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Alices Vision

When the Cullen's left, Bella became dead to the world. But what if Alices has a vision of Bella's new life and the end of it. over 9500+ read so start reviewing. NEW CHAPTER UP 28/1/12

this is my first story from someone else point of view. tell me what you think IF YOU READ IT - WHY NOT REVIEW IT NEW RULE. NO REVIEWS.. NO CHAPTERS.

7. Awake

Rating 3/5   Word Count 1313   Review this Chapter

Memories flashed through my mind.

I breathed in slowly as I pulled the cold metal across my thighs outlining the names again. Over and over again I pulled the sharp edge over each name.









Heard the shocked gasp from outside my door.

I tried to cover my leg as the person outside the door moved


“God Bella” they person moaned in agony “What have you done”

The sing song voice cut me deep and her name flashed in my mind before I surrendered to the now welcomed fog.




I could hear Rosalie’s voice as well as Carlisle’s, I knew from the hospital that Rosalie was back, but if Carlisle was back too that meant they were all back.


Alice must have had a vision or Charlie tracked them down. No definitely a vision.

I knew I wasn’t at the hospital anymore, ‘can’t hear the quacks running around’ I thought sourly.

But I couldn’t hear any of the other Cullen’s voices or the sound of anyone walking around, knowing I wouldn’t find nything out unless I opened my eyes but knowing that would make me have to talk to them “Don’t think so” I laughed mentally.

With nothing to do besides pretend to sleep, I listened, listened to what the mighty Cullen’s had to say.

“Rosalie, calm down” A male voice insisted. Carlisle. “She will wake soon”

“It has been hours Carlisle” Rosalie replied, her voice full of stress

“Who has the hundreds of years worth of medical training in the room” When Rosalie didn’t answer, Carlisle prompted “Who Rosalie”

“You” she mumbled.

“Trust me, She just needs time to heal, you said it yourself when you broke her out of Greylands that she fainted from shock, her mind needs to come accustomed to out presence”

“I know I know but I don’t think anyone other then us three should be able to see her”

This caught my attention. Three.

“Don’t you think you are being a little hard of him Rosalie, think of him” Carlisle sounded tired and worn as his spoke.

“The Volturi can pull him to pieces for all I care” Rosalie all but yelled and the soft but hard roar that erupted from her mouth caused a shiver to go down my spine.

“Rosalie” Carlisle warned.

“You haven’t seen the photos, you don’t know what happened to her, and you weren’t the one to walk in while she was slashing up her legs”

“I know all this, but I cant change any of Edwards choices” as Carlisle spoke I couldn't help but shudder at the use of Edwards name “The day we left was the day I feel I lost my third daughter.”

“Oh what ever, you could have tried harder, even Alice left willingly. None of you fought to stay, At least Emmet put up a fight”

“And did Emmet make a difference, the rest of us knew he wouldn't change his mind” the more Carlisle spoke, the more tired he sounded.

Mental Note: Hug Emmet.

“Screw Edward” Once again the shudder of pain racked my body “If I wouldn't have my add kicked my all of you I would have killed Edward the moment I returned from Charlie's”

CHARLIE: the mention of my fathers name caused a wave of sadness within me, Charlie never played any part in my getting hurt but he continues to be hurt by it.

“I understand what you are saying Rosalie but Edward did what he felt was best…”

“Best” Rosalie interrupted “His lies almost killed her”

“You know he will want to see her” Carlisle stated

“Over my pile of ashes” Rosalie screamed “If any of them even come near her I will them”

“Edward and Alice will find a way” Carlisle sighed

“I will call in reinforcements if necessary Carlisle, you can tell them that”

“Rosalie, isn’t that a bit drastic” Carlisle sounded shocked, while my interest perked

“I promise on my life that if Alice or Edward even tries to come her Bella I will call Jane and Alec if I have to, I'm sure Aro can spare them for a little while.

“I still don’t understand how you could have befriended them”

“The twins were there for me during a time I needed someone other then this family.” She hissed

“Of course, but that was a dark time for you, but enlisting the help of those two to protect Bella from Alice and Edward, isn’t that a bit risky. Having them around when you killed your ex-” At Rosalie glare Carlisle skipped that sentence “But protecting Bella, a human, I don’t think they would be very good at it.”

“You don’t even know them” Rosalie hissed “Get out Carlisle; you are no longer welcome here either”

“Rosalie, Really” I could hear the shock in his voice “She needs medical attention”

“And she will receive it, but not from you” She paused “Now leave”

Carlisle didn’t reply but I from the sound of the door opening and closing, I'm guessing he left.

“I know you are awake Bella” I tried to stay completely still but I could feel her intense stare.

“Why” I asked, opening my eyes and realizing that I was home.

“You were drowning” she answered quietly”

“And you thought you would rescue me” I snapped “I don’t want to be saved”

“And why not” she replied calmly.

“Geez” I thought “is it just me or is everyone becoming stupid”

“Why” I said out loud “Don’t any of you understand, I don’t want to be saved, I want to drown”

I heard her quick intake of breathe and I felt suddenly smug.

“Bella” she stopped but didn’t start again, we sat in a still silence until we heard the family sound of stairs cracking.

“Charlie” I thought.

“Rosalie” Charlie called “Is Bella awake yet”

“She just woke up “she replied spike the desperate shaking of my head.

I heard the squeaks become faster and Charlie all but ran down the stairs.

“Bella” Charlie spoke softly as he walked into the room.

“Hi dad” I replied evenly, not look at him.

“Why don’t you go make yourself a cup of coffee Charlie while I speak to Bella?”

Rosalie’s voice interrupted the uncomfortable silence that had fallen between Charlie and I. Charlie didn’t answer, he just walked out the room and to the kitchen.

“You have to lighten up on him Bella; he blames himself for your suicide attempt”

I couldn't hold back the gasp. “Wh…What why”

Don’t you get it Bella, he is your father and he couldn't protect you and he is the one who found you.

“I didn’t think of that” I answered honestly ‘poor Charlie’ I thought sadly

“Please Bella, Try and be kind to him”

“I never tried to be mean to him, well not really”

“I know about the visitor restriction Bella, how do you think he felt when he was turned away”

“I don’t know, but I have every right to be angry, they locked me away”

“Your mum gave them permission, they didn’t even consult you dad, but you mum regretted the choice straight after”

‘Yer, regretted it when she couldn't visit me’ I thought but answered out loud “It doesn’t matter anymore”

“If that’s how you feel so be it, but please try Bella, pleased” Rosalie all but begged.

“Only on one condition” I said quickly

“And what would that be”

“I want to know who Alec, Jane and the Volturi are and who they helped you kill”

If it was even possible, Rosalie went even whiter.

“That’s asking for a lot Bella”

“If you do this, I will speak to Emmet so he can come here and you don’t have to be away from him any longer”

I was surprised when Rosalie agreed so quickly.