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Alices Vision

When the Cullen's left, Bella became dead to the world. But what if Alices has a vision of Bella's new life and the end of it. over 9500+ read so start reviewing. NEW CHAPTER UP 28/1/12

this is my first story from someone else point of view. tell me what you think IF YOU READ IT - WHY NOT REVIEW IT NEW RULE. NO REVIEWS.. NO CHAPTERS.

1. the vision

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This is a 2 part story for the moment. I may make it longer in time but for now it is going to be Alice’s Vision and the Actions afterwards.

Please tell me what you think as I am not to sure about this story but I like it anyway.

I don’t like harsh comments, so if you don’t like it you can keep it to yourself.

Chapter One: Alice’s Vision

Chapter One: Alice’s Vision

I was pulled into the vision like a rocking sinking into water and despite how much I tried, I couldn’t resurface,

I could not see the young woman’s face as her hair hid it from view, but I could feel her pain, it was like a hole in the middle of my chest and it was pulling me apart along with her.

She was standing before a mirror in a cream coloured bathroom, I could tell she was crying, despite trying to stay silent, her tears and sniffles gave her away. It wasn’t until the young woman fell to the ground did I realize who it was.


I could see it all

The pain on her face;

The dead look in her eyes;

The look of her frail body;

The Scars upon her wrist;

She was broken,

And we had done it to her.

I tried to grab her hold her tight, but my hand went straight through her. I wasn’t there, this was a vision but her pain felt so real to me, it was like I was actually there, living through it. Much to my horror I saw the blade sitting besides her, just waiting to be picked up and used. I watched as tears silently rolled down her cheeks and sobs racked her body, I watched as she pushed down her jeans leaving her in just in a black overly large jumper and underwear.

But what scared me the most was what I saw her thighs, each of our names where engraved, brutally mutilating her once beautiful skin.








Each of them had almost healed with only fresh pink scars left in their place, all but two, Edwards and mine, Our names looked as if they were not going to heal for a long time, both of our names has dry blood caked around the edges of the letters, even the wound had day old scabs.

I watched in horror as Bella picked up the blade, she played with the blade deftly, nicking at the skin on her feet. I was surprised and relieved that she did not start carving over our names again like I am guessing she usually does, my relief quickly faded and Bella chose a knew spot…an unmarred spot of flesh and started cutting,

I could see the happiness form upon her face, I could feel her pain lessen just a little. By the time she was finished with the blade, the words ‘IM SORRY’ were now engraved along both her thighs. But what really scared me was the fact that she was now raising the blade towards her wrists, I screamed out for her to stop, only to watch as she pulled the blade across her left wrist and shakily across her right, causing blood to pour out and pool around her legs.

She dropped the blade as her arms fell limply at her sides, a large smile appeared on her face, I did not want to comprehend what she was actually doing, the pain she felt on the inside was now only a dull thump, was this her goal, did she truly want to end it.

The smile across her face grew as she spoke her last words before she lost consciousness, goodbye. I love you.

Please tell me what you think. This is the end of part one.

Like I said before please keep your reviews nice.

And just to let you know this hasn’t been beta’d yet so I know there will be some mistakes.