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Oneshot Cullen Challenge

This is my entry for the challenge in Jasper's point of view. Jasper, being my favorite Cullen, other than Alice, was a natural choice for this. I knew that I could use his talent and had a lot of fun writing it. Hope you like it!

I ended this at the point when Alice and Jasper leave Edward and Bella before the game. I thought it would only be natural to end it there because the game was best told in Bella's point of view. I hope that I've done Jasper justice!

1. Oneshot Cullen Challenge

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“Jasper,” Alice whispered uneasily.

“Yes,” I say, I stared at her uneasily. She had a look on her face that I know too well. She saw something. Something bad.

“She’s coming today,” she muttered, “But there are others headed this way.”

“What did you see?” I asked, easing her mood. I concentrated on seeing Alice calm, and at ease telling me what she thinks.

“Stop that, I’m going to tell you anyway.” She sighed, though it’s easy to see she was more relaxed.

“As you were saying,” I mused, pressing my leg against her. She stirred uneasily, but I concentrated harder on seeing her happy.

“I said stop it, this is bad!” she hissed, “Fine, fine, fine! Okay, so I see Bella coming tonight, but it’s going to be a storm. So naturally, we’re going to play ball. Edward’s going to bring her.”

“How is that bad, Alice? Don’t we want her to be comfortable?” I asked confused by her apparent change of heart.

“No, not that! Of course we do! That part of my vision is all good, but then…” she hesitated, glancing around to make sure no one, particularly Rosalie, I assumed, was around, “The three of them, the new ones coming, they’re not like us. They’ll be dangerous.”

“When do you see them coming?” I ask calmly.

“Three days,” she says, but with considerable doubt perceptible in her voice. I nodded, “But Jasper! You know what happens sometimes, things change.”

“I don’t know if we should worry about it. We can surely take on three of them if we have to; didn’t you also see her transformed?” I pressed, knowing her weakness for her good visions. She was always inclined to side with them.

“Yes, I did, but—”

“Enough,” I had enough, it was just like Alice to begin to worry over something that was probably not going to happen, “They won’t be here for three days, by then we’ll make sure that Edward keeps her away and safe for that day.”

“I guess so.” I knew I had convinced her. I kissed her lightly on the cheek and stood up.

“Where are you going?” she asked.

“Hunting, I don’t want to take chances with her around.” I nodded.

“Good, that’s very responsible of you. I’ll come with you.” She pranced up and across the room, “We might want to hurry; they’ll be here in two hours.”

When we returned, they were already there. Esme and Carlisle were standing with them near the piano.

“Hi, Bella,” Alice sang as she ran over to give her a hug. Extremely friendly.

“Jasper, stay at a safe distance” I could hear Edward saying in my head. I knew he was listening, so I was going to keep my thoughts pure. Honestly, she didn’t smell that enticing to me, but most humans were equal in my palate.

“Hello Bella,” I said nodding my head. She looked at me, startled by my distance, but I knew that Edward would explain to her that I had had, well, a few relapses recently. She was so fragile; she would be easy to kill. I wondered what made her so desirable to Edward, but dare not think anymore on the subject, as my mind was an open book for him.

The conversation droned on about Edward being perfect in Bella’s eyes, and I could vaguely remember how I had felt the first time I saw vampires, as a human I mean. He must have been putting it on good, though. I suspected he was showing off. He must have heard my thought because he shot me a look, but then smiled wickedly.

“Go now,” Alice whispered. I looked back to see Edward sitting down at the piano to play. Esme must have been on his side in the showing off area. She stood proudly next to Carlisle as she watched Bella’s eyes widen in admiration. He began to play the song for Esme, and then switched into another song, equally as beautiful, but this one was somehow sappier.

I sighed as Alice tugged me out of the room, knowing full well that Bella was going to be so confused once she looked up and we were all gone. Poor thing, she must be scared of us.

“Shall we ask them?” Alice said after a while. I had heard Edward take Bella upstairs and I knew they would be in his room.

“I suppose.” I said rising as she yanked me across the hall to Edward’s room. As we walked to the door, there was a considerable amount of noise, like something was slammed against the wall.

“Ooh,” Alice cooed, a wicked smile crossing her face. I smiled back. She knocked on the door and asked permission to come in. As we entered, we saw Edward on the couch, covering, well, more like trapping Bella beneath a lock-tight hold. She looked like she couldn’t breathe.

“We heard some rumbling and were wondering if you were having Bella for dinner and if you wanted to share?” Alice joked. I saw Bella’s eyes bulge and her face whiten, even for her already white complexion.

Edward laughed which put her at ease, and said, “No, I don’t think I’m going to share.”

“Shame. Well, Alice says there’s going to be a storm tonight, you up for some baseball?” I said, stepping in.

“Yes, sure.” Edward said, “Can Bella come?”

“Of course she can!” Alice squealed, and then continued on about the conditions for baseball, and where would be the safest place to play. I took the opportunity to study Bella as Edward switched his position to put her onto his lap. She was pretty, of course, but there was nothing out right spectacular about her. Her hair was tied neatly in a pony tail, and the khaki skirt she wore was wrinkled. She must have been concerned about coming, and the blue shirt complimented her complexion. Her skin was pasty white, but when she blushed, it made her that much more endearing. The rush of blood, however, made me ill at ease.

“Come on Jasper, let’s go and see if Carlisle will play!” Alice interrupted my train of thought.

I followed after her snickering, “As if you don’t know,”