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The Changed

Bella is changed into a vampire but not by Edward. What happens when she can't remember any of her past?

My very first fanfic ever! Be nice

3. Emmett and Edward

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Bella’s POV

I was so satisfied. Last nights meal in Port Angeles was so GOOD! I was in the forest now, Where I had been changed. I felt like I had some sort of connection to the meadow. Maybe in my human life? I still cant remember all of the information from my life. But I am not sad I’m a vampire. I never feel bad, not once, not about the people I kill or even the vampires I kill.

It had been exactly one year since I was bitten. I had felt that something was going to happen tonight, something special. That was my power, I knew days before where and when something big would happen. I just didn’t know what. It was almost like a sixth sence. I always followed my urges. It was almost always inavoidable anyways. Four Days ago, I was in China when I got this urge to be here, on this day. I felt elated so I knew it would be something good.

I heard vampires about 50 yards, they sounded like they were hunting, so they didn’t notice me. I was happy for that. I had a feeling that this WAS the special thing, at first I was disappointed but then I became curious. I stalked them for about five minutes before the smaller of the two not realized that I was outnumbered so I stopped struggling.

I heard “Bella!” I turned and looked, I thought someone was here to help me, then I realized the smaller one had said my name.

“How do you know my name?” I asked incredulously.

“She doesn’t remember anything!” the bigger one stated in shock.

These must have been the vampires that created me! For a moment I was caught between thanking them and begging to struggle again. Then I noticed thier eyes. They were a brilliant gold. Odd. They weren’t normal vampires. They were one of the two clans that called themselves vegetarians. I had stayed with Tanya’s clan for awhile when I was a little lonely. They seemed nice enough but it still wasn’t natural. When he wasn’t expecting it I Broke free of biggie’s grip. I started running but the one with the bronze hair caught up to me. They had me down hard while discussing ways to get me back “home.”

Bronzie looked like he was going to cry, if he could.

“Bella,” the big one began, “I am Emmett and he is Edward.” Edward, I knew that name…but my thought was interrupted but Emmett speaking more, “Bella, I can tell you about your life, I knew you as a human. If you will come back to my family, I can tell you.”

NO, I didn’t want to! “Yeah, okay,” I heard my self agreeing. Stupid Bella! Whatever, no going back now…I noticed that Edward had been very silent. I’ll ask later.

“So, what is your power?” I asked Emmett.

“I don’t have a power,” This shocked me. “But Edward can read peoples minds.” SHIT. FUCK. ASS. I mean…

“Oh, wow” I said. I sounded bored. Good.

“Okay, lets going to go now. Catch us!”

“You are forgetting, I am a newborn.” And with that I beat him. Of course I don’t know where the house is, so I got lost…Emmett quikly pointed me in the right direction then laughed at me because I should have used my nose...I hadn’t been breathing.