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Alices Vision

When the Cullen's left, Bella became dead to the world. But what if Alices has a vision of Bella's new life and the end of it. over 9500+ read so start reviewing. NEW CHAPTER UP 28/1/12

this is my first story from someone else point of view. tell me what you think IF YOU READ IT - WHY NOT REVIEW IT NEW RULE. NO REVIEWS.. NO CHAPTERS.

4. Living in hell

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Bella’s view: I was furious when I woke in the hospital room, cant they just realize that I didn’t want to be here anymore, but what mad me angrier was that Renee had given them permission to send me to Greylands’.

I couldn’t believe she would do that to me, but I got my revenge when I made my request – the request that would punish my parents…NO VISITERS.

I was told when someone tried to visit and every time I watched out the window as they left, smiling all the while.

I have been in this place for a few weeks, the doctors were quacks and so I called them that, in the beginning my group therapy sessions usually ended with me being carried out the room by the big men in white and eventually they stopped making me attend… mainly because I attacked the woman next to me for sobbing about her boyfriend who left her …then came back but she didn’t want him so she admitted herself here… complete loony she was, god if I was her I would have jumped in his arms and drove off in the sunset, just as well she doesn’t come near me anymore.

The doctors say I have anger issues… of course I have bloody anger issues… I am alive when I want to be dead…

I got a good room though; its walls are almost back with white in some places. It’s rather nice.

Even with all that happening, I was still struggling. Within my first week here they had confiscated all sharp object from around the place… primarily because I got into the reception area when no one was looking and stole their scissors but I was caught in my room cutting my legs later that night… that got me the weekend in solitary. The meds they had me taking were piss weak, the drugs I was stealing from the chemist got me higher then the stuff I get here, the stuff in here wont even help close the hole that rips me apart, most of the time my chest feels like it is hollow. I don’t feel anything besides that pain, I don’t feel remorse for trying to kill myself, would do it again if I got the chance, I don’t feel remorse for rejecting my parents and I don’t feel like getting better. I used to think that if Edward come back it would solve everything but now, I don’t want him…I don’t want anything to do with him. All of this is his fault…why would I want him back… he would just hurt me again.

So here I am once again in my room, arms around legs and legs against chest rocking back and forth. Looking out the bar incrusted window.

“MEDS” I heard someone call from down the hall “COME GET YOUR MEDS”

“Its not like they are going to get cold” I mumbled walking towards my door…


Nighttime is my favourite time while in here; my room looks completely black with only the moonlight shine. I can hear the others screaming in the rooms around me. When I first arrived I thought it would be fun to join in so I stayed up and howled at the moon… well… until the men in white came in and gave me a shot of something and I was off to see the sheep jump the fence… god I wish I was one of those damn sheep.


As I sat in my dark cell I had a feeling that something was coming but I couldn’t tell what, I knew what ever it was it wasn’t going end well.

I can see the shadows of the men in white walking the halls making sure that we are all breathing, pity.

My gut was churning, something was coming and it was coming fast, I started to panic – I needed something sharp.

As I raided my room for anything with a sharp or serrated edge or even something that could be broken I didn’t hear the thump the guard made as he hit the ground outside my door.

I almost screamed in joy as my rusted metal bed frame was breaking, it didn’t take much for me to pull off one of the bars, I breathed in slowly as I pulled the cold metal across my thighs outlining the names again. Over and over again I pulled the sharp edge over each name.








I stopped cutting and looked up as I heard the shocked gasp from outside my door. I tried to cover my leg as the person outside the door moved. I didn’t understand why they hadn’t called the doctors. As I heard the locks come undone I got up and hid in the corner of my room, for the person not to call a nurse or even a guard didn’t bode well for me.

As I tried to stay focused I could feel the large amount of blood slowly rolling down my legs causing my head to become hazy. I usually welcomed the fog but at this point in time I knew it was not welcome. Not at all. The shadowed person slowly walked into my room with their hands help up trying to tell me they came in peace.

I mentally snorted; no one in here comes in peace.

I heard the person hiss quietly and fall back a step or two as if they were afraid.

“God Bella” they person moaned in agony “What have you done”

The sing song voice cut me deep and her name flashed in my mind before I surrendered to the now welcomed fog.