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A Pin Prick and a Pretty Girl

Mike's point of view of blood typing in Biology. Rated "T" for minor swearing.

Please enjoy!

1. Chapter 1

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A Pin Prick and a Pretty Girl

By iluvedwardcullen

Bloody Cullen, I scowled as Bella Swan carefully stood up from her seat at the lunch table and made her way across the cafeteria to him.

Why does she pay all the attention to him? I though resentfully. I had Jessica Stanley hanging off every word, but the one girl I was interested in hardly noticed me.

She talked to me, of course, and she was always very nice, but I got the feeling that it was all politeness.

I lost interest in my current conversation, and instead focused intensely on Bella and Cullen’s interaction.

Neither of them looked overly happy. Bloody Cullen! What’s he done to her now? Maybe I should go over there and sort it out. Play the hero. Yeah, I like that!

Cullen glanced sharply at me, and I quickly averted my gaze to my plate of half-eaten mush.

I continued to glare in his direction until the bell went for class. I stood up quickly and stalked over to the bins to throw my uneaten food away and dump my tray. I turned out the door and went straight to Biology without a backwards glance.

I took my seat and stared resentfully at the doorway, waiting for Bella to arrive. She entered just before the final bell, followed closely by Mr Banner. She looked sheepishly at me as she took her seat. Where’s bloody Cullen got to? I wondered.

My daydream of Cullen being mauled by an irritable grizzly and then being run over repeatedly by Bella’s old red truck was cut short by Mr Banner. He set his equipment down on my table and began to explain the lab we were doing to the class. He grabbed my hand, and before I knew it, had jabbed a micro lancet into my middle finger. He squeezed it until the blood flowed, then dropped the liquid onto the indicator card.

Finished with me and my dripping finger, he started walking around the room. I absorbed myself in watching Angela Weber reluctantly stab herself, and then listening to her complaints as she got blood on her workbook, resolutely not looking at Bella.

I promptly forgot my resolution when Mr Banner called, “Can someone take Bella to the nurse, please?”

I immediately stood up and went to stand beside her. She had her head on the table and her voice sounded very weak.

“Can you walk?” Mr Banner asked her.

“Yes,” she whispered in reply.

I quickly placed my arm around her tiny waist and pulled her arm over my shoulders. She leaned heavily against me as I slowly walked her out of the classroom.

It was slow going, and when we were past the cafeteria, she suddenly stopped.

“Just let me sit for a minute, please?” she begged me softly.

I nodded and gently placed her down on the edge of the sidewalk.

“And whatever you do, keep your hand in your pocket,” she added.

She closed her eyes and slumped over on to the ground, laying the side of her cheek against the cool concrete. I stared at her face, and suddenly became nervous.

“Wow, you’re green, Bella.”

“Bella?” called another voice.

Bloody Cullen! Can’t he mind his own business?

“What’s wrong – is she hurt?” he asked, his voice closer. He was standing right behind me.

“I think she’s fainted. I don’t know what happened, she didn’t even stick her finger,” I replied. He just had to come in here and play superman, didn’t he? How did he even know we were here?

He leaned over so that he was in front of Bella’s face. “Bella. Can you hear me?”

“No. Go away,” she groaned.

I smirked.

Cullen laughed.

“I was taking her to the nurse,” I explained defensively, “but she wouldn’t go any farther.”

“I’ll take her,” Cullen smiled. “You can go back to class.”

I don’t think so!

“No,” I protested fiercely. “I’m supposed to do it.”

But it was too late. Cullen scooped Bella up in his arms and began to walk to the nurse’s office. Man, he walked fast.

“Hey!” I called. He ignored me and kept walking, talking to Bella as he went. I turned and walked glumly back to class.

Bloody Cullen!