

As we left his room, I felt suddenly confident. I was infallible. I was invincible. I was in love with the power.

“Ah! Look at you!” A shriek came from down the grand staircase. Alice came springing forward to envelope me in her arms.

“Gosh, you’re gorgeous! I’d be jealous if I didn’t know that we’re about equal!” she squealed. I spotted Rosalie looking from the corner standing next to Emmett, he was laughing.

“Welcome officially to the team, Bella!” He called. Throwing up his giant arm for a high five, I returned it and for once, wasn’t terrified of the fact that it would normally have crushed my weak arm.

“Nice,” Jasper laughed. He was easily more at ease around me. He had always been cautious around me, as my blood flooded my veins, but now, I was one of them.

“Oh, Emmett, would you like to have an arm wrestling match?” I giggled, remembering something I had promised Edward I would do someday. Edward smiled behind me, that crooked smile that could make me weak.

“Bring it!” he bellowed. We sat down at the table and set our elbows on the table.

“Alice, you be judge.” I said. She nodded and crouched at the table. We interlocked hands and waited for the cue.

“Ready? Set? Go!” she called. I pushed with all of my might against Emmett. He was incredibly strong, but for some reason, I was winning! Edward was right; my “newborn” strength was unmatchable, even by Emmett. With one final push, I pinned his hand against the table and laughed as he stared incredulously at the situation.

“Bella wins!” Alice declared. Jasper and Rosalie began to snicker.

“No way, re-match!” Emmett said, his eyes blazing.

“Nope,” I giggled, “I won, fair and square.”

“You know she’s stronger because she’s new, right Emmett?” Jasper reassured him. However, he stood behind Alice, afraid of Emmett’s reaction.

“Enough,” Esme said as she sailed into the room, “Oh, Bella! You look well! We’ll go hunting tonight; teach you the rules and what not.”

“Thank you, Esme,” I smiled as she hugged me tightly.

“Oh, you’re so strong! It’s fantastic! I don’t have to worry about you anymore!” she sighed.

“You’ll worry anyway,” Carlisle laughed, “She is still, after all, the same Bella.”

I smiled at him, thanking him silently for reminding me that I was still the same girl.

“Now, what I want to know is if you have any…well,” he struggled for the right words, “Gifts?”

Everyone exchanged glances. I knew this is what they were all waiting for. Edward stood protectively next to me.

“Back down, Edward,” Rosalie said, “You don’t have to protect her every move now,”

She was easily agitated by his protectiveness; I however, was going to miss it.

“I don’t know,” I said shaking my head, “How can I tell?”

“Well, you were immune to Edward’s power. Can you hear her now, Edward?”

He shook his head.

“Maybe you can hear what we are thinking?” Alice piped in, trying to help.

Of all of the thoughts running through my mind, their thoughts weren’t one of them. I shook my head now, feeling useless.

“Maybe she can see into the future!” Jasper asked expectantly.

“No, I definitely can’t. I had the worst intuition ever as a human.” I said, remembering all of those times where my leads were false.

“Well, we’ll surely find it out soon enough.” Esme sighed.

“We should head to Goat Rock now,” Emmett suggested. I noticed, for the first time, that his eyes were jet black.

“Good idea, Bella’s eyes are red.” Jasper chipped in.

“Ready to run?” Carlisle said to me as we all headed out into the back yard. This was what I was waiting for. I nodded. I had been envious of the running ever since the first time.

Within my first steps, I was off, zooming through the trees with ease. I smiled happily as I spotted Edward next to me, laughing. He extended his hand and held mine as we ran the way to Goat Rock.

“Okay,” he said and slowed. I stopped with him. We stood and waited for the others to reappear.

“Fast as Edward,” Emmett laughed as he came out from behind the trees, “Why does Bella get it all?”

I giggled. The others came out and stood around waiting for something. Soon, a noise stirred.

“Let Bella have this one.” Esme warned. We turned to face what was coming out of the trees.

In the shadows, three figures moved. One came out. It was a bear. And a big one, at that. Suddenly, my pulse began to quicken. I felt the urge to dart out and grab it. I crouched low and gazed pointedly at the giant bear. I could hear Emmett groan behind me.

A growl escaped from my mouth as I stared at the bear. Suddenly, our eyes locked and it fell dead to the ground.

“Oh my!” Esme gasped.

“Did she just…” Jasper began.

“If looks could kill,” Carlisle spoke; his tone was horrified, but admiring. I sauntered forward towards the bear, bent close to it, and bit hard into its neck, allowing the blood to flow into my mouth.

It tasted unnaturally good, like eating after three weeks of starvation. I wasn’t paying attention, but within a minute, I was certain I had sucked the bear dry.

“Wow,” Emmett spoke as I stood and wiped the blood away from my lips.

“That was incredible!” Rosalie giggled, “She killed it without even touching it!”

“I guess we know one of your talents,” Alice said. Edward was silent, gazing at me with fascination. I walked towards him. He kissed my forehead lovingly.

“If you’d excuse me, you’re the only one who ate, but not the only one who needs to.” He said and ran off.

I noticed that Emmett and Esme had eaten; the other bears that had appeared from out of the woods were lying on the ground.

I felt a little horrified. I had just drunk the blood of a bear.

“Can you kill anything with a look?” Emmett asked. It was what I was wondering too.

“Let’s find out.” Esme said, she grabbed a chipmunk from the ground and shoved it at my face. I grimaced, slamming my eyes shut, but then realized that in order to keep others safe, I needed to do it. I turned to face the little rodent, opened my eyes and stared intently into its eyes. It squirmed uncomfortably, but didn’t die.

“Phew,” I sighed. Esme laughed.

“That’s good; at least you don’t have to avoid gazes.” She said, releasing the creature, “That means that you probably can only do it when you’re hunting or if you really want to kill something.”

I sat down in order to take a moment to breathe. I realized that I hadn’t been breathing at all during the entire venture. It was odd to not have to breathe, but something I was sure I could get used to.

Then, another creature came out of the woods. I recognized it immediately. The wolf came towards me, sniffed, and grunted. His eyes looked hopelessly sad, but knowing.