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Alices Vision

When the Cullen's left, Bella became dead to the world. But what if Alices has a vision of Bella's new life and the end of it. over 9500+ read so start reviewing. NEW CHAPTER UP 28/1/12

this is my first story from someone else point of view. tell me what you think IF YOU READ IT - WHY NOT REVIEW IT NEW RULE. NO REVIEWS.. NO CHAPTERS.

6. Bringing her home

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I rarely answered the phone these days as it was never anything useful. If someone wanted to contact me they could call my mobile.

But when the phone rang, waking me from a deep sleep, I knew I just had to answer.

I quickly extracted myself from bed and ran to the kitchen answering the phone on its final ring.

"Hello" I answered sleeping.

"Oh thank god" the voice said franticly "Charlie its Rosalie"

That was unexpected. "What is it Rosalie"

"I need to come over" her voice was urgent.

"Rosalie" I paused looking at the clock "Its one in the morning"

"I’m really sorry about the timing but you are the only one I trust with this"

Realization flooded me "Bella" I gasped "you got her"

"Please Charlie can I come over"

"Yes, yes the door will be unlocked"

"Thank you, I will be there soon"

The phone line went dead, I hung up the phone and went to unlock the front door, and I didn’t get two steps after unlocking the door before it was being knocked against.

"Damn that was fast" I mumbled to myself.

I returned to the door and opened it enough for Rosalie to walk through carrying who I am assumed was Bella... It didn’t look like her.

"Is she even alive" I whispered, to shocked by the look of my daughter to speak any louder.

Rosalie turned to look at me like I was crazy, "Would I really being her here dead, I would have taken her to Edward and watched him squirm" she snapped as she placed Bella on the couch carefully.

Fury flared as I heard his name, "You wouldn’t Dare"

"Of course not, if it was my decision I would kick Edward out of the family" she mumbled.

"If you ever want any help with that just let me know" I sighed and fell against the couch

All Rosalie did was smile.

"How did you do it" I asked changing the subject.

"I’m stronger then I look" she laughed, but the smile did not reach her eyes - the eyes that were looking anywhere but me.

I eyed her doubtfully but didn’t make a comment.

"Charlie may I use your phone" she said looking towards the kitchen "I would like Carlisle to come and make sure Bella is ok"

"Why what’s wrong with her" I paniced

Rosalie never answered but stood from the chair she had sat on and stood above Bella, I followed, it was the only time I did notice the blood pools on her gown.

"Not again" I sighed "Why Bella"

"Exactly my thoughts" Rosalie voice brought me back from the depressing thoughts that were gathering "But we need to find out what damage she has done and get her cleaned up"

"I agree the phone in the kitchen" I couldn’t speak properly; I never thought I would see my daughter like this again... It hurt so much.

"Thank you" I watched as Rosalie walked out the room, she seemed to be going more slowly then I would be, maybe she was in shock, I didn’t even look like she was breathing.

I sat down on the couch, resting Bella's head against my lap. My beautiful daughter, I tried to push her hair out of her face but it was too mated to even move.

"Rosalie" I called "please bring thou a warm wet clothe"

I didn’t get a response but I knew she heard me. I continued to stroke Bella’s face and hair until Rosalie returned and handed me with the clothe.

"Carlisle will be here soon"

"Good" I mumbled not really listening, I was to busy wiping Bella face, she just looked so dirty but I knew it was just the colour of her skin. I don’t know how ling it was before I heard the knock on the door.

I was about to get up but Rosalie pushed me back down and went herself "She looked more peaceful when you are holding her"

It was a few moments before Carlisle entered...but no Rosalie.

"Hello Charlie" He spoke softly

"Where did Rosalie go" I asked

"She has just taken a few moments for herself, big night and all"

I nodded mutely looking back down at Bella.

"May I take a look at Bella, Charlie." he asked "Rosalie told me she has hurt herself again"

I didn’t say anything but slowly get up and move the other couch. I watched carefully as Carlisle walked over and kneeled down.

I heard him mumbled to himself before speaking aloud. "Charlie are you sure you want to be here for this"

Anger flared, all this was HIS families fault...how dare he.

I spoke between gritted teeth. "She is my daughter; i'm not leaving her again"

I saw his shoulders sag. "I understand that but I don’t think this will be a pretty sight"

"I found her before; I have seen all of it before. Of course I know what it will look like, I will never forget" my voice has risen by every word to the point I was now yelling.

"Of course Charlie forgive me" his voice sounded dejected.

"Just do it" I snapped. Again I watched as Carlisle as he stepped closer to Bella and lifted her gown to just the top of her thighs. I gagged. Her thighs were red raw and each name was now bleeding or was only coated in ALOT of drying blood, It was scary to see that Rosalie’s name was half intact. Even after studying the photos, the sight still scared me.

This is my daughter, was... My Bella is no longer in there; her body is now a shell.

It was Carlisle that brought me out of my horrific thoughts "Can you please get me some clean water and a new clothe"

As I was getting up Rosalie entered the room "I already have it" she stepped forward holding out one of the kitchen bowls full of water and a new clothe that was stored under the sink. I hadn’t even heard her enter the house, let alone turn the water on.

As Carlisle wiped away the blood with the wet clothe, I could truly see the extent of the damage, never before had I seen the wounds clean, by the time I arrived at the hospital Bella was gone.

I watched as Rosalie pulled out a small medical case and handed some bandages to Carlisle. It wasn’t long before Bella’s legs were cleaned and bandaged; she looked peaceful lying on the faded lounge sweet.

"Why don’t you get some sleep Charlie" Rosalie suggested and they cleaned up.

"I want to be here for Bella"

"Carlisle and I will stay and if she wakes, I will come wake you."

"Well if you’re sure"

"I am"

"You promise to wake me up if she wakes up"

"I promise Charlie"

My eyes started to droop at the promise of sleep "Alight" I said as I stood and headed for the stairs and before I knew it was in bed asleep.