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Forgotten Memory

After Bella's transformation something goes wrong. The Cullens - especially Edward - must deal with this new problem before Bella does something horrible. Please remember to review as it helps a lot!

Well, this is my first "official" fanfiction for Twilight, so all comments are welcome to help make it better! ^.^

1. Blinding Light

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I squinted in this new light. Where did it come from? Somewhere above my head, apparently. My hand moved in front of my eyes as they adjusted. Somewhere beside me there was movement.

"Are you awake?" The voice was soft, almost like an angel's. I moved my head towards the sound.

"Yes. Where am I?"

My eyes were almost completely adjusted. They must have been closed for a very long time to take so long.

"You are in the Cullen home. Do you know who you are?"

I thought for a moment. Who am I? I am female. I am young. That is all I could remember. I shook my head.

"That cannot be good. Alice, go and get Edward for me please."

My eyes focused on a pixie like person leaving the room. She looked around at me for a moment before she was gone. I looked back at the man who was speaking to me. He had stunning features. Blonde, lean, and in a doctor's coat. He had a weak smile on his face, but I could see the hidden worry behind it. He was looking at me in a probing sort of way, like he was looking for something that was difficult to find. I looked away from him. At the door to the room stood the pixie-like girl and a new comer.

I sat up strait as I looked at him. His features were even more beautiful than the blondes. He had perfectly wind-swept bronze hair, a hard jaw line, and a beautifully contoured chest that was hinted at beneath a gray turtle neck. I looked at his eyes for the first time and gasped. They were golden topaz. Stunning. I couldn't breath under his gaze, but it didn't matter. I didn't feel the need to anymore. I didn't have to. It was like he was supplying me with anything and everything I could ever need.

"Edward, we have a problem." The blonde haired man interrupted my trance. I glared at him now, but listened carefully to what he was saying. "It would seem she doesn't remember."

"What do you mean -- Doesn't remember what?" He seemed to be shocked. His glance shifted from the blonde man to me, back again, and then to me at last. I smiled softly at him, and he rushed to my side. "Bella?"

I tilted my head to the side. Bella? Was that my name? It must be.


"Do you know who I am?" he asked, holding my hand in his.

"I'm sorry, no. Should I?"

I felt terrible for not knowing who this beautiful creature was. My feeling was intensified when he groaned and looked only at our entwined hands. He seemed to be contemplating something. I looked at the blonde for help.

"Bella-- Well I think I can fill you in on a couple of things." He looked at the angel in front of me for a moment and then back to me. "Your name is Isabella Cull-- Swan. You are forever 18 years old." I did not miss the slip in his words. He had ment to give me a different last name than I had.

"If my name is Isabella, why do you all call me Bella?" I asked. Someone was next to my left hand now. I didn't know what they were doing, but I felt something slip off of my finger. I looked over to see the pixie girl standing next to me, her hands behind her back.

"In your old life, that is what you were called. Bella, not Isabella," she said. Her voice was high, like a lead soprano's; it tinkled like a chime in my ear.

"I don't see why. Isabella is a pretty name," I said, looking at the angel. He looked up at me with a strange look.

"You would rather be called Isabella then?" he whispered. His eyes were guarded again, a calm holding back the storm.

"Yes. Until I know more." I looked at the blonde man. "Could you perhaps... introduce me to everyone? You seem to be in charge, and I would like to stay with your family for a while... If that is okay?"

A smile graced all three of their features.

"Of course you may stay. Come, I will gather everyone for introductions." He helped me to a standing position. "Edward," he said, adressing the angel "please go and fill everyone in on what has happened, and I will be in with Bel-- Isabella in a moment."

The angel disappeared through the door, followed by the pixie girl.

"They should be gathered, come along, we'll meet with them now."

He held my elbow gently, only to lead the way. I smiled appreciatively at him and we made our way through a familiar hallway. I took in all of the sights, feeling a sense of deja vu.