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Breaking Dawn (I suppose)

It's been the three dreaded days after Bella was transformed. She is now married to Edward, and is Isabella Cullen, the powerful vampire she dreamed she could be. But what are her powers? And does she even have them?


2. Rebroken Hearts and Dented Trees

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He looked at me with those deep brown eyes that still made me nervous. He grunted, darted off again, and returned again as a human.

“Why?” He pleaded, recognizing what I now was. He shook his head as tears began to pour down his cheeks.

“I thought you ran away?” I was still stunned to see him. He looked ill, thinner, and tired. His russet skin was somehow lighter than I remembered. I wondered when the last time he had slept was. I also wondered how he knew where to find me.

“I came back in hopes, but they were false,” he said with a disgusted look at my new appearance.

“Jake,” I sighed, I wanted to hug him, to make all of this pain go away. He was upset. My best friend was upset, “I told you—”

“Bella,” he growled, “You could have told me anything and I still have would believe there was a chance! How could you forget me? Everything I could have given you! There were things that I can do that he NEVER can!”

He was livid, and for once, I didn’t blame him.

“Not to mention the fact that this breaks the treaty,” he grunted, “I’m feeling like spreading some news, maybe the dance tonight would be the best place to go. Mrs. Bella Cullen, vampire!”

“Jake! You wouldn’t?!” I screamed, unable to contain my anger.

“YOU DID!” he was furious. I couldn’t see any way to stop him. I moved closer, extending my hand for him.

He shook back, I knew he was about to phase; his anger was rising, “NO! You’re not my Bella. You’re his. And now, you hold nothing for me. I bet Charlie thinks you’re dead. Am I right, Bella? Your father, you remember him? You convinced him you were dead?”

“No! I would never do that, and I would never forget him!” despite my anger, I was still going to justify myself; “Edward and I are going to Dartmouth next year, as planned. He won’t see me and he won’t know. We’ll work out the details later. Jacob, please.” I begged, his expression changed, realizing that maybe, just maybe, I was still Bella.

“Alright, but you did break the treaty,” he said icily, addressing the rest of the Cullen’s who had just reappeared through the trees. Edward began walking protectively towards me.

“Back off, leech. She’s officially yours now.” He said raising his hands as if to say he was done, “I want NOTHING to do with her.”

And with one more heart breaking growl, he was gone. Sinking down to the ground, my mind began to reel. I wanted to cry, but the tears never came. I wanted to scream, but no noises could make their way out of my lungs.

“Bella,” Edward whispered; he gingerly stepped towards me, “you knew that was coming,”

“I know,” I screamed, “I just thought he was gone and I’d have more time!”

I sat there shaking in my fury, my despair, and my guilt. I knew that Jasper was about to control this scene, I could feel the pain easing. I shot him an angry look, but he ignored me and hugged Alice at the hip.

“I need to go away for a minute.” I said rising steadily despite my internal collapse.

“I’ll come with you,” Alice said, walking towards me.

“NO!” I screamed, throwing my hand out in protest. Instead of it being merely a gesture, Alice was flung across the clearing and against a tree.

I stared shocked at what I had just done. The tree was dented where Alice had crashed, and she lay on the ground, staring at me with wide eyes.

“Alice!” I called, running towards her, “Are you alright?”

“Yeah,” she said, rising quickly to her feet and dancing to my side, “That was incredible Bella!”

“You’re not mad at me?” I asked in shock, her smile was believable.

“No! Bella, you’re a new vampire, you’re bound to be a little volatile and hard to control, but that was amazing! You just flung me across the clearing without touching me! Holy crow, you probably have telekinesis!” she squealed grabbing my hands and staring at them with envy.

“That would make sense,” Carlisle said, “Bella’s mind was always strong, which made her immune to the mind controlling powers. Telekinesis is a mind sport, so that makes sense that Bella would have that. The looking-and-killing thing, we’ll have to look into that.”

Edward was the only one out of all of the Cullens who looked concerned, not envious nor amazed. I let go of Alice’s hands and walked towards him.

“You’re going to need to learn how to control your temper,” he said wearily. I knew I was going to be a challenge for him.

“I can go somewhere else, if you want me to.” I said, knowing that once we were at Dartmouth, the other Cullens would be far away. There would be no one to pawn me off onto, like he had done to Alice many times.

“Silly Bella,” he sighed, pulling me tightly against his chest, “You’re my wife now, and that means that there’s no way you’re getting away from me.”

I relaxed in his arms and kissed his chin, “So much for things getting easier.”

He chuckled as we began to walk away from the clearing, “Yes, so much for that.”