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Alices Vision

When the Cullen's left, Bella became dead to the world. But what if Alices has a vision of Bella's new life and the end of it. over 9500+ read so start reviewing. NEW CHAPTER UP 28/1/12

this is my first story from someone else point of view. tell me what you think IF YOU READ IT - WHY NOT REVIEW IT NEW RULE. NO REVIEWS.. NO CHAPTERS.

10. Hi Emmett

Rating 4.3/5   Word Count 1890   Review this Chapter

Bella POV.

“Bella” Emmett boomed as he entered the room, his loud voice caused me to flinch but I couldn’t help but smile, I had missed him.

“Hello Emmett” I stood from my position on the couch “How are you”

“Better, now that you are back” he replied honestly, looking me up and down.

I felt my smile falter “Its good to see you too”

“I was worried to hear about what you did” his voice was soft, I had never heard it soft “I tried to stay Bella, I promise”

“I know you did Em',” I led him back to the couch “I can look after myself”

“Doubtful” came Rosalie’s voice.

“Shut it you” I laughed, over the past dew says Rosalie and I had become quiet close, especially after she told me about her past.

“Seriously Bella” I was shocked at Emmett's tone, I had sever seen him so serious, not even when James attacked. But before he could start speaking again, I spoke up. “Emmett, I wanted you here because you can always make me smile, plus I know you fought for me, trying to get the other to stay.”

“I would have never abandoned you willingly”

“Just don’t get to serious on me” I smiled at him, Emmett was really here.

“I’m offended” he laughed.

“You’ll live”

“Ok, Ok” Emmett surrendered “I will drop it”

“Thank you” I was definitely not ready for a serious Emmet

“Soooooooo Bella” Emmett Laughed “How was the loony bin”

“Emmett” Rosalie hissed and I could tell she was horrified – I on the other hand couldn’t help but laugh, this was my Emmett.

“It was horrible” I groaned, thinking back “I got a pretty good room though”

“That was a good room’ Rosalie hissed again causing me to once again laugh.

“To me it was, All the walls were lack and only had a small window,” I paused unsure if I should continue “I felt safe in that room and I wasn’t really well liked in the hospital, most of the other patients stayed away from me after the Melanie incident and after that I couldn’t really make friends as I was not allowed in group therapy after that, but all-”

“What, Hold up” Emmett interrupted “Who and what happened with Melanie ad why where you banned from group therapy”

“It was the stupid bints own fault” I defended myself “She wouldn’t stop whinging day in and out, she should not have been in there any way”

“Bella, what happened” Rosalie urged, her tone was soothing but I could see curiosity burning within her eyes.

“One day in group therapy she started whinging again, if everything she said was true, she had a pretty good life out of Greylands, but anyway – she was starting to grate on my nerves … so I jumped her, I probably broke her nose as well. Eventually the hospital muscle pulled me off her and I was thrown in my room” I paused, smiling at the memory “Never have to grace the rooms of group therapy again”

“Never thought you had it in you Bella to attack anyone “Rosalie looked disappointed but proud as she said this.

“A lot of things happened in that place, eventually I just stopped leaving my room, and well I called it a cell when I was there”I laughed“Some nights they posted a member of the men in white at my door as I used to make a lot of noises”

“Make noises” Rosalie repeated confused.

“Yeah, there was this one time, there was a new patient and she spent most of the night howling at the moon, so I decided to join her”

“And you did this every night”

“Of course not, we had only been howling for a few hours before the men in white came in, injected me with something and I was off to count sheep.”

“Why were there other people at your door then” Emmett asked confused.

“Well I have trouble sleeping, so my philosophy was ‘if I couldn’t sleep, no one else should be able to sleep’ so every night I would scream, cry or howl and within a few minutes the men in white would come running in, hold me down and inject me with something to make me sleep, Eventually my doctor just offered me pills to make me sleep as I was waking everyone in the ward.”

“Did you take the pills?”

“Hell yes, Emmett if you had the chance to get some dreamless sleep in that place, you take what ever they offer to make it happen”

I was unsure why I was actually telling them any of this, I guess it was because it was nicer to tell someone other then a therapist who would judge everything I say to figure out of I was crazy or not.

“Bella, what do you plan on doing now that you are out” Emmet asked, looking intently at me

I couldn’t exactly tell them I was going to learn how to make a noose and off myself again but I was sure Rosalie suspected that I was planning an attempt sooner or later, unsure how to answer I just shrugged my shoulders.

“Sounds fun” Emmett laughed, while Rosalie eyed me carefully confirming my suspicions.

“Got any good movies Bella” Emmet asked quickly

“None I think you would like”

“Where do you keep them anyway, I will go check”

“Unless Charlie has moved my stuff, try in my closet”

Emmett was gone within seconds and I could hear him scrounging around in my closet.

