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Forgotten Memory

After Bella's transformation something goes wrong. The Cullens - especially Edward - must deal with this new problem before Bella does something horrible. Please remember to review as it helps a lot!

Well, this is my first "official" fanfiction for Twilight, so all comments are welcome to help make it better! ^.^

5. Conspicious Ways

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It's been a week since my transformation. There hasn't been anything new for me to remember and Edward was going out of his way to be around me. He must have thought his being around would trigger something. I never got the chance to ask him much... He would always change the subject when I asked.

The room I stayed in was strangely confining. I felt like a prisoner, all on my own. Edward stayed often, but at night he would disappear and do something on his own. I never followed. Most nights, when he was gone like this, I would sit on the window sill and watch the sky. It was always cloudy, or mostly always. I only tore myself away from the window long enough to go to the closet and stair in wonder at the beautiful gown in the back. I never got the chance to look at it during the day with Edward around. I feared hurting his feelings, so I would change in the early hours before he arrived again, asking me what I would like to do for the day.

Today seemed special to him. To all of them. They all seemed more annimated and wanted to do something with me. I would have declined, had it not been for the crushed faces I imagined every time I nearly said no.

The first person to approach me was Esme. She had asked me to plant flowers with her. An odd thing to do, but I accepted none the less. We walked to the backyard and kneeled down at a large square patch of dirt to start.

"Esme," I started, halfway through planting.

She looked up at me kindly, her eyes a fading topaz as the week went on. "Yes, dear?"

"Esme, what is so special about September 13th?" I asked. I focused on her reaction, not paying attention to the flowers anymore.

"Oh, I think you should speak with Carlisle or Edward about this one. Not me." she spoke softly. I could see that she didn't feel comfortable with this. It must have a bad memory for her. Or was it for me?

"Well do you mind if i go to find one of the two then?" I wasn't sure if I wanted to leave her like this or not, but I had a strong sense of curiosity at the moment that couldn't wait.

"No dear, you go on. Have fun."

I stood uncertainly for a moment and then rushed into the house. Alice found me first.

"Isabella! I've been looking for you!" she bounced down the hall and then twirled us both in a circle.

"Shouldn't you have seen it coming?" I tapped my forehead, reminding her of her power.

She laughed, "Sure, but that's not the point. I was going to invite you to town with me."

I nodded, "Alright, but I don't want to be there too long. I need to find..." I contemplated this for a moment. Did I want to find out the truth from Edward or find Carlisle and finally speak to him? "Carlisle."

"We wont be gone too long, I just want to pick up some things." With that, she pulled me out the door and to the garage.

My eyes widened when we entered. I listed the cars in my head, one jeep (a pretty big and terrifying looking one), one Mercedes (sleek and black, with dark tinted windows), a shiny silver Volvo, a BMW, and a canary yellow Porsche. Alice dragged me to the Porsche.


I nodded and climbed in. She was speeding off before I had time to put my seat belt on. As we drove, way to fast, I felt that slipping feeling again.

"Sheesh, Alice," I complained. "Could you pick a more conspicuous car to steal?" Steal? I was riding in a stolen car?

The interior was black leather, and the windows were tinted dark. I felt comfortable in here, like nothing could harm me.

Alice weaved through traffic. We were at an airport. I cringed and fumbled for my seat belt as she weaved through spaces that shouldn't have fit any car.

"The important question," she corrected, "is whether I could have stolen a faster car, and I don't think so. I got lucky."

I still wasn't sure about her driving. It was way to fast. "I'm sure that will be very comforting at the roadblock." I cringed inside. This didn't sound like such a good plan. Why were we speeding anyway?

Her soprano laugh rang through the car. "Trust me, Bella. If anyone sets up a roadblock, it will be behind us." She pushed the gas petal further, proving her point.

"Bella? Isabella? Are you okay?" I heard Alice panicking next to me. She hadn't seen me the first time this had happened. I nodded and sat up in my seat, opening my eyes. I didn't fumble for my seat belt like I had in the memory, it was one fluid movement.

"Alice? Is this Porsche... Is it stolen?" I asked, unsure of my own question.

"Why would you think that?"

"I just got a new memory... and you were... You had stolen a car exactly like this." Again, I was unsure.

I gasped at the laugh she let out, it was the same as the memory. "No Isabella, it's not stolen. This is the one Edward got for me when he..." She bit her tongue, thinking about how to end the sentence. "When he asked me to do him a favor."

"Oh, alright." I shifted in my seat. "But you did steal one?"

She took a moment before answering. I watched the sky, a constant blur of grey as she drove.


I nodded once, that was all I needed. I didn't want to push her for information. "So where are we going then?"

"Chicago." She bounced back to her normal self now. "It gets difficult living outside of the city, but it's worth it with all of the good places to shop."

Shopping? I grimaced, "We're going shopping?"

"Of course we are! You need some new clothes, just like I do!"

I furrowed my brow. "I don't want you to have to spend money on me. I'm perfectly fine with what I've got... There's plenty there."

"Bell-- Isabella, please. I don't mind." I heard her slip, but let it pass. I really didn't want to argue about this.

"Alright, but just this once. I'll get a job and pay for my own things."

She shrugged and continued driving. I let out a heavy sigh and watched the road out of my window, hopefully she would keep her promise and we wouldn't be out too long.