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Forgotten Memory

After Bella's transformation something goes wrong. The Cullens - especially Edward - must deal with this new problem before Bella does something horrible. Please remember to review as it helps a lot!

Well, this is my first "official" fanfiction for Twilight, so all comments are welcome to help make it better! ^.^

2. My Angel

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"What do you mean she doesn't remember?"

"I mean just that, she can't remember a thing. She doesn't... She doesn't remember me."

Someone was speaking to the angel. It was a male voice, rough and worried. As I rounded the corner I felt the eyes of six other people on me. I looked at them all, drinking in their appearances. The blonde man placed a hand on the small of my back, urging me forward.

"Family, this is Isabella," he spoke. They all smiled at me. "Isabella, this is my family. I am Carlisle, this is Esme, my wife, Rosalie and Emmett, Alice and Jasper." They all nodded when he spoke their names. Esme had a kind, motherly face that held the smallest hint of worry. Rosalie was a tall blonde, she did not seem to show much concern for my lack of memory. The man standing next to her, Emmett, was beaming. It was as if he were waiting for something to happen. The pixie like girl was Alice. She seemed very friendly. Jasper was another blonde. He held himself like a soldier and gave a curt nod in my direction. I looked questioningly back to Carlisle. He had not introduced the bronze haired angel. He looked at me for a moment and then nodded for me to step forward. The angel did the same, his hand outstretched.

"Isabella, my name is Edward Cullen." His voice was beautiful. Even more beautiful now that he was introducing himself. All traces of his earlier frustration and anguish were gone. I placed my small hand in his and he grasped it, bringing it to his lips and placing a small kiss on the back. "It would be my pleasure to show you to your room."

I gasped inwardly and bowed my head to look at my feet. I heard a chuckle from the brawny one -- Emmett and looked up to see what was funny. He leaned over to Jasper and whispered something in his ear that sounded something like "same Bella." Edward glared at him and then lead me out of the room.

We began walking to a different door. This one opened up into a large entrance hall. I looked up and saw a library to what I guessed was the west wing. There were pictures all along one of the walls varying in shape, color, and size. Opposite to the side where the library was there was a balcony type of area. A spiral staircase lead to this level of the house and the balcony wrapped along this side and the northern side which ended at a door that went into the library. Along the balcony there were doors that no doubt would open up into the rooms of the family members here in the house. We made our way up the stairs and walked along the northern part of the balcony to the single door along this wall. Edward gracefully opened it and let me pass. Inside was another common area much like the one downstairs, but it seemed to have a more comforting feel. The walls had thick tapestries that helped absorb noise and commotion. There were couches and armchairs spaced evenly through the room. A fire was cracking in a large fireplace. It seemed to be the center point of the entire room.

"I thought you'd like this one. It's Esme's favorite too," Edward whispered, watching my face. "This way." He walked to the farthest corner and opened the door that I couldn't see before. There was a short hallway and then another door. He opened this door and let me pass, just as he had before. The room inside was breath-taking.

The walls were a soft cream color with a vine design in a deep green shade twisting over them. A matching cream colored couch was along the wall holding the door. It faced an open window with light curtains blowing in the early morning. A gasp escaped my parted lips as we walked further into the room.

"You like it?" His voice was no more than a whisper. I turned to him.

"I love it. It is-- perfect." Without thinking I tucked my arms around him and pressed my face to his chest in a hug. His body tensed up for a moment, but loosened even faster as his arms wrapped around my shoulders and closed me in.

This simple hug felt amazing. It was like I belonged there, but I couldn't pin-point why. I moved my head so that I was looking up at him. He was looking down, his eyes finally glowing with joy. Perfect topaz and showing all of his emotions; happiness, confusion, and.... love? I pulled away, trying to figure out his last emotion. He pulled away as well and cleared his throat.

"Well then, I um, I will be back later to take you hunting if you'd like."


"Well-- Don't you know?" he looked confused now as I shook my head. "Isabella, you are a vampire. That is why you are forever 18."

My head tilted to the side, a vampire? Perhaps that was why I couldn't remember who I was.

"I will explain more later, before we go hunting. Relax for now. Gather yourself." I could see pain in his eyes as he moved to the door. He wasn't ready to leave me. Was he my angel? He certainly seemed like it.

I nodded in agreement. I didn't feel like rest, but I would consent to his wishes. To my angel's wishes.