“Are you really that depressed Bella” Rosalie’s question did not surprise me, but it was the bluntness in her voice and the way she asked that shocked me.

“I’ve lost the will to live” I answered honestly “When you left I thought everything would just get better when you came back, but the longer you were gone, the more I realised that time could not heal what I feeling – what I am currently feeling and even with you hear nothing has changed, I am still the scarred, damaged girl you found in the hospital”

“What would have to happen to make you want to live” I could tell Rosalie was sending me hints.

“Are you offering Rosalie?”

“Would you want to live if you were changed?”

“Honestly I think becoming a vampire would cause more damage”

“Why” she asked

“It was the one thing I always wanted when I was dating Ed- you brother. Now I don’t think I could ever survive having these memories for all eternity”

“Human memories fade”

“Yours haven’t about Royce”

“They are horrific…” Understanding flooded Rosalie’s face, I may not have been raped but my mind would never willingly give up my memories of what I have suffered just like hers never would. “So are yours”

“You have Emmett to help you through eternity”

“And you would have… the man who caused you the pain”


Rosalie made a move to talk but Emmett’s loud footsteps stopped her “What do you call this Bella” In Emmett’s hand was the CD player they have given me the year before, turning slightly pink I answered “Umm”

“Oh god what did you do to it”

“I didn’t want any memories of any of you in my life anymore”

“But did you have to destroy it” he whined “What did you use to get it out”

“My fingers… and a knife”

“Well remind me to never buy you anything then piss you off”

Once again I couldn’t help but smile, I was glad I had suggested for Emmett to come, I could see Rosalie eyeing us both, not understanding why I was smiling at all of Emmett’s comments, feeling bad for her – I explained.

“He hasn’t changed” I told her “He is still the goody Emmett who could always make me smile”

“Hey!!” Emmett protested

“In a good way of course”

“That’s better” he huffed before turning back to the disfigured CD player in hand, if a vampire could cry, I was sure Emmett would be in tears. I just couldn’t wait for him to see the huge hole in my cars dashboard, in my opinion the CD player got off scott free compared to the dashboard.

“I’m sorry for destroying the present you got me” I knew an evil glint had appeared in my eye as Rosalie was looking at me funnily then looking worriedly at Emmett “Why don’t you go see if it still works and put in back in my car”

“Good idea” he raced out the room and out the front door before I could even think of a reply.

“What are you doing Bella” Rosalie asked

“Just hold on a moment” I paused a moment before holding up my hand “5…4…3…2…1…”

“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO” I heard Emmett cry from outside and I fell to the floor in hysterical laughs “Bella” Emmet growled, storming back into the house “How…Why…You…Bella”

“Yes Emmett” I smiled up at him from my place on the floor

“How could you do that to your car?”

I huffed and pulled myself up “Do you think I meant to destroy my dashboard?”

“By the looks of it… umm let me think it” he paused, pretending to think about it “yes!!”

“I just wanted it out, I didn’t care how”

‘But…But” he stuttered

“What is going on” Rosalie interrupted his bumbling

“Bella destroyed her car” all but whined

“Oh come on, I didn’t do too much damage” I lied; I knew what I had done and how bad it really was.

“Of Bella, you destroyed you car”

“Don’t choose his side” I hissed at Rosalie, I couldn’t believe they thought this was a big deal.

“Bella I am not choosing sides but looking at the CD player, I can imagine what your dash board must look like”

“Fine” I huffed “You can try to fix my car if you are that upset”

“It would be easier to just buy you a new car”

“If you even think about that option Emmett Cullen, I will drive the car of the nearest cliff”

“You wouldn’t dare” he hissed

“Try me”

I didn’t understand what Emmett mumbled but Rosalie’s hiss of anger told me it was nothing good, “Look Bella, why don’t you go for a sponge bath, just wash yourself down without wetting the banda-”

“Rosalie” I interrupted “I took the bandages off when you were getting Emmett, so I can go for a normal shower”

Rosalie seemed appalled “Why would you do that”

“They scar better when they are not covered”

“Bella Swan!!” Rosalie hissed, shocked “Why would you want to be scarred like that, for life”

“Scars remind me that the past is real and never to make the same mistake twice”

“Oh” I knew I had stunned her.

“Look, I am just going to go for a shower” I was half way up the creaky stairs before Rosalie finally replied “I will prepare you lunch”

“I’m not hungry” I was never hungry anymore, when my body and mind were at its weakest my hunger would just go unnoticed and eventually my body learnt to deal with the small rare portions of food that I ate,

“Bella you will eat”

“Yes ma’am” I grumbled, climbing the rest of the stairs”