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I Never Meant to Cause You Trouble

Alice's human life to the time when she was sent away to the time when she finally found her family. Enjoy and review.


2. Chapter 2

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I sat cowered in a corner, shaking. I couldn't sleep at all last night, the screams that filled the night air were horrific. I could hear the night guard beating the patients who were crying or screaming.

I had never felt more utterly helpless. I couldn't save them, I couldn't even help them. As I sat in the corner of the padded room Adrian came in.

"Mary, it's time to cut your hair," he said is soft tone. His voice reminded of wind chimes.

"C-cut my hair?" I squeaked. My hair was already quite short. I had practically begged my mother to let me get it cut like the bobs that were coming into style for my eighteenth birthday.

"Yes, I'm afraid we have to do this for all of the patients that come in here for lice and the shock treatments," he said grimly. As soon as he said shock treatments a vision began clouding my mind...

I saw myself on a long metallic table and I was being gagged by some strange looking device. It had a ball in the center and I was strapped to the table by leather cuffs.

Tears were streaming down my eyes and I heard the wretched Dr. Stevens tell the technician, "Hal give little Mary at least forty-five volts," with cruel humor.

"Mary? Mary, are you alright?" Adrian asked, worry coating his voice.

"Yes, I'm fine," I gasped. It would seem that my doctor had made an absolute decision to start my treatment today.

"Alright Mary let's get you to the barber," Adrian said doubtfully.

"Please Adrian, call me Alice," I said with the ghost of a smile.

"Of course Alice," Adrian said warmly. As he lead me down the hallway the scene looked the same as yesterday, but that didn't stop my hurting for these poor people, my yearning to reach out and help them.

I was yanked from my reverie however by the sound of electric clippers. My eyes widened in horror. I didn't want them to cut my hair.

"No need to worry Alice. I will cut your hair," Adrian said. I looked at him gratefully. I knew he wouldn't make me bald, but I knew I wouldn't have much hair left by the end of this. As he started the clippers tears started running down my face. I liked my hair, it reminded me of who I am, who I used to be.

I suppose there is symbolism in him cutting off my hair, severing ties with the life that no longer wanted me.

"All done Alice," Adrian said. I took my time looking in the mirror; I didn't think I could handle it. As I looked in the mirror I was prepared for the worst. However I was pleasantly surprised.

I would never tell anyone this but I liked it. I looked like a boy but not. My face looked more petite and my eyes looked so big. I looked rather... pretty. As I was admiring my hair I didn't notice Dr. Stevens come in the room.

"Ah, Adrian finished with her hair, well good. I wanted to get started on her treatment immediately," Dr. Stevens said in a brisk and cold voice.

"Of course Doctor," Adrian sneered. I had begun trembling so violently that I couldn't even see straight.

"Well, take her to the room so I can get this over with," Dr. Stevens said angrily.

"Come on Alice," Adrian coaxed. He led me down a series of hallways, though I doubted I would remember any of this. I had a feeling that this "shock therapy" was going to be the death of me.

As I walked into the room tears began welling in my eyes.

I had never been so scared in my entire life. Why would my parents do this to me? They were supposed to love me and instead they send me to hell. I began to wonder if I would ever see them or Cynthia again.

"Ah, good, you're here. James, take Mary and strap her to the table," Dr. Stevens said.

I glanced at the man who had taken hold of my arm and noticed his eyes were changing from a sinister burgundy color to pitch black, they entranced me. I had never seen anything like that.

"Come along Mary. Let's get you strapped in," James said with black humor in his voice. I looked back at Adrian, frightened.

But he wasn't looking at me; he was looking at James with the deepest loathing in his eyes.

I looked away and looked at the metallic table in my vision. In all my years of living I had never feared a table more than right now.