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Alices Vision

When the Cullen's left, Bella became dead to the world. But what if Alices has a vision of Bella's new life and the end of it. over 9500+ read so start reviewing. NEW CHAPTER UP 28/1/12

this is my first story from someone else point of view. tell me what you think IF YOU READ IT - WHY NOT REVIEW IT NEW RULE. NO REVIEWS.. NO CHAPTERS.

11. The twins arrive

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“I am worried about what is happening with Rosalie” Jane whispered as they left the airport “Carlisle would never have never have called us unless it was bad, he hates us”

“Maybe she and Emmett broke up” Alec offered

“No, no, Carlisle said it was something to do with Edward”

“Who’s Edward again” Alec questioned causing Jane to sigh

“Edward is the one Carlisle tried to set Rosalie up with, he is the only one in the family without a mate”

“You don’t think he fell for Rosalie do you” Alec asked as they hopped into a taxi.

“Where to Missy” The driver asked

“Roy Box Motel” Jane responded before continuing talking to Alec “It’s not likely, Emmett would kill him” Jane laughed “Rosalie has always said he was possessive, Protective of her”

“Good point”

We spent the rest of the taxi ride in silence, trying to forget what was happening, there was nothing we could do until we got to Forks. Our minds turned to the past, all the fun times we had shared with Rosalie over the years. We were so unsure of her when we first ‘ran’ into her. That night, all those years ago, but upon hearing her story, no one has been able to pry us apart, not even the Cullen’s. Rosalie became a sister to us, she is our triplet. But now that she was in trouble, not even Chelsea would be able to keep us in Volterra.

“Have you called Carlisle yet” Alec spoke up

“Crap” Jane shouted before pulling out her phone


“Carlisle its Jane”

-You’re here already-

“We said we would be on the first flight out”

-I will meet you at the airport as soon as I can-

“We are on our way to the Roy Box Motel, meet up there”

-I am on my way-

Hanging up the phone, Jane looked out of the window “What has you go yourself into now Rosie”

Once again the taxi was filled with silence.

“Here ya go” the driver spoke

Pulling her eyes away from the forest that they were now parked across from, Jane spoke “How much do we owe you?”


(change to janes point of view throughout this chapter)

Alec quickly paid and met me on the path, in front of us stood a cheap run down motel, the paint was fading everywhere and I was sure there were many health and safety codes broken.

Taking a deep breath, we walked into the reception; a little bell rang as we opened the door announcing our arrival.

“Can I help you” the old woman behind the desk asked her hair greying and looked as if she had smoked one to many cigarettes in her life time.

“We are here to meet Dr. Cullen, has he arrived yet” I asked

“Yes, he has a room waiting for you” she smiled “So you are his niece and nephew”

“Yes” Alec replied, his smile forced “What room is he in, we are rather tired from our flight”

“Room 112, he said to tell you the door would be unlocked”

“Thank you” I responded and as fast as humanly possible made our way to the room, I became extremely nervous and was unable to open the door, even though my hand was on the door knob.

“Come on sweetie” Alec whispered “It’s going to be ok”

‘What is she is in danger and we can’t help her”

“Well we won’t find out until we speak to Carlisle”

Sighing loudly, I turned the handle and walked in. I was unsure why I was shocked to see Carlisle sitting on the end of the bed, maybe it was because his whole posture screamed guilt and sadness.

“What is going on Carlisle” Alec questioned from beside me

“I need you both to sit down; the things I need to explain to you are shocking”

“will you please just tell us if Rosalie is in danger, hurt even” I snapped.

“Rosalie is fine Jane” He answered “For now”

“What do you mean for now” Alec whispered deadly

“Will the both of you just take a seat?”

Alec and I shared a look before moving to sit in the chairs provided.

“I am going to tell you both a story, one that you must hear to understand what is going on” Carlisle spoke slowly, looking at us carefully

“If we must hear it, tell it” Alec replied

“Last year, a young woman moved to Forks, her father is the towns chief of police, her name is Bella Swan. Bella is a very special person, a special human. Her blood has a very powerful scent, which calls to her mate, only her mate is a vampire, my son Edward fought the attraction for weeks, he even left for a week but returned when he couldn’t take it any longer.

Bella was persistent, she felt the pull as well but did not understand it, from what I can piece together, she and an old family friend were talking one day and he began to tell her an old tribal story. A story about vampires and Bella went home and researched and figured everything out-”

I jumped up from my seat, panic surged through me “you let a human find about us, she must be killed”

“It’s not that simple” he sighed

“Us she black mailing you, is that why Rosalie needs us, because this Bella woman is threatening to expose her”

“No, No, please let me finish”

I impatiently motioned for him to continue “She didn’t care, she welcomed is with open arms, she trusted us and we trusted her. Everything was fine, Bella and Edward began dating and were great together, but one day we took her to watch us play baseball and some nomad vampires heard us and wanted to play. James the coven leader was a hunter and the moment he smelt her scent, the hunt was on. We dealt with him but Bella ended up in hospital with a bite wound, Edward had sucked the venom out what she was still seriously injured with broken bones and such.

But even after that, she still wanted to be a part of our family. Everything went well until Bella’s 18th birthday” Carlisle sighed, I could see him struggling to keep his composure “she cut her finger on a piece of wrapping paper and Jasper attacked, luckily Edward intervened and jumped in front of Bella but she was still pushed and fell back into a glass table, which in turn cut her arm badly.”

“Sounds more like a klutz more than anything” Jane Murmured causing Carlisle to smile for the first time in many days.

“More then you realise” he smiled again “But Edward decided that she was unsafe around us and ordered us to move, we complied , leaving Edward to tell Bella everything, we did not find out until the other day, what Edward actually said to her. He told her that he never really loved her and basically she was a toy and he couldn’t pretend to be human anymore and that he didn’t care.”

“Isn’t that a bit harsh, she is only human” Alec spoke up

“Exactly, we were gone for about six months before Alice had her vision”

“What did your daughter see” Alec inquired

“She saw Bella taking her own life, she saw a shadow of the Bella we once knew” Carlisle whispered to himself more then to us.

“What does this have to do with Rosalie” I asked again

“Alice has us all return and she, jasper, Emmett and Rosalie went to her father’s home to send their regrets and sorrow, her father Charlie went physico, yelling and tearing his living room apart and in his rage let it slip that Bella was actually alive and but had been taken to a psychiatric hospital. She had left us a note; I brought it with me in you care to read it”

I extended my hand, interested about how a mere human could make Rosalie act in a way that could put her in danger.

“She seems to have cared for your family, your son a great deal” Alec spoke up after he finished reading the letter.

“She did, but when we left, something broke inside of her, we had all believed, hoped that she had moved on. After a family fight, Rosalie stormed out and went to speak to Charlie, it was strange, since Rosalie first laid eyes on Bella, she hated her but she was the one to go speak to Charlie, I don’t know what Charlie told her but I know there are photos of what Bella did to herself and Charlie told Rosalie that Bella was now in Greylands, the nearest psychiatric hospital.

Rosalie was gone for about an hour, none of us expected her to come back in such a rage, she threw Edward against the wall and threatened to kill him if he ever went near Bella again and then she left again.

“So Rosalie is what is threatening your son, so you call us in to stop her” Alec asked, his voice icy.

“no please, let me explain” he begged, At Alec’s nod he continued “I got a call around 10pm, Rosalie was asking me to go to Charlie’s house as she had broken Bella out of Greylands and se was badly injured, I arrived a little later to see extent of her injuries, her thighs were shredded, no skin was unmarred, everything was scarred beyond recognition and she had done this to herself.

After she was cleaned, as much as possible, I told Rosalie that Edward was determined to see Bella, to tell her the truth but Rosalie won’t let him near her, she even kicked me out and barred me from coming back”

“Oh God!” I gasped interrupting Carlisle “Rosalie is protecting a human and you called us in because you think that Edward will try seeing her, you think that Edward would do anything to get to her”

“Not just Edward, Alice too”

“How do you know that” Alec questioned

“Edward told me just before I called you, he expects that one he apologises everything will go back to normal, he and Bella will have the perfect relationship and Alice the best friend. They have deluded themselves into thinking everything will go back to the way it was”

“You better take us to see Rosalie”

“She won’t speak to me, she knows none of this”

“She doesn’t even know we are here” I hissed

“She had said she would call you if anything got out of hand, I just sped up things by calling you first” He answered

“That girl cannot remain alive, she knows way too much” Alec snapped

“You don’t have to worry about that part” he sighed “I believe Bella will finish the job sooner or later”

“Are you telling me we have to babysit a suicidal human” I asked sarcastically

“I don’t believe you will have to for long, the longer Bella is alive, the worse she feels, I know she really does not want to be alive any longer”

“Then why keep her alive” I asked interested

“Because no matter what has happened, Bella is and always be my third daughter”

“You call her your daughter, but you allow your family members to hurt her” Alec snarled “Just take us to Rosalie”

“I called you didn’t I, I am trying to make up for what was caused” Carlisle got up and stormed out of the room, neither of us said a word, we just followed.