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The Changed

Bella is changed into a vampire but not by Edward. What happens when she can't remember any of her past?

My very first fanfic ever! Be nice

2. Fire

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I was screaming, the fire went trough my veins, I found enough power to crawl into the bushes. There I lie in wait. I waited until I died. This must be death right? Well I mean Close to it, heaven wouldn’t be so painful. Whoa…What if…no I will put away that thought for now.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHH” I screamed again, it could not be stopped. But then everything stopped, my breathing, my heart, the pain. So this is death, I thought much better than the pain. I also noted that my senses were heightened. My sight was much clearer, and I could hear EVERYTHING.

All I could remember of my life were men with guns and some screaming. NO, Yelling. But suddenly I was extremely thirsty. None of that mattered anymore. I could smell humans. I wanted them. I got up slowly but realized that it didn’t hurt anymore. I raced, full speed ahead, in the direction of the nearest town. I could run really fast.

I found a victim and stalked him to his house. When he was inside, I pounced. While I hunted a word was pulsing inside my head like a mantra, Vampire, Vampire, Vampire. Until it clicked. I WAS a vampire. I suddenly felt so free; I ran all the way to Seattle and went on a spree. I had never felt so good in my life

Edwards POV

“Its not supposed to be like this!” I yelled. My family was all in the living room. We tried to figure out what happened to Bella. We had also tried a search party but there were no tracks, except some of her blood in the meadow, I felt so rotten.

Then Alice said “I’m still so saddened. Why, if she had to go anywhere, would she go near the dogs?” That was all we could figure out because Alice could not see her. A calming atmosphere descended on us and almost simultaneously we said “Thanks Jasper.”

Emmett finally spoke up. “I think Bella isn’t near the dogs, I think the dogs are near Bella.”

“Well, I’m not giving up!” I growled

~~~~~~~12 Months later~~~~~~~

Alice’s POV

“Esme, if I see him like this anymore, I’m going to move out with Jasper.” I pointed out, “He should at least get out for a hunting trip with Emmett, that always used to make him happy!” I sighed. Then something that never happens happened. Edward Came out of his room.

“I’d like to eat, I’m hungry.” He still sounded glum but it was better than last month. He had been slowly recovering since Bella’s disappearance. AW SHIT, I shouldn’t think that!

Oh dearie me, my little brothers in his bedroom smoking weed, I tell him he should get up because nearly Half past threeeeeeeeee. He can’t be bothered ‘cause he’s high on CHC!!! A groan came from Edward at this.

Why did we have to have such good hearing? I thought to myself. “Emmett, what do ya say?”

“Sure, why not?” He replied, “I am getting kinda hungry. Carlisle, you wanna come?”

“Nah, I gotta work, Jasper?”

“No, I don’t feel like being depressed. I’ll stay with Alice.” He grinned

“Mmmkay,” Alice said, “It’ll Just be you and Emmett.”

“When do you wanna go Edward?”