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Breaking Dawn (I suppose)

It's been the three dreaded days after Bella was transformed. She is now married to Edward, and is Isabella Cullen, the powerful vampire she dreamed she could be. But what are her powers? And does she even have them?


3. Offically...

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Being at Charlie’s house again was weird. I had to be there to pack, but my father kept looking at me like I was some kind of freak – well, actually, I now was.

“So, how was the honeymoon?” he asked wearily. That was the excuse for my three day transformation. It was, to him, the destruction of my innocence. Boy, did he not have a clue.

“It was fine, Dad, the lake was beautiful,” we had told him, and everyone else for that matter, that we’d be in Lake Tahoe.

“Good, good.” He said, and then he moved away from my door and slipped downstairs, “Hello, Edward,”

“Hello, Charlie,” he said properly, but with a very friendly tone. I chuckled as I went through my things and shoved them into the giant black bag Alice had leant me to pack. I felt like none of my old clothes were going to fit me now, like I needed a new wardrobe. But I assumed that Alice would be in charge of that.

“Hello,” Edward said, as he sat on the rocking chair in the corner, “How is the move going?”

“Lovely,” I sighed, holding up a soft shirt, my favorite white eyelet lace. I wondered what it would look like on now, I mean, considering the fact that I am a pale vampire.

“Hmm, that’s a nice top,” Edward remarked. He was leaning forward, his elbows on his knees, his face cupped in between his hands.

“It was my favorite, back in sunshine, I mean.” He merely nodded and looked around the room.

“I’m going to miss sneaking in here at night,” he chuckled, “I won’t miss sneaking to see you, but that window…and the tree I hid in.”

“Creepy,” I sighed, he was at my side in an instant. He kissed my cheek and my forehead.

“You know…” he began, his voice velvety, “There’s something we can do now,”

If I had blood, it would have rushed to my cheeks.

“Here?” I asked, “Now?”

“No, not here and now.” He laughed at my ignorance, “Later, at home,”

I liked the way he said home. It was like this all really was happening and I did really belong to him.

“Sounds like a plan,” I replied, pressing my head against his chest.

“I love this,” he smiled, “I am so happy, I never expected myself to ever be this happy. I cannot hurt you. I cannot break you. So I am free to love you.”

His smile was infectious.

“Of course, I’ve always been happy when around you,” he mused, “but now it’s easier. And guess what, you still smell…”

“Ahh, so that’s still there,” I said, I sniffed my arm, but nothing came to me.

“It’s not like that,” he laughed, “You just have a great aroma,”

“Help me finish,” I finally said, “Go to that dresser and take everything out and just shove it in the bag,”

“Just shove it? Bella, these are your clothes…not garbage.”

“Well, I’m assuming Alice is getting me a new wardrobe, so I will shove,”

“Good point,” he agreed.

“When did she leave?” I asked.

“Two hours ago, she, Esme, and Rosalie went to Seattle.”

“Seattle?” I asked; that surprised me. Why would they go so far?

“Yes, there’s a store, it’s their favorite. I can’t remember the name…” he stopped throwing things and put his hand on his chin, “Oh well. Well, they went and they’ll be back by the time we get home. Rosalie was particularly excited. I think she’s finally giving up not liking you. But then again, nothing can excite Rosalie like couture.”

“That’s good,” I smiled. Rosalie’s icy exterior had started to melt faster and faster since Edward and I were married. She had even come to visit me during my transformation. Edward shooed her away, as I was groaning like a baby and being cradled in his arms. The memory was painful.

“You look like someone just stabbed you,” he noticed, “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing, I was remembering my transformation,” I sighed.

“Oh,” he nodded, and then continued putting things in the bag. Half an hour later, we were done.

“The cars outside,” Edward said, I smiled as he took my bag, and my hand, and lead me out of the room. I took one last look, regained composure, and walked out.

“Bye dad,” I said, kissing him on the cheek.

“Bye, Bells, “ he sobbed, I hugged him, “Jeeze, Bells, you’re frozen! I hope that the car has good heat!”

I laughed, “Yeah, it does.”

“Bye, Charlie,” Edward said, raising his hand in a wave. Charlie waved back and we left the house.

“When do you think Jacob will start telling everyone?” I asked once we were safely in the car and zooming away.

“Not for a while, he wasn’t thinking about it. Sam, however, is livid.”

“I’m not surprised,” I said. Sam was the pack leader next to Jacob, but Jacob really should have been in charge.

“As long as Jacob’s second in command, you’re safe…for now. I think they’ll wait until we’re gone,” Edward explained as we entered the Cullen’s, now my, driveway.

“So now, I’ll see you in a little because Alice is about to ambush you,” he laughed, “Tonight, we have a date,”

“Oh?” I replied. His face fell, “Oh, right!”

I kissed him and hopped out of the car. He took my bag and walked towards the house.

“Bella, come upstairs! We have a surprise for you!” Alice called. Emmett, Jasper, and Edward all rolled their eyes.

“Some surprise,” Edward scoffed.

I laughed and ran up the stairs into Alice’s room, no one was in there.

“In your room, silly!” Alice called again. I shook my head and went into Edward and my room. On our giant bed, strewn across were piles and piles of clothes.

“Surprise!” Esme, Alice, and Rosalie called. I looked in shock at all of the beautiful garments of clothes. Most of them were in shades of blue.

“Oh my gosh,” I sighed, as I picked up a dress that was particularly beautiful, “For me?”

“Yes!” Alice laughed, “Your old clothes wouldn’t have done the trick,”

“Try them all on!” Esme said as she perched herself on the couch. Rosalie nodded.

“Okay,” I laughed, taking the dress to the bathroom and trying it on. It fit like a glove.

“Wow,” Esme said as I returned.

“I picked that one out!” Rosalie chirped excitedly. I had never seen her in such good spirits.

We spent two hours trying on all of the clothes.

“Bella,” Edward called, “Can we go now?”

“Oh, right!” I laughed, I picked up a pair of dark jeans, a blue top, and a cream jacket and flung them on.

“Where are you going?” Alice asked.

“We have a date,” I smiled.

“Oh, how cute,” she laughed, “Jasper never takes me on dates!”

I sighed, I knew that Emmett and Jasper were about to get hell because of this.

“I’ve got to go, see you later!” I smiled, they waved.

“We’re putting everything away!” Alice called from behind me.

I chuckled as I made my way downstairs. Edward was in a turtleneck, with a leather jacket. He looked fantastic, as always.

“So, where to?” I smiled as I leaned up to kiss him.

“Remember that restaurant, in Port Angeles, we went to?” he smiled, brushing my hair away from my face.

“Yes, La Bella Italia?” I said, “But why would we go there? Neither of us eats,”

“Silly, we’re not eating,” he laughed.

“So why are we going there?” he looked at me like I was missing something obvious.

“It was our first date,” he smiled, that gorgeously crooked smile, “And then we’re going to the meadow. There’s something we have to do.”

Again, if there was any blood in my body, I would have blushed